What is HP+ Program: Everything You Need to Know

The HP+ Program is a cutting-edge program from HP that transforms traditional printing into a more intuitive, secure, and sustainable experience. This article explores the comprehensive features, benefits, and considerations associated with the HP+ program to help you determine if it is the right choice for your printing needs.

What is the HP+ Program?

The HP+ Program is an advanced service from HP that enhances your printer’s capabilities. It automatically manages ink levels, schedules maintenance, and allows you to print from anywhere using cloud connections. Designed for ease of use, HP+ is ideal for anyone from home users to businesses, ensuring efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly printing.

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Is HP+ Worth It?

For many users, HP+ is a worthwhile investment. It offers convenience and savings through features such as automatic ink refills with HP Instant Ink, as well as enhanced security and printing features that are critical for businesses or individuals. However, it is important to consider the ongoing costs associated with a subscription service and evaluate the volume of printing or the extent to which cloud features are utilized.

HP+ Exclusive Benefits

The HP+ Program offers a suite of exclusive benefits designed to enhance the printing experience for users by combining convenience, efficiency, and advanced technology. Here’s a closer look at what makes HP+ stand out:

  • Instant Ink Subscription: One of the most appealing features of HP+ is the Instant Ink service. This subscription-based system ensures that you never run out of ink again. Your printer automatically orders ink before you run low and delivers it right to your door. This not only saves you the hassle of monitoring ink levels but often results in cost savings compared to purchasing cartridges individually.
  • Extended Warrant: HP+ extends the standard warranty for your HP device, providing additional peace of mind. This extended warranty covers various potential issues, helping you ensure that your device stays in working order without extra costs for a longer period.
  • Enhanced Security: With cybersecurity threats on the rise, the enhanced security features provided by HP+ are crucial. HP+ printers offer stronger protection against malware and unauthorized access, safeguarding sensitive data whether you’re printing personal documents or confidential business materials.
  • Cloud-Based Printing: HP+ allows you to print, scan, and access your documents from anywhere with an internet connection. This cloud connectivity is ideal for today’s mobile lifestyle, supporting a flexible work environment by enabling you to manage your printing tasks via the HP Smart app.
  • Premium Customer Support: HP+ subscribers gain access to a higher tier of customer service. This premium support ensures that any issues with your printer are addressed promptly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Sustainability Commitment: HP+ is committed to environmental sustainability. Printers in this program use cartridges made from recycled plastic and other sustainable materials. HP+ also includes options for carbon-neutral printing, which can help reduce the environmental impact of your printing activities.

These unique benefits make HP+ a compelling choice that offers added value beyond the standard features of traditional printers.

Eligibility and Requirements for Joining HP+

Enrollment in the HP+ program requires meeting certain eligibility criteria and requirements to ensure that users can fully benefit from the enhanced services offered by the program. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Compatible HP Device: To enroll in HP+, you must have a compatible HP printer. The program is designed specifically for certain models that support HP+’s advanced features, such as smart technology and enhanced security.
  • Geographic Location: HP+ is not available in all regions. Its availability can vary based on where you live, as some of the program’s features, particularly those related to ink delivery and cloud services, are region-specific. Check the availability in your country on HP’s official website or through customer service.
  • HP Account and Online Registration: You must have an HP account to register for HP+. The registration process typically includes providing device details and agreeing to the Terms of Service.
  • Internet Connection: Since many of HP+’s features are based on cloud connectivity and remote management, a stable internet connection is necessary to take full advantage of the program’s capabilities. This includes accessing HP Smart app features and ensuring your printer can receive automatic updates and perform self-maintenance tasks.

Just make sure you have a compatible device, live in a supported area, and follow the terms of the program to enjoy the benefits HP+ has to offer.


How much does HP+ cost?

Aside from the purchase of a compatible HP printer, there is usually no additional charge for the HP+ program itself, but costs will vary depending on usage and subscription options. The main costs include an optional HP Instant Ink subscription, which costs just a few dollars per month for light users, and a higher fee for those with heavy printing needs. While there is no direct charge for HP+, the ongoing costs depend heavily on the volume of printing and the plan selected, and frequent printer users can save money by using ink efficiently and extending the warranty.

Can I cancel my HP+ subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your HP Instant Ink subscription associated with the HP+ program at any time through your online HP account or by contacting HP customer support. While the HP+ enhancements like extended warranty and enhanced security features are not a subscription and don’t require cancellation, the HP Instant Ink service is optional and can be discontinued according to your needs, allowing you to continue using your current cartridges until they deplete.

Can I activate HP+ after the initial printer setup?

Yes, HP+ can often be activated even after the initial setup, although there might be a limited time window to do so. If you initially decided against activating HP+ but wish to take advantage of its benefits later, you should check with HP customer service or visit the HP website for guidance on whether activation is still possible for your device.

What is the HP Smart app, and how does it integrate with HP+?

The HP Smart app is a central part of the HP+ experience, enabling users to manage their printers and perform tasks remotely. This app allows for seamless printing, scanning, and file management from anywhere, integrating cloud capabilities that enhance flexibility and efficiency, especially for users who are often mobile or work from multiple locations.


The HP+ Program is designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern printing environments, offering significant advantages in terms of efficiency, security, and connectivity. Whether HP+ is right for you will depend on your specific needs and printing habits. With its mix of advanced features and supportive services, HP+ can be a valuable addition for those looking to maximize their productivity and reduce printing hassles.

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