How To Print T-Shirts Yourself

If you still have old t-shirts in your closet and they are mainly plain or white, then you don’t necessarily have to throw them away. You can easily print your t-shirts and give them a new look using transfer film and a printer. Here is a brief description of how to perform this operation.

What do I Need to Print a T-Shirt?

To print a t-shirt, you will need:

  • Preferably a white T-shirt
  • A computer
  • An inkjet or laser printer
  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • A sheet of baking paper
  • Transfer film

Instructions: Printing T-Shirts with Transfer Film and Printer

First, create the desired design on your PC using image editing software. As transfer films are usually limited to DIN A4 format, you should choose a pattern that is suitable for this size. You can also use Word to create the text. Finally, it is important to mirror the template. This is especially important for texts so that they can be mirrored on the slide.

Now, insert the transfer film into the printer and start the printing process. When choosing a film, you should note whether it is only suitable for inkjet printers or also for color laser printers. Once the film is printed, cut out most of the pattern with scissors. It would be best if you cut as close to the edge of the pattern as possible. Then, remove the overlay film. The next step is to preheat the iron and prepare the ironing board.

Now, place the t-shirt on the ironing board so that the print area is at the top. Place the transfer film or cutout on top. Finally, place the baking paper on top. The iron should slide over the baking paper until you feel the sticking well to the t-shirt. Then, remove the baking paper. You can then admire your printed T-shirt.

Conclusion: Transfer Film is Perfect for Printing Your T-Shirts!

Transfer film packs for inkjet and laser printers are readily available in stores. Any design can be printed on them. Now, you can permanently fix the pattern on the T-shirt by heating it with an iron.

Supplies for Printing T-Shirts with Your Printer

Select the printer ink or toner cartridges you need:

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