Xerox Toner Cartridge Replacements

YB offers high-quality and cost-efficient Xerox toner cartridges replacements for Xerox printers. Compatible toner cartridges for Xerox WorkCentre, Phaser, Versalink, and DocuPrint printers are also available from YB. The trendy items, such as compatible Xerox Versalink C400 toners and Xerox WorkCentre 6515 toners, are pretty popular. Besides, you will enjoy our perfect customer services. Do you want to save money and time while maintaining a high level of quality? YB now has your preferred toner replacements for Xerox! 
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Genuine Xerox Toner Cartridges & Xerox Toner Replacements

Genuine Xerox Toner Cartridges

Genuine Xerox is a trademark of Xerox Corporation in the united states. Only one genuine Xerox offers genuine Xerox toner cartridges, Xerox drum cartridges, and ink toners. They come in black, cyan, magenta, or yellow. Besides, toner cartridges can be either high-yield or standard-yield. And Xerox toner cartridges are handy for printing reports, training manuals, and invoicing. Additionally, the Xerox green world alliance cartridge return program is one of the features. Besides, searching Xerox Toner Near Me on Google can help you find local toner cartridge suppliers. However, sometimes the price of genuine toner cartridges exceeds that of Xerox printers. So Xerox genuine toner cartridges aren’t friendly to those who print frequently and want to save costs.

Xerox Toner Replacements

Xerox toner replacements are office supplies offered by many compatible manufacturers. And the quality of Xerox toner replacements differs depending on different manufacturers. There are so many manufacturers that customers aren’t sure which one is better. We promise that the Xerox toner replacements YB provides can withstand the test. You will find YB better compared with other compatible manufacturers after using it. In addition, as more compatible manufacturers emerge, more customers prefer Xerox toner replacements. With competitive prices, toner replacements for Xerox have earned high popularity. Find your ideal Xerox WorkCentre, Phaser, Versalink, and DocuPrint toner replacements in the YB site map.

Xerox Toner Waste Container

What is Xerox Toner Waste Container?

In brief, the Xerox waste toner container is a box to return the remaining toner on the drum surface. Inevitably, some toner powder particles will cling to the drum surface. If too much toner gathers here continually, it will negatively impact the printing quality. Fortunately, the wiper blade will scrape off the remaining toner and place it in the Xerox toner waste container. However, as time passes, the Xerox waste toner container’s life  ended. Please replace it immediately to make your Xerox printers and cartridges work for a longer time.

What should I Pay Attention to about the Xerox Waste Toner Container?

  • You will receive the pop-up message “Please replace the waste toner box.” if the waste toner container is full.
  • To replace the Xerox toner waste container, press the [Operation Guide] key as directed.
  • Don’t fire the Xerox waste toner container because it may spatter or star fire.
  • Keep the Xerox toner waste container out of reach of children.

How to Empty the Xerox Waste Toner Container?

  • Wear disposable gloves or cover your hands with plastic bags for personal care.
  • Open the toner door on the front.
  • Pull the container out by the two clip latches.
  • Tip the peach/yellow handle end into the trash can and shake it gently until the toner spills out.
  • Continue to empty the container as much as you can.
  • Remove any toner residue from the cover.
  • Insert it back and close the door.

What Makes Toner Replacements from YB Distinguished?

Credible Printing Performance.

Although the quality of compatible Xerox toner cartridges is uneven, YB guarantees the quality of toner replacements for Xerox. Besides, the clear and accurate print output makes the printing look more professional while using our Xerox toner replacements. Moreover, the printed paper is fade-resistant if stored well. In addition, YB has a strict quality control system. All toner cartridge replacements have to pass a series of quality tests before leaving the factory. Those unqualified toner cartridges are not allowed on the shelves. For many years, YB has worked to improve the quality of toner cartridges for clients. That’s why YB can stand out among so many compatible manufacturers.

Low Printing Costs.

YB’s Xerox toner cartridge replacements are reasonably priced, allowing you to save money. Please believe that YB will never sacrifice  quality to lower prices. So how can we provide so affordable Xerox toner replacements? That is because we have improved manufacturing efficiency to cut down production costs. You may rest confident that we will never cut corners on quality to reduce prices. And YB toners will be your proper choice to replace genuine Xerox toners. Furthermore, our cartridge replacements cost you 40-60% less with identical page yields to the genuine Xerox. The more Xerox toner replacements you use, the more printing costs you can reduce.

Free and Convenient Dispatch.

There is no freight for customers living in the continental USA who order over $30 Xerox toner replacements from YB. You can get your order freely and quickly. In addition, we will pay part of the freight if your order is more than $30. So the amount you need to pay is $4.95 for the cargo. Customers from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Jalisco, Mexico are subject to special transportation requirements. If you live in one of these areas, please get in touch with us for additional information.

Friendly Customer Services.

We offer both professional per-sales counseling and after-sales services. Contact us via phone, email, or Facebook if you have any queries about the products. On a business day, well-trained staff will reply to you within three minutes. Moreover, each Xerox toner replacement is backed up with a two-year satisfaction guarantee.

Frequent Questions about Xerox Toner Replacements from YB.

How to Buy 100% Compatible Toner Cartridges for My Xerox Printers?

Firstly, you should make sure what Xerox printer you have. And then check what Xerox toner replacements you need. Or you can ask our professional customer service staff for help. After that, you can shop for your ideal toner replacements in YB online store. For example, if you have Xerox WorkCentre 5325, 5330, and 5335 printers, choose our Xerox 006R01160 compatible toner.

Which One Should I Choose, High-yield Toner or Standard-yield Toner?

Whether you should use high-yield or standard-yield toners depends on your printing frequency. Take Xerox 106R02180 black and 106R02182 as examples. The only difference between them is the page yield. You can choose the compatible Xerox 106R02180 black toner printing 1,000 pages if you don’t print so often. If you print frequently, the high-yield Xerox 106R02182 black toner, which prints up to 2,300 pages, is more suitable.

What is the Shelf Life of Xerox Toner Replacements from YB?

YB toner replacements can survive in the appropriate storage conditions for up to two years. So if you want to save time, it is feasible to purchase multiple toner cartridges at one time from YB. Besides, please don’t put them in a humid environment. Otherwise, the toner will clump or come together. Putting it in a suitable environment can both protect its quality and extend the shelf life.

Will YB Sell My Personal Information?

Although the current network has become more developed, there is also a significant risk of personal information leakage. We know that many customers worry about the disclosure of their personal information. So we promise that we will protect your personal information. Please rest assured that your data will only be used for shopping and after-sales.

Where can I Recycle Xerox Toner Cartridges?

Sorry that YB has no Toner Recycling Programs. Check out the Xerox Green World Alliance Cartridge Return Program if you need to recycle authentic Xerox toners. They are divided into three parts: items to return, Eco Box Returns, Single Item Returns, and Pallet Returns.

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