Canon 067 vs 067H: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Printing Needs

If you own a Canon Color imageCLASS LBP633Cdw, LBP632Cdw, MF653Cdw, MF654Cdw, or MF656Cdw printer, you may have come across two similar-sounding toner cartridges – Canon 067 and Canon 067H. However, Canon 067 vs 067H, which one should you get? While they may appear almost identical, essential differences can significantly impact your printing experience. In this blog, we’ll compare print quality, compatibility, page yield, price, and cost per page between these toner cartridges to help you make an informed decision when purchasing replacements for your Canon laser printer.

Quick Preview:

Canon 067 and Canon 067H offer the same print quality and compatibility, but there are also some key differences between these two toner cartridges, such as page yield, price, and cost per page. The Canon 067H high-yield toner cartridge is a little more expensive than Canon 067 standard-yield toner cartridge. However, the Canon 067H offers a higher page yield and lower cost per page than Canon 067, making it suitable for high-volume printing. While the Canon 067 is better suited for users with lower printing demands. When deciding between the two, consider your printing requirements and budget.

Canon CRG-067Canon CRG-067H
Page YieldStandard-yield
(Black:1,350 pages; Color:1,250 pages)
(Black:3,130 pages; Color:2,350 pages)
Cost Per PageHigherLower
Print QualitySamesame
Print CompatibilityCanon Color imageCLASS LBP633Cdw, LBP632Cdw, MF652Cw, MF653Cdw, MF654Cdw or MF656CdwCanon Color imageCLASS LBP633Cdw, LBP632Cdw, MF652Cw, MF653Cdw, MF654Cdw or MF656Cdw
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Overview of Canon 067 and Canon 067H Toner Cartridges:

  • Canon 067 Toner Cartridge:

The Canon 067 toner cartridge is a standard-yield version designed for specific Canon laser printers. The Canon 067 black toner cartridge is designed to print 1,350 pages, while each color toner cartridge, including cyan, magenta, and yellow, can print 1,250 pages.

  • Canon 067H Toner Cartridge:

However, the Canon 067H toner cartridge is the high-yield version of the Canon 067, designed for users with higher printing demands. The Canon 067H black toner cartridge can provide 3,130 pages, while each color toner cartridge provides 2,350 pages.

Comparison Between Canon 067 and Canon 067H

1. Print Quality & Performance Comparison:

When comparing the print quality and performance of the Canon 067 and Canon 067H toner cartridges, both toner cartridges are designed to deliver the same quality prints. Canon original equipment manufacturer maintains stringent quality control measures to ensure that all Canon genuine toner cartridges produce sharp, clear text and vibrant images. So, no matter which version of toner cartridge you choose, you can get a superior printing experience.

2. Print Compatibility Comparison:

Both Canon 067 and 067H toner cartridges are designed to work seamlessly with the same printers, ensuring optimal performance and high-quality prints. So, Canon 067 and 067H toner cartridges are interchangeable. Once you own one of the following printers, you can purchase any one of them.

Compatible Printers
Canon 067/067H Toner CartridgeCanon Color imageCLASS LBP633Cdw
Canon Color imageCLASS LBP632Cdw
Canon Color imageCLASS MF652Cw
Canon Color imageCLASS MF653Cdw
Canon Color imageCLASS MF654Cdw
Canon Color imageCLASS MF656Cdw

And, because of the printer compatibility, both Canon 067 and 067H toners are referred to as Canon MF652Cw toner, Canon MF654Cdw toner, Canon MF656Cdw toner, and so on.

3. Page Yield(Printing Capacity) Comparison:

Canon 067 toner cartridge offers a standard page yield. For the standard-yield Canon 067 black toner cartridge can print 1,350 pages. For the color one, it can nearly yield up to 1,250 pages. In contrast, the Canon 067H toner cartridge boasts a high page yield, thanks to its “High Yield” designation. It can print a significantly larger number of pages compared to the standard Canon 067 cartridge. For example, the high-yield Canon 067H black toner cartridge can print 3,130 pages, while each high-yield color one can print 2,350 pages.

Page Yield
Canon 067 Black Toner Cartridge1,350 Pages
Canon 067 Color Toner Cartridge1,250 Pages
Canon 067H Black Toner Cartridge3,130 Pages
Canon 067H Color Toner Cartridge2,350 Pages

4. Price Comparison Comparison:

The price is one of the most important factors when considering which products to purchase. As the table shows, the Canon 067 toner cartridge generally has a lower upfront cost compared to the Canon 067H. This will make it an attractive choice for users who are conscious of their initial expenses. In contrast, the Canon 067H toner cartridge typically comes with a slightly higher upfront cost due to its higher page yield and larger toner capacity.

Canon 067 Black Toner Cartridge$65.99
Canon 067 Color Toner Cartridge$78.99 each
Canon 067H Black Toner Cartridge$100.99
Canon 067H Color Toner Cartridge$103.99 each

5. Cost Per Cost Comparison:

The cost per page is a useful metric to help you understand and compare the ongoing printing costs associated with different cartridges. It refers to the average expense incurred for printing a single page using a particular toner cartridge.

We have already known that the upfront cost of the Canon 067 cartridge is lower than Canon 067H cartridge. However, the cost per page of Canon 067 is higher compared to Canon 067H due to its standard page yield. This means that for each page you print, you will spend more over time when compared to the Canon 067H.

Cost Per Cost
Canon 067 Black Toner Cartridge4.88 cents
Canon 067 Color Toner Cartridge6.31 cents
Canon 067H Black Toner Cartridge3.22 cents
Canon 067H Color Toner Cartridge4.42 cents

Buying Recommendations: Canon 067 vs 067H


Canon 067 vs 067H, which one should you buy? When deciding between the Canon 067 and Canon 067H toner cartridges, there are several key considerations to take into account. Your choice should align with your printing habits, budget, and overall cost-effectiveness.

1. Occasional Home User:

If you’re a casual user who prints documents now and then, the Canon 067 toner cartridge might suit your needs. Its lower upfront cost aligns well with limited printing requirements. You’ll benefit from its standard page yield, which offers a reasonable number of prints before replacement. This is an economical choice for individuals who value occasional printing without breaking the bank.

2. Student or Small Office:

For students working on assignments or small offices with moderate printing demands, the Canon 067 remains a reliable choice. Its standard page yield strikes a balance between cost and performance, making it suitable for regular document printing. This cartridge offers consistent results and can accommodate steady printing without frequent replacements.

3. Business or Office Environment:

In bustling office settings, the Canon 067H truly shines. Its high page yield becomes an asset, as it minimizes the frequency of cartridge replacements. This can lead to increased productivity and streamlined printing operations, which is vital for busy offices aiming to maximize efficiency.

4. Frequent Printing at Home:

If your household engages in frequent printing activities, it’s wise to consider the cost per page for both cartridges. While the Canon 067H might come with a higher initial cost, its significantly higher page yield can deliver better value over time. This is particularly beneficial for households where printing is a common activity, as the reduced need for cartridge changes can save you time and hassle.

5. Budget-Conscious But Frequent Printing:

If you’re mindful of your budget but find yourself printing frequently, the Canon 067H could be a prudent choice. Although the initial cost is slightly higher, the reduced cost per page can lead to significant long-term savings. This balance of upfront affordability and long-term economy is ideal for those who seek both quality and cost-effectiveness.

6. Long-Term Considerations:

Take a moment to consider your future printing needs. If you anticipate an increase in printing volume over time, choosing the Canon 067H might be strategic. Its extended page yield provides flexibility for evolving requirements, saving you from constant cartridge replacements down the road.

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Therefore, when it’s time to replace your Canon 067 or 067H toner cartridge, choose YB Toner for consistent quality, extended page yields, and budget-friendly solutions that ensure your printing needs are met with excellence.

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