HP vs Canon Printer: Which is Best for You?

Whether you need a printer for home or office use, you must first determine which brand you want to use. HP and Canon are heavyweights that have been making printers for years.
Although both companies guarantee quality, there are differences in cost, paper handling, and model types.

For example, HP printers provide printouts with warm tones, while Canon printers provide high-quality printouts with more natural colors. If you want to know more about famous printers, please read the 10 Best Home Printers of 2024 to make the most suitable choice for your printer.

Table Comparison

Brand nameEstablishment timeMain productsPriceCompany philosophySuitable for the crowd
HP1939Printers, desktops, laptops, gaming, and workstations.Varies based on product and modelCreate technology that makes life easierYes
Canon1937Cameras, printers, projectors, lenses, and professional displays.Varies based on product and modelAll people living and working together into the futureYes

What are the Differences Between HP and Canon

Canon and HP are among the main players in the printing industry. They are top brands that are popular among consumers. Therefore, whether you are looking for a laser or ink jet printer, it can be difficult to choose between HP or Canon models because they offer both types of printers.

The companies have different histories, products, prices, print quality, speed, and paper handling.

1. History of the Establishment of HP and Canon

HP was founded by Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett in 1939. The first product by the company was an audio oscillator, and their first customer was Walt Disney. The company’s history coincides with the rise of Silicon Valley and the development of computing.

The company’s innovations contributed greatly to the affordability of printers and home computers for average consumers. Also, the success of the company contributed to the wave of start-ups of electronic companies in Santa Clara County.

On the other hand, Canon was incorporated in 1937, and it has continued to be one of the leading manufacturers of electronics. Canon has a history of innovation, which has contributed to its prime position in the manufacture of fax machines, copiers, cameras, projectors and printers.

2. Main Products of HP and Canon

Since its inception, the company has developed and provided different hardware and software components to individual consumers and small and large businesses. There are different products that you can buy from HP, including computers, scanners, cameras, printers, calculators and servers.

On the other hand, there are different products that you can buy from Canon. The main products are cameras, printers, projectors, lenses, and professional displays.

3. Product Price

printer Price

HP and Canon charge different prices for their products and models. For example, the HP Deskjet costs about $40 and provides you with excellent reliability and ease of use.

On the other hand, an all-in-one wireless inkjet Canon printer costs about $50. You may pay different prices for HP and Canon printers due to differences in brands, models, and features. Like Brother toner, different qualities or brands have different prices. Click here to learn about the HP toner price list.

How to Choose the Best Product Between HP and Canon

HP and Canon have a broad range of printers. You can get both basic budget models with standard features and premium models with enhanced features.

Therefore, whether you go for the HP or Canon printer model, you can expect it to have common technology and developed apps for improved wireless printing experience. You can choose the best product between HP and Canon by evaluating the following:

1. Output Quality

Laser printers always have a better print output compared to ink jet printers, regardless of whether you use a Canon or HP printer.

Most HP and Canon printers produce sharp text prints as well as sleek PDF print output. However, when you want to get the best output when it comes to graphics, HP printers are better than Canon.

Although Canon and HP printers give excellent glossy photos, Canon produces more natural output while HP produces warmer prints. Therefore, when you want natural and glossy photos, Canon is your preferred model.

The best model for you is HP if you will be copying and scanning more. HP models, such as the Envy 5540, produce outputs with seamless and detailed transitions, while Canon printers produce rougher outputs.

2. Speed

printer Speed

The speed of a printer is the number of pages it can print or scan within a specified period of time. Both Canon and HP printers can give you amazing prints at high speeds. Canon can give you speeds of up to 10 pages per minute, while HP can print up to 9 pages per minute.

For graphic prints, Canon averages 2.8 pages per minute, while HP averages 2.1 pages per minute. Overall, the copying and printing speeds for Canon are faster than those for HP.

3. Costs

When buying a printer, it is best to consider the upfront cost and the cost of buying cartridges. Ink jet and laser jet printers are affordable upfront, and there are no major differences between HP and Canon in terms of price.

If you are on a tight budget, HP tends to be the most affordable brand. When it comes to running expenses, HP and Canon printers that are cheap upfront are not always cost-effective. The printers consume a lot of ink in the long run and you may end up incurring more related costs.

For example, the high-yield cartridges of Canon and HP cost an estimated 6 and 7.2 cents per page, respectively. Given that Canon offers a lower overall expense relating to ink usage, it can be the best model for you if you are looking for a printer model with low ink costs.

Alternatively, you can lower your ink cartridge expenses by signing up for subscription plans if your printer manufacturer has such an arrangement.

Moreover, Canon ink cartridges hold more ink than HP’s. The two printer brands also have larger cartridges that can hold more ink and last you longer, thereby giving you better value for money.

4. Paper Handling and Functionality

Although the era of brother toner printers notorious for paper jams is over, not all printers handle papers properly. When you buy less expensive HP models, you are likely to run into more trouble than when you purchase Canon or high-end HP models.

If you have a tight budget, you can buy a Canon printer, and you will use it for the foreseeable future. Canon printers handle papers more efficiently and consistently move papers from the loading tray to the final print.

Therefore, if you want a printer model that handles paper well and experiences fewer needs for repairs, it is best to buy a Canon printer. However, if you want to print on two-sided paper, HP is the best choice for you. In the present day, most Canon and HP printers connect to your device through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Modern Canon printer models allow you to adjust your printer’s settings and save files in the Canon cloud. However, the model occasionally experiences connectivity and functionality issues. On the other hand, HP has reliable and stable apps that you can use to edit photos before printing.

Given that both Canon and HP models connect to the internet, their wireless printer models are vulnerable to malware and hacker attacks. You can protect yourself by setting a strong password.

Canon and HP printer models have regular firmware updates. HP guarantees three years of updates from the release date, while Canon offers updates to its printers without disclosing the timeline.

5. Printing Needs

The best printer for you is one that meets your printing needs in a convenient manner. If you want excellent print quality, then you can go for Canon printers.

Canon printers may be expensive upfront, but their cartridges and ink bottles are affordable, and you will save in the long run. Although Canon printers do not give high-quality copy and scan outputs, you cannot go wrong with the brand if your project only entails printing photos and color pages.

Alternatively, if you need an all-in-one printer that will give you high-quality scan, copy, and print output, it is best to buy an HP printer. However, the colors are less natural and warmer, and the ink prices are slightly high. Moreover, if you are operating on a tight budget and you want to incur lower upfront costs, it is best to buy an HP printer.


Canon and HP printers are both popular in the printing industry and meet different printing needs. Either model has an edge over the other based on your needs.

HP printers have a lower upfront cost compared to Canon, but it is best to base your purchasing decision on other factors other than the price. Your printer has become your partner for several years, and it is best to make a wise choice that aligns with your budget and needs.

If you’re looking for fast printing with clear text, consider HP models with high-end ink cartridges. For high-quality photo printing, Canon is ideal. In addition, if your need is to print a large number of documents and high-quality photos, paired with YB Toner brother toner, Canon printers can meet your diverse needs.

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