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YB replacement Canon ink and toner are suitable for Canon inkjet printers and laser printers. You can buy Canon 055, Canon 057, Canon MF445dw toner, Canon MF741Cdw toner, Canon MF743CDW toner, and other Canon ink and toner cartridges at a favorable price on Plus, free delivery on orders over $30. Don't know what model of Canon inks and toner matches your printer? Never mind. The following list of printer models can help you quickly find the perfect printer cartridges and save you time. Providing every customer with products of high quality and low price is our unchanging pursuit.
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Purchasing Canon compatible toner from YB is a wise choice.

Pass multiple tests
First, the operation performance of the cartridge is tested to ensure that the physical properties of the Canon cartridge meet the ISO standard. Second, our printer ink and toner replacements have passed the environmental protection test. The raw materials of our products are inspected to ensure that the production of the printer cartridge conforms to international environmental protection standards. Third, the toner cartridge has passed the test of the number of printed pages, ensuring its high cost performance. Fourth, the firmness of toner is tested to ensure the high quality of printed images and text. Fifth, our Canon compatible toner cartridges passed the printing test. It ensures that the printed image and text of the toner cartridge are bright and clear enough.
Higher output quality
The quality of the toner cartridge determines the printing effect. In terms of document printing, the text output is clear and sharp, whether on a black or white background. Even the printed punctuation marks and decimal points can be clearly identified. It meets the basic requirements of printing forms and documents. In terms of image printing, the color printing is clear, and the performance of straight lines and arcs is excellent. In addition, Canon photo paper printed with our Canon toner replacement presents vivid colors. And the toner cartridges help to print realistic and natural images. As a result, our Canon compatible toner cartridges can meet users’ printing needs from all walks of life. And they have wide applicability.
Lower cost of use
Both our compatible Canon black toner and color toner cartridge have excellent page output. They can meet the daily printing needs of various types of business office users and home users. At the same time, compared with the genuine Canon toner cartridges, our toner cartridges effectively reduce the cost of single page printing for customers. And such output costs will not have any burden on ordinary customers. In addition, We offer a variety of combo packs, and the prices are more favorable, such as the 4-pack Canon 055H toner set. (Want to get printers’ information about Canon 055H? You can read our blog: Canon Color imageClASS MF743Cdw Review.) Our toner cartridges are not only low in printing cost, but also outstanding in continuous output. Such performance has obvious advantages over similar products in the current market. If you choose the YB toner cartridge, it will significantly help to improve your office efficiency.
YB Toner service commitment
We provide a 2-year 100% satisfaction guarantee and strong after-sales support to make customers feel more at ease when using our products. If you have any doubts about our compatible Canon printer ink and toner cartridges, you can log in to for online consultation. Or you can contact us by phone call and email. Our customer service personnel will answer your questions about products as soon as possible to improve your after-sales satisfaction. Furthermore, we will provide return or exchange services if the product has quality issues during the warranty period. Shop now and choose your cartridge!

Some precautions for extending the life of Canon compatible toner cartridge

The following precautions can help you extend the life of the Canon toner cartridge:
(1) Do not place the toner cartridge casually. Otherwise, the toner cartridge will be damaged to a certain extent. Therefore, the Canon compatible toner shall be placed in the direction specified on the packaging box.
(2) Avoid storage and use in an environment exceeding the limited temperature and humidity. And the Canon toner replacements shall be stored in the environment marked by the package.
(3) We suggest not to open the packaging box without using the toner cartridge. After unwrapping the cartridge, we recommend that you store it in the printer or the original packaging box and seal it well.
(4) Do not touch the OPC drum with your hands. Otherwise, foreign matters may appear on the surface of the drum, affecting the print quality. If there is any foreign matter, wipe it gently with a paper towel.
(5) Do not tear off the sealing strip of the Canon compatible toner cartridge before use. In order to avoid toner leakage and caking, the seal should be removed only when it is to be used.

Frequently asked questions and answers about Canon compatible toner & ink cartridges

1. How many pages does a Canon toner cartridge print?

Our compatible Canon toner cartridges have page yields ranging from 1,500 – 4,000 pages for standard cartridges to 5,000 – 20,000 pages for high capacity toner cartridges. For example, our standard yield Canon 057 toner replacement can print around 2,400 pages. It is suitable for home or small office users. And our high yield black Canon 046H toner replacement can print up to 6,300 pages. It is suitable for medium and large office users who have frequent printing needs.

2. Why replace the ink tanks and toner cartridges instead of refilling them?

Because many Canon printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges are only designed for one use and should never be refilled. It means that the more you reuse them, the more likely they are to be damaged, and the printing effect will be poor. In addition, refilling the toner cartridges may even damage your Canon printers, increasing your maintenance costs. So, we suggest you buy our cheap Canon ink cartridges and toner cartridges. And you can replace them after use, which is convenient and save you time.

3. Are Canon printer cartridges interchangeable?

The printer cartridges are not interchangeable. Although many ink tanks or toner cartridges have similar shapes and sizes, they cannot be interchanged among printer brands. (But some compatible toner cartridges can.) Even for printers of the same brand, cartridges cannot be interchanged. Each printer cartridge is made to fit a specific series of printers. Therefore, make sure that the correct Canon toner cartridge is placed in the appropriate slot. Make that the new cartridge is securely seated in the slot. Then close the printer top cover and wait for the printer to initialize.

4. Is Canon toner and drum separated?

No. Canon toner and drum are mounted on the same device and cannot be separated. When the toner is used up, the drum is replaced. When the life of the OPC drum ends, the toner is also replaced. As a result, all components of the Canon toner cartridge can not be replaced separately.

5. Why does the Canon inkjet printer use two black ink cartridges?

The Canon inkjet printer (such as Canon PIXMA TR7520) use two types of black ink: PGI and CLI. PGI refers to pigment ink (PGBK), which is mainly used to print text. CLI refers to ChromaLife ink, which is a labeling term coined by Canon. It is actually dye ink (BK), and it is mainly used to print images and graphics. Take 280/281XXL ink cartridges for PIXMA printer as an example. The 5-pack printer ink cartridges include CLI-281XXL color ink cartridges (black cyan magenta and yellow ink) and a PGI-280XXL black ink cartridge.

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