Non-HP Chip Detected Override

What’s Non-HP Chip Detected?

Non-HP Chip Detected is an error message displayed on HP printer screen. When you received this message, you must be using 3rd party printer ink or toner cartridges. And the compatible cartridges have already been blocked by printer firmware. So they stopped working with your printer. Recently, many printer users received this error message when using compatible HP 902XL ink cartridges.

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Why dose HP printer say Non-HP Chip Detected?

In most cases, the Non-HP Chip Detected error message was caused by HP printer firmware updates. Most 3rd-party cartridges were no longer compatible with the updated printer firmware. Therefore, when you installed 3rd-party cartridges with non HP chips, your printer might reject them and display Non-HP Chip Detected error message.

The printer firmware is a system that drives the printer to run normally and provides an interactive interface for customers (similar to the Windows system in a HP Envy computer). It plays a vital role in the operation and use of the printer. The original HP will update the printer firmware from time to time. We have received a lot of feedback about Non HP Chip Detected from customers. Since 2022, the genuine HP has repeatedly pushed new firmware to printer users through WiFi or PC-side networking to upgrade printers. The upgrade is very common in our daily life, such as mobile phone/computer system upgrade, software upgrade and so on. Therefore, under normal circumstances, printer users tend to accept the firmware updates without thinking too much when receiving such an upgrade prompt.

Generally speaking, the purpose of firmware updates is to fix the bugs in the firmware of the previous version of the printer, improve the protection settings, or optimize/add the functions of the printer. However, at the same time, the OEM will also restrict the use of third-party ink and toner cartridges through new firmware. After printer firmware update, the new firmware will detect whether the toner cartridge or ink tank used in the printer carries the original HP chips through Dynamic Security Measures. If the cartridge chips are not original HP chips, the printer will display a Non HP Chip Detected error message and disable the HP compatible toner cartridges.

HP printer firmware updates also cause Supply Memory Error or Indicated Cartridges Blocked For Containing A Non-HP Chip. These two error messages always appear in HP laser printers. See How To Fix Supply Memory Error.

Non-HP Chip Detected fix solutions

non hp chip detected fix

(1) Use compatible printer cartridges with new chips

After the original HP releases the firmware upgrade, 3rd-party manufacturers will quickly develop new chips to make their cartridges compatible with new printer firmware. Once cartridges with new chips are installed, Non-HP Chip Detected error message will disappear. And you can continue to print and enjoy savings. Therefore, when your printer reports Non-HP Chip Detected, please contact your supplier for replacements with new chips. YB Toner is a trustworthy toner cartridge supplier. If any cartridges from us are blocked by HP printer firmware update, we will send free replacements with new chips and cover shipping fee. Refund option is also available if you don’t want replacements.

(2) Downgrade printer firmware

Downgrading the printer firmware is also a way to bypass Non HP Chip Detected. Printer Firmware Downgrade is to replace the new firmware with the old version. Thus 3rd-party cartridges can continue to work with the printer. This is a time-saving solution. No need to return and wait for replacements, just spend a few minutes downgrading the firmware version.

However, HP no longer offers downloads for old firmware versions from 2022. Only if you have the file of old firmware can you proceed the downgrading. Thanks that we saves some old firmwares for backup. If you don’t have the file of old firmware, please check our blog HP Printer Firmware Downgrade Download. Or you can contact supplier for a refund or exchange directly. We also suggest you to download and save the latest firmware just in case you need it for downgrading in future.

(3) Use the original HP ink cartridges or toner cartridges

If you connect with HP Support to find solutions, they will tell you that the only solution is to use original HP ink cartridges or toner cartridges. Indeed, use of original HP cartridges is an effective way to bypass Non-HP Chip Detected. However, it means that your printing cost may double. So it’s not a cost-effective way to fix the error.

(4) Disable the HP Automatic Updates

Disabling the HP automatic updates is a necessary way to prevent your 3rd-party cartridges from being blocked by future printer firmware updates. This is because HP printer will automatically download the new firmware and proceed update without your permission if the printer allows HP Automatic Updates. So you even don’t know when the printer firmware is updated. Thus, we suggest you to turn off the printer auto update. After the auto update is disabled, your printer will send you a prompt message if any updates are available. And the printer firmware will not be updated without your permission.


Disabling the HP Automatic Updates will not damage your printer. You can connect with HP support to update the printer firmware manually at any time you want .

Here are three methods to disable the HP Automatic Updates.

①By means of HP Smart

  • Step 1: Download HP Smart App on your mobile phone
  • Step 2: Click Wi-Fi Direct to turn on the printer wireless network
  • Step 3: Connect the printer after confirming the printer wireless network name and password
  • Step 4: Open your HP Smart App
  • Step 5: Click the Estimated Supply Levels to enter the main menu.
  • Step 6: Click the following prompts step by step: Advanced Settings → Security → Administrator Settings
  • Step 7: Slide the page to the bottom to find Printer Update
  • Step 8: Uncheck the marked boxes of Printer Update and then click Apply

②By means of IP Address

  • Step 1: Select Network on the printer operation panel
  • Step 2: Find the IP address displayed on the top page
  • Step 3: Searching this IP address on the browser
  • Step 4: Click Settings after entering the page
  • Step 5: Click Administrator Settings in the Security
  • Step 6: Slide the page to the bottom to disable Printer Update and then click Apply

③By means of Printer’s Service Mode

  • Step 1: Press Return four times on the printer control panel to enter the Support Menu
  • Step 2: Press OK to enter into Support and then you can see the firmware version on the screen
  • Step 3: Find the Enable/Disable Menu and then the Firmware Update by pressing Up and Down
  • Step 4: Press OK to disable the Firmware Update

Please note that the ways to disable the HP Automatic Updates may differ from different printers. Take the HP Officejet pro 6960 color printer as an example. HP 902XL ink cartridges work with this machine. The following is a special way to disable the HP Automatic Updates of HP Officejet pro 6960:

Step 1: Faster access a personal dashboard on the printer touchscreen panel
Step 2: Click on the Setup icon
Step 3: Scroll down to select Printer Maintenance
Step 4: Click on the Update the Printer
Step 5: Select Printer Update Options
Step 6: Select Do Not Check
Step 7: Press No to disable the Automatic Updates


HP 902XL ink cartridges provided by YB TONER contains the latest chips so that you wouldn’t receive Non HP Chip Detected error message when using our compatible ink cartridges. If you meet any other questions, feel free to call our customer service team at (844) 538-3312 or email to

YB solutions for Non-HP Chip Detected bypassing

(1) Provide compatible ink and toner cartridges with latest chip

YB Toner is a industry leading toner cartridge supplier in the United States. We work closely with top manufacturers in product design, development, production and upgrade. Once original printer manufacturers release new firmwares, we will work with our manufacturers to supply cartridges with upgraded chips as soon as possible. And for old cartridges blocked by firmware update, we will send free replacements or process refund directly. So you can use our affordable and high-quality compatible ink toner cartridges with confidence.

(2) Provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee

YB Toner provides 100% satisfaction guarantee for all customers. So if you encounter any problems before or after purchasing our products, please feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction is our constant goal. The warranty of our products is two years. Thus, if there is any problem in the operation of your purchased toner cartridge within these two years, we will provide you with tech support, free replacements or full refund unconditionally, depending on you.

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  2. HI –
    This could fix your issue….The past printer firmware isn’t available from HP but you can get it from this site. This will fix a lot of HP printers that cant use aftermarket inks since the last firmware update. Hope it helps 🙂

    • Hi Dave, thanks for your comments. As far as I know, it is not legal to sell HP printer firmware without HP authorization. HP may sue you if you are illegally selling HP printer firmware. So we will not approve your site published in the comments.

    • Dave S posted that a firmware downgrade was available from “this site”. I searched this site and did not find that. I entered a Chat but there was no “immediate reply” (or non-immediate either!)

      • Hi Sue, we do not provide firmware downloads. Dave shared a website where you can buy printer firmware. But we don’t think it’s legal to sell printer firmware without the OEM’s permission. So we decided not to publish the site that Dave mentioned. Hope you can understand. If your cartridges were blocked by new printer firmware, we recommend that you request a refund or replacements with upgraded chips from your toner cartridge supplier. Then disable HP printer firmware update to prevent non-hp cartridges from being blocked again by future printer firmware updates.
        Thank you.

  3. Helpful information. Lucky me I discovered your website accidentally, and I’m surprised why this accident didn’t happened earlier!

    I bookmarked it.

  4. I installed a new HP Cartridge!!! I get that stupid message anyway and I can’t get around it. And, I don’t remember where I bought my HP cartridges to get a replacement. I’ll likely avoid HP Printers in the future as this really SUCKS!

    • Hi Michael,
      We are sorry for your negative experience. Why not give us a try? Our compatible HP 902XL ink and HP 952XL ink are equipped with latest IC chips. So you will not get the “Non-HP Chip Detected” error message by using our cartridges. And we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year product warranty for all products. If any of our cartridges are blocked by HP firmware update, we will issue a refund or send free replacements. So you can use our products with peace of mind!
      YB Toner

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