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YB Toner has been specializing in printer supplies for 10 years. With more than 10 years of industry experience, we can better serve printer users than anyone else. We are proud to announce that we have served millions of US customers based on our CA and PA warehouses. We are your best toner cartridge supplier when it comes to quality products, competitive price and satisfactory customer service.

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What Makes YB Toner A Top Toner Cartridge Supplier?

Since our establishment in 2012, we have been insisting on providing customers with quality products and satisfactory service. This is the key to our success and something that many other toner cartridge suppliers have not done. At the same time, our low-priced black toner and color toner cartridges also help customers save a lot of print costs. Choosing YB Toner means choosing best quality, service and price.

We provide printer Ink, toner & drum cartridges with best compatibility, print quality and durability

Best compatibility

When purchasing compatible black & color toners, compatibility must take precedence over price, print quality and durability. A qualified compatible printer cartridge must have the same compatibility as the original one. That is to say, qualified compatible printer cartridges must be able to work with all printer models just like genuine printer toners. In order to ensure high compatibility of our compatible cartridges, YB Toner factory invested heavily in product development and the use of core raw materials. Therefore, each toner has a unique patented design, but the usage and experience are exactly the same as the original one. For printer toners that require chips, such as Canon 067H toner cartridges, Canon Color imageCLASS MF656Cdw tonerHP 206A toner cartridges 4-pack, HP 414A toner cartridge 4-pack, HP 58A toner cartridge CF258A, HP 210A toner cartridge 4-pack, and HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdw toner, we use the latest smart design chips to ensure that they can be 100% recognized by printers.

Best print quality

After compatible printer cartridges being recognized by printers, print quality is the best measure of their value. Compatible black toner and color toners are cheap, but that’s not the only reason why the majority of printer users choose them. More importantly, well-manufactured compatible black & color toners provide the same print quality as original printer brands like HP Canon Epson, which is what compatible cartridge users expect. To ensure that every product can provide high quality printing, YB Toner factory uses high quality raw materials. Combined with our strict production standards and quality inspection standards, we can confidently say that our compatible cartridges are of best quality in the industry.

Best durability

YB compatible cartridges can print with the same quality. But will they last as long as original printer brands? The answer is “YES”. YB compatible cartridges have same page yield as brand name cartridges. And the page yield is determined by following the same ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards. Coupled with the use of high-quality raw materials for our black toner & color toners, our products have the best durability that you can trust.

We offer lowest price for compatible printer ink, toner & drum cartridges

Original toner cartridges are expensive, and original color toners are more expensive than black toners. While compatible ones always have competitive price and help printer users save money. That’s why compatible toners become the choice of more and more printer users. With same performance as the original toners, compatible toners always cost less than 60-80% of the original ones. For example, our price for compatible Brother TN227BK/C/M/Y toner set is only $89.95. While genuine TN227 Brother printer toner set costs $360.50 (Amazon price). You can save up to 75% from each toner. Store pricing may vary among different models and toner cartridge suppliers. But the constant fact is that compatible toner replacements can help printer users save money.

In order to provide customers with best prices and offers, we have reached strategic cooperation with the top manufacturer in print industry. Thus we can offer factory-direct price to every printer user. Moreover, we sell our products solely online, which makes our overheads as low as possible. So we can pass the savings to all customers by offering discounted black toner and color toner replacements. Besides, we store all laser toner cartridges in our own warehouses and ship them by ourselves. So we can provide fast and free shipping for your orders.

We have most new ink & toner cartridges in stock

We maintain long-term strategic cooperation with top manufacturers in the industry. Therefore, we can always be the first toner cartridge supplier to release the latest products and maintain a stable supply. We are proud to be or will be the first supplier to sell new products such as compatible HP 148A toner, HP 148X toner, HP 210A toner, and Canon 071 toner. Choosing YB Toner means you can get the latest toner cartridges earlier, and start a new journey to save printing costs.

We stand behind our printer ink, toner & drum cartridges

We are a local toner cartridge supplier, so we understand the needs of American printer users better. We know that printer users who choose compatible black and color toner replacements expect high-quality, low price as well as best guarantee. Therefore, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our products. In the event that you are not satisfied with the purchase, just feel free to contact us for help. We provide tech support, refund and free replacement options for every customer. And our well-trained customer service team will respond to your requests as soon as possible and provide satisfactory customer service.

Know Your Printer Ink, Toner & Drum Cartridges Better

What are compatible toner cartridges?

Compatible toner cartridges are printer supplies manufactured by 3rd-party manufacturers other than OEMs like HP Canon Epson Brother, etc. Premium compatible tones have the same compatibility, print quality and page yield as the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) printer toners, but they cost much lower. However, not all compatible cartridges are premium. Some toner cartridge suppliers sacrifice quality for lower prices. Therefore, when purchasing compatible toner cartridges, it’s necessary to choose a reputable toner cartridge supplier.

Will compatible toner cartridge void printer warranty?

No. Use of compatible toner cartridge does not void printer warranty. Your right of using compatible printer cartridges freely is protected by law. Original printer brands cannot deny warranty obligations on the grounds of using compatible printer toners. For more details, you can refer to the MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTY IMPROVEMENT ACT, United States Code Annotated Title 15 Commerce Trade Chapter 50, Consumer Product Warranties 15 Sections 2302.

What are the differences between printer ink and toner cartridges?

Printer ink and toner cartridges are printer supplies for different printers. Printer ink cartridges only work with ink jet printers. And laser toner cartridges only work with laser printers. Therefore, if you own a laser printer, you need to buy laser toner cartridges. That is the biggest difference between printer ink and toner cartridges. Beyond that, laser toner cartridges and ink jet cartridges vary in printer model, usage, price, page yield, design, etc. Despite their many differences, they have been all among the most commonly used office supplies in recent 30 years.

What is page yield?

Page yield is the estimated number of pages that can be printed with a printer cartridge. For example, the page yield of CF258X toner is 10,000 pages. That means it can print 10,000 pages on A4/Letter papers at 5% coverage. Please note that 5% coverage is the international standard for testing page yield. Both OEMs and compatible manufacturers use the same standards to estimate the page yield. ISO/IEC 19752 standard printer test page is used for black toner. And ISO/ IEC 19798 and 24711 standard test pages are used for color toners.

Sometime you can not find the page yield in the product specification from other toner cartridge suppliers. But you can find the capacity of a cartridge. Actually they mean the same thing. For example, the capacity of Canon 067 toner is 1,350/1,250 pages. It means the black toner will print 1,350 pages and the color ones print 1,250 pages each at 5% coverage.

You may notice that for same printers, we may offer printer toners with different page yield. That is because OEM printer toners have different options on page yield. Take fax machine Brother MFC-L2750DW toner as an example, Brother offers Brother TN730 toner cartridge with standard yield, Brother TN760 toner cartridge with high yield and Brother TN770 toner cartridge with super high yield. Standard yield toners are the best choice for printer users who do not usually print much or have limited purchase budget. High yield and super high yield toners are designed for printer users who need to handle large volume print jobs. Usually a high yield or super high yield toner costs higher on unit price but costs less on each page. So buying high yield or super high yield black and color toners are more cost-effective in a long run.

What is a printer drum?

Printer drum is a separated unit to hold laser toner cartridge and produce image and text on the paper. During printing process, the electrically charged photosensitive drum inside the printer drum transfers the toner powder from the toner cartridge to the paper. Then the laser printer fix the toner powder on the paper by heat and pressure to create image and text. In simple terms, the toner cartridge supplies toner powder and the printer drum produces image and text.

Printer drum is also known as drum unit, imaging drum, drum cartridge, etc. Both toner cartridges and drum units are necessary components for printing process. But not all types of printers have a separated printer drum. Most Canon and HP printers use cartridges which have a single cartridge system combines toner and drum into the same unit. For example, Canon MF743Cdw toner, Canon MF652Cw toner, HP LaserJet Pro M404n toner and HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw toner  don’t have a separated printer drum. (HP 17A, HP 30A and HP 30X toners are the exception. They need to work with HP 219A and HP 232A drum units to produce a print. ) Separated printer drum is widely used in Brother printers, Xerox printers and Samsung printers. Brother DR730 drum unit and Brother DR223CL drum unit are the most popular printer drums in the market.

Printer drum also has a lifespan like printer toner. For example, Brother DR730 drum unit has a page yield of 12,000 pages. That means you need to replace the drum unit after you print 12,000 pages. Otherwise, the print quality will likely be degraded. Usually the printer will count the number of printed pages and gives you a “Replace drum” error message automatically when the number of printed pages hit 12,000. If the printer fail to do that, you need to reset the drum counter by following the printer manual or turning to printer brand customer service.
Replacing a printer drum is very simple. Firstly, open the printer cover and take out the drum unit with toner. Secondly, remove the toner from drum unit. Thirdly, combine the toner with a new drum unit. At last, install the new drum with toner back to your printer. Then you can continue to print.

Please note that some color laser printers have four color drum units. That means you need to replace the drum for each color toner (black cyan magenta yellow) separately. Monochrome laser printer only has one drum unit for black toner. Check our blog What Is Printer Drum to learn more anout drum unit.

Black toner or color toner, which one should I buy?

It depends on whether you are using a monochrome laser printer or a color laser printer. If you are using a monochrome one, you only need to buy black toners. For example, if you have a Canon imageCLASS MF445dw printer, you only need to buy Canon 057 or Canon 057H black toner cartridge. But if you are using a color laser printer, you need to buy both black toner and color toner cartridges. For example, if you own a Canon Color imageClass MF753Cdw printer, you only need to buy Canon 069 or Canon 069H color toner sets. Because only when you install black cyan magenta yellow toners together will the printer start to work. However, different color toners end at different rates due to your print jobs, so you don’t need to buy four color toners together every time. Usually the black toner runs out faster than the color ones because most printer users print more black and white documents. You will need to order black toner more frequently.

The same applies to ink jet cartridges. If you own a monochrome ink printer, you only need to buy black ink cartridges. If you have a color inkjet printers, you need to purchase both color ink cartridges&black ones. And color ink cartridges will last longer than black inks when you print more black and white documents.

Shop Printer Ink, Toner & Drum Cartridges at YB Toner with Confidence

Can I get a discount for compatible printer ink, toner & drum cartridges?

Yes. We sell all black and color toners at competitive prices. You can save up to 80% from original ink toner by using our cartridges compatible. And if you buy combo packs, you will get much better price than the single pack. So we always recommend customers to buy combo packs. Besides, we offer an extra 10% discount for the first order from new customer who subscribes to us. If it’s your first order with us, don’t forget to subscribe to get 10% off. What’s more, we often have big promotions and send out gift cards during holidays such as National Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Black Friday. You can visit YB Toner Coupon Codes page to cut a special coupon code available before you place an order.

Last but not least, we offer exclusive discounts for bulk purchase. If you need order big volume cartridge compatible replacements, please feel free to send us an inquiry at [email protected] or give us a call at (844) 538-3312. Our store pricing may vary in different period. If you have any questions about our prices and offers, you can also contact us at any time.

Can I come to your warehouses to pick up my order?

Sorry. YB Toner warehouses are not open for pick up during pandemic season. Instead, we offer free shipping for orders over $30 and fast delivery. If you are closed to our CA or PA warehouse, we can deliver your ink toner order the next day only if you place the order before our cut-off time (PST 4:00PM/EST 5:00PM). And you can easily hit $30 and get free shipping. For orders less than $30, we only charge $4.95 flat rate which is half of real shipping cost. We believe that is the best solution for our office and home health. For your home health, we also recommend that you give priority to online shopping.

Do you carry printer ink cartridges?

Yes. We supply both Printer toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Our featured replacement cartridges for ink printers are compatible HP 902XL ink, HP 952XL ink and Canon PGI-280XXL CLI-281XXL. We will continue to list more valuable ink cartridge replacements in the upcoming few months. If you can not find any certain items on our website, just feel free to chat with our customer service team. We will double check the availability for you shortly.

How can I get support if I have questions?

We promise to provide customers with 100% satisfaction guarantee. No matter what questions you have, just contact us by phone, livechat or email. Our knowledgable customer service executives will give you satisfactory answers shortly. You can also nevigate to our Blog pages. We will post articles monthly to help printer users better understand printing knowledge and fix printer issues. If you are looking for a new printer, you may need some suggestions from us. You can read our printer review posts, like Canon Color imageClASS MF743Cdw Review & Canon Color imageCLASS MF753Cdw Printer Review. If you have problem with printing, you can find solutions by reading our troubleshoting posts, like Brother Printer Replace Toner Override, Non-HP Chip Detected Fix, HP Printer Firmware Downgrade Download, Can You Print on Notebook Paper & How to Disable HP Printer Firmware Update. New printer user? Also, you may also learn more about compatible printer cartridges by reading our ink toner knowledge posts like Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770, Which One Should I Buy? More blog posts will be published soon!

Will you sell my personal information?

No. We are a local toner cartridge supplier and we comply with personal information California laws. We will not sell your personal information for any purposes. Besides, our website has Secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification, which means you can process payment for black and color toner order safety. For more details, you can refer to our Privacy Policy.

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