Canon 055 vs 055H, Which One Should I Buy?

Printer users might have up to three options for page yield when purchasing a toner cartridge: standard, high, and extra high. It seems that different capacities give printer users more freedom of choice. But deciding between different capacities can be challenging. That’s the same when printer users are planning to buy Canon 055 or 055H toner cartridges. Thus so many people ask the same question: “Canon 055 vs 055H, which one should I buy?”.
Surprisingly, we have written this blog to help you make an educated decision. In this guide, we’ll review Canon 055 and 055H, and recommend some great compatible toner cartridges to help you reduce printing costs.

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Canon 055 vs 055H, are there any similarities between them?

(1)Compatible Printers

Canon 055 and 055H are designed to work with the same printers: Canon Color imageCLASS LBP664Cdw, MF741Cdw, MF743Cdw, MF745Cdw, MF746Cdw. If your printer is on the list, you can shop for Canon 055 or 055H toner with peace of mind because Canon 055 and 055H are interchangeable.


Toner cartridges are particularly formulated to work with laser printers. But different cartridges are available for different types of laser printers. To illustrate, monochrome laser printers only apply the black cartridge and print in black. Color laser printers utilize all four cartridges and can print in black and color. Since both Canon 055 and 055H cartridges are used with color laser printers, they come in four colors: black cyan magenta yellow.

(3) Print Quality & Performance

Generally speaking, Canon 055 and 055H toners from the same manufacturer have the same print quality and performance. This is because they are produced with the same raw materials, technology and under the same production standards. So there is no difference in print quality and performance between the Canon 055 and 055H.

(4) Shelf Life

The shelf life of a toner cartridge ranges from 24 months to 36 months. The exact length of time is determined by what toner cartridges you buy and how you store them. For the purpose of prolonging the shelf life of your cartridges, we recommend you store them in unsealed packages. And then, put them in a dark, dry place at room temperature. Learn more about how to store toner cartridges so that you won’t waste toner cartridges because of storing them in the wrong way.

Canon 055 vs 055H, are there any differences between them?

(1)Page Yield

Before we talk about the difference in page yield between Canon 055 and 055H, we have better learn what page yield is and why page yield is so important in toner cartridge comparison.
The first thing to remember is that page yield is not the exact pages but the estimated pages that a toner cartridge can print. The published page yield is on the basis of ISO/IEC standards. Under ISO/IEC standards, the toner cartridge keeps printing pages with 5% page coverage until it runs out of toner powder. And 5% page coverage refers to only 5% of the page being covered with toner. The exact page yield is influenced by many factors, such as the content and type of document printed, type of paper used, type of printer, print mode and driver setting, and conditions (ambient temperature, humidity, and frequency of printing). Therefore, it is common for you to print a different number of pages compared to the published page yield.

So why does page yield matter in toner cartridge comparison?
1.Different page yields meet different printing needs. Toner cartridges with different capacities are engineered to keep up with different printing demands. The standard yield cartridge is suitable for low-volume printing and is a common choice for home users, while the high yield cartridge is ideal for high-volume printing and is mostly used in offices.
2.Different page yields mean different frequent replacements. The page yield of the cartridge decides how often you may need to replace the cartridge. Higher capacity means less frequent replacement. Conversely, smaller capacity requires more frequent replacement.
3.Different page yields with different prices. Toner cartridges with different page yields are filled with different amounts of toner powder, resulting in different prices.

As for Canon 055 and 055H, standard yield Canon 055 prints much less than high yield Canon 055H toner. Specifically, the page yield of the Canon 055H black toner is more than three times that of the Canon 055 black toner. The Canon 055H color toner can print more than twice as much as the Canon 055 color toner.


Filled with different amounts of toner powder, Canon 055 and 055H vary in production costs. Therefore, Canon set different prices for them to make profits. A Canon 055 black toner costs $92, and a Canon 055 color toner costs $110. Conversely, with more toner powder, Canon 055H toners are priced higher than Canon 055 toners. Canon charges $157 for a Canon 055H black toner and $213 for each Canon 055H color toner(cyan magenta yellow).

Canon 055$92$110
Canon 055H$157$213

Note: Data comes from Canon’s official shopping website. Store prices may vary in different periods.

(3) Cost Per Page

If what you really asking is “which toner cartridge is more cost-effective”, we recommend you compare their cost per page. Cost per page depends on page yield and price. You can divide the cartridge price by its estimated page yield to calculate its cost per page.
Cost per page= cartridge price / page yield
The following table shows the cost per page of Canon 055 and 055H.

Canon 0554.00 cents5.24 cents
Canon 055H2.07 cents3.61 cents

As shown above, the Canon 055H toners have lower cost per page than Canon 055 toners. The Canon 055 black toner has a cost per page of 4.00 cents, whereas the Canon 055H black toner has a cost per page of 2.07 cents. There is a cost per page difference of 1.93 cents. Meanwhile, with a cost per page of 5.24 cents, Canon 055 color toners cost 1.63 cents per printed page more than Canon 055H color toners, which have a cost per page of 3.61 cents.

Canon 055 vs 055H, Which One to Buy?

After reading the similarities and differences between Canon 055 and 055H, we believe you have a better understanding of them. However, if you still do not have a clear idea about whether to choose Canon 055 or 055H, please consider it from the following three perspectives.

Usage Scenario

For home & small office: Generally speaking, home and small office users have low printing needs and just print occasionally. It’s an excellent choice for home and small office users to buy standard yield Canon 055. Canon 055 can match your printing demands without wasting resources and impacting output quality.
For medium & large-size businesses: Standard yield Canon 055 toner doesn’t make sense for medium and large-size businesses. That’s because medium and large-size businesses commonly print a lot frequently. Canon 055 might be unable to keep up with the busy printing needs of medium and large-size businesses. Using Canon 055 will interrupt the printing job because of running out of toner powder. And frequently replacing toner cartridges results in wasting time and energy. What’s more, as stated above, Canon 055 toner has a higher cost per page. So, if you want to keep your printer running and save more money in the long run, Canon 055H toner is the way to go.

Budget & Printing Cost

Before consumption, people may often think about two questions. One is “can I afford this product”, and the other is “is this a good deal”. The same is true when printer users are planning to buy toner cartridges. As you can see from the chart below, Canon 055 is the cheaper one but has a higher cost per page. By comparison, though Canon 055H is priced higher, it has lower operating costs. So, if you don’t plan to spend a lot of money on toner cartridges, the low-priced Canon 055 is for you. However, if you don’t care how much it costs, the Canon 055 high capacity toner is the ideal choice, ensuring you print at a low price in the long run.
Price Cost Per Page

PriceCost Per Page
Canon 055 Black$924.00 cents
Canon 055H Black$1572.07 cents
Canon 055 Color(C/Y/M)$1105.24 cents
Canon 055H Color(C/Y/M)$2133.61 cents

Frequency of Cartridge Replacement

With high capacity, Canon 055H lasts longer than standard yield Canon 055. So it’s an excellent choice for you to purchase Canon 055 high capacity toner if you want to reduce the number of times of cartridge replacement. Conversely, if you don’t concern about how frequently you need to replace toner cartridges, you can feel free to choose Canon 055.

Highly-recommended Alternatives for Canon 055 and 055H

Do you still pay for expensive Canon genuine toners? Are you struggling with looking for affordable Canon 055/055H replacements? Presently, YB Toner offers cost-effective, high quality Canon 055 and 055H alternatives for you!

Excellent Performance & Same Page Yield

We have tested the performance and page yield of Canon 055 and 055H alternatives based on the genuine Canon standard. Both of them can print detailed, high-accuracy documents with sharp text and vivid images. Meanwhile, they are guaranteed to print the same number of pages as the Canon genuine toner. You can rely on these high quality replacements for consistent professional prints without reducing page yield and damaging Canon devices.

Great Compatibility

These Canon 055 and 055H alternatives have gone through a rigorous testing process ensuring great compatibility. Due to their excellent compatibility, these alternatives are also known as Canon Color imageCLASS MF743Cdw toner replacement and Canon Color imageCLASS MF741Cdw toner replacement.

Lower Price & Cost Per Page

We are proud to provide you with Canon ink & toner alternatives at lower prices and costs per page. You can get big discounts on YB compatible Canon 055 and 055H toners. The following table shows you the differences in price and cost per page between genuine Canon and YB Toner.

OEM CanonYB TonerOEM CanonYB Toner
Canon 055 Black$92$37.994.00 cents1.65 cents
Canon 055 Color(C/Y/M)$110$37.995.24 cents1.81 cents
Canon 055 4-Pack$422$128.954.91 cents1.50 cents
Canon 055H Black$157$39.992.07 cents0.53 cents
Canon 055H Color(C/Y/M)$213$39.993.61 cents0.68 cents
Canon 055H 4-Pack$796$137.53.15 cents0.54 cents

As you can see, YB Toner sells compatible Canon 055 and 055H toners at much lower prices compared to genuine Canon, especially the compatible Canon 055 toner cartridge set and Canon 055H toner set. You can save up to 80% by purchasing these replacements from YB Toner!

Frequently Asked Questions about YB Compatible Canon 055 and 055H Toners.

Are your Canon 055 and 055H replacements chip-ready?

Yes. These Canon 055 and 055H replacements come with the latest chips.

Do I need to pay for shipping costs if I purchase compatible Canon 055 and 055H toners?

Free shipping on all Canon 055/055H ink and toner replacements. Offer valid in the continental USA. Besides, since we have built warehouses in Californian and Pennsylvania, we can deliver ink and toner within 1-3 days after the shipping date.

How can I know whether the product is eligible for return?

We offer a two-year warranty on Canon 055 and 055H compatible toners. You can feel free to contact us if there is any problem with our products. Both defective and non-defective product is eligible for return. Check our terms conditions “Refund and Returns Policy” for more details.

Will you sell my personal information if I purchase replacement Canon 055 and 055H?

No. Instead, we will keep your personal information safe.

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