TN227 vs TN223: What Is the Difference Between Them?

In the printing industry, the choice of toner cartridges is important in determining the efficiency and quality of the output.TN227 and TN223 are two cartridges that have garnered significant attention.

Toner cartridges are the tools behind the precision and clarity of your printed images and documents. The right toner cartridge makes all the difference by impacting the quality and effectiveness of your print work. The rest of this article explores the differences between TN227 and TN223.

What Printer Uses TN227


Brother TN227 toner delivers consistent laser print quality when you use it on the right printer.

It is designed to work seamlessly with your Brother printer to give you excellent results in the long-term.

Below are the printer models that you can use with Brother TN227.

  • HL-L3210CW
  • HL-L3230CDW
  • HL-L3270CDW
  • HL-L3290CDW
  • MFC-L3710CW
  • MFC-L3750CDW
  • MFC-L3770CDW

TN227 toner is versatile and compatible with the different printers.Understanding the target printers for TN227 is important for you to get optimal performance.

However, most toner cartridges are designed to integrate with a range of printers for reliable and consistent print outcome. TN227 is popular because of the following key features.

  • Vibrancy. The TN227 toner cartridge produces vibrant and vivid colors. Therefore, whether you want detailed charts or vibrant images, TN227 delivers a superior color reproduction.
  • High page yield. The design of TN227 makes it possible to yield a high number of pages. This is a major advantage if you have high printing needs because it will help you minimize replacements and save on printing costs.

What Brother Printers Use TN223


The TN223 toners are equipped with the latest encryption chips and you can use them on the following printers.

  • HL-L3210CW
  • HL-L3230CDW
  • HL-L3230CDN
  • HL-L3270CDW
  • HL-L3290CDW
  • MFC-L3710CW
  • MFC-L3750CDW
  • MFC-L3770CDW

The aforementioned printers recognize the TN223 toner immediately you install them because of the encryption chip.

Moreover, the TN223 has a lower defective rate and ensures that you enjoy its usefulness for the long term. Below are the distinctive features that sets the TN223 apart.

  • Print quality. TN223 cartridges are designed with emphasis on print quality. The focus on quality makes them ideal for you if you want crisp text and detailed graphics in your output.
  • Page yield. TN223 has a standard page yield and the number of pages is lower than those produced by TN227. For example, a black TN223 cartridge can produce 1,400 pages while a black TN 227 cartridge can produce 3,000 pages.

What are the Differences Between TN227 AND TN223

The TN223 and TN227 have the same print quality, compatibility and design.Both of them are properly designed to work seamlessly with the compatible Brother printers.

Both toners are available in color cartridges including yellow, magenta, cyan and black. However, irrespective of the color both TN223 and TN227 have the same appearance and internal outlook.

There is no significant difference in the print quality between TN223 and TN227.  Both models have superior outputs.

The craft process and engineering works employed on both toners is masterful and intelligent. Moreover, they have consistent standards and printing-test requirements.

Despite the similarities that exist between TN223 and TN227, the toner cartridges have notable differences, including:

1. Page Yields

The volume of the toner powder determines the page yield of the toner. TN227 contains more tone powder, implying that you can print more pages with it than the TN223 which is a standard yield toner.

Therefore, this implies that the TN227 has a higher page yield than TN223. For example, a cyan cartridge of TN223 has a page yield of 1,300 pages while a cyan cartridge of TN227 has a page yield of 2,300.

2. Weight

The TN227 is a high yield toner cartridge and can hold more toner powder than the standard yield TN223. Therefore, the TN227 has more weight than TN223.

For example, a black TN223 toner weighs approximately 1.4 pounds while a black TN227 weighs 1.5 pounds.

3. Prices

The TN227 contains more toner powder, implying that the raw material costs are higher than the standard TN223 toner. As a result, the TN227 is more expensive than TN223 standard yield toner cartridges.

The pricing may vary from different suppliers but the black TN223 and TN227 costs approximately $60 and $79. This makes the TN227 more expensive than TN223 by almost $20.

4. Cost per Page

This is the amount you are likely to incur in printing every page. It is calculated by dividing the price of cartridge by the cartridge’s page yield.

You are likely to incur a lower cost per page when you use the TN227 cartridge compared to when you use the TN223 cartridge.

For example, for a black TN223 and TN227, the cost per page is approximately 4.32 and 2.63 cents respectively.

5. Technology

TN227 toners are equipped with different aspects of advanced technologies that help in improving your printing experience.

They leverage advanced color science that improve the vibrancy of your output and delivers a broad range of color tones. The ColoSphere technology contributes to the production of sharp text and lifelike images.

Also, TN227 may use LaserJet technology that ensures the toner is applied well to the paper. As a result, the TN227 is ideal for you if you need high-quality printing.

The TN227 have mechanisms that ensure consistency across your printing jobs. Therefore, you can use the TN227 toner if you want to get uniform results on your large documents or detailed graphics.

On the other hand, TN223 also offers different aspects of technological innovation but lacks some of the advanced technological features found in TN227.

For example, the TN223 may incorporate the use of microfine toner technology that helps in ensuring smaller and accurately placed toner particles. As a result, you get fine details and sharp text in your printing output.

Some TN223 toners have smart printing technologies that facilitates communication between the toner and the printer. The communication improves the quality of the output because it allows the printer to adapt settings for excellent results.

Most TN227 toners prioritize energy efficiency and contribute to an environmentally conscious printing process.

6. Consistency and Color Accuracy

TN227 is designed using advanced technologies and as a result tends to offer better color accuracy compared to TN223. Also, TN227 is reliable and can give you consistent print output.

Although TN223 emphasizes print quality, you may experience some variations in the color production of its output.

This is a vital consideration for you if you have color-critical printing projects. Moreover, TN223 may experience some shortcomings in maintaining consistency across some print jobs.

7. Usage

TN227 is ideal for use in large or medium offices. This is because in such an environment, the toner is consumed faster.

Given that TN227 contains more toner powder, you will minimize the rate of cartridge replacement, thereby making it more convenient.

On the other hand, TN223 is ideal for your small or home office because of its small amount of toner powder.

You will print a reasonable number of pages daily in such an environment without having to replace the cartridge more often.

Which One is Better?

The TN223 and TN227 toner cartridges give you options to choose from.

In case you are having doubts on which one you should get, the most ideal toner cartridge for you between the two is based on your usage, budget, page yield, technology and cost per page.

If you want to print a small number of pages daily, TN223 will give you good value because of is low price. Alternatively, if you want to print a lot of pages, such as bulk documents in the office, TN227 is the best choice.

This is because, in as much as its initial price is higher, you get a higher page yield and a lower cost per page than TN223. If you want a toner cartridge with more advanced technology, you can buy the TN227.

Overall, the best toner cartridge depends on your needs, budget, average page yield, cost per page and technological needs.


The printing landscape is dynamic and the decision on the ideal toner cartridge goes beyond the need to replace your printer’s toner cartridge.

As you navigate the cost implications and features of the toner cartridges, the choice between TN223 and TN227 depends on your needs and preferences.You can choose the toner cartridge that’s right for you based on this key consideration provided by ybtoner.

If you prioritize excellence in your printing output, TN227 is a reliable choice for you because of its higher page yield, better print quality and use of advanced technologies.

If you want a budget-friendly option between the two without any compromise on print quality, TN223 is the option for you.

However, the variation between TN223 and TN227 brings the needs for you to assess the initial cost advantage against any trade-offs in your long-term printing experience.

Therefore, whether you want a toner cartridge with advanced features or a budget-friendly option, it is best to choose a toner cartridge that aligns with your preferences, needs and budget.

The evolution of technology and changing preferences continue to shape the printing landscape. As a result, the choice of a toner cartridge is not only about choosing a toner but investing into your printing future. In this regard, you need to choose a toner that balances output, cost and preference.

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