Best 10 Printers for Home in 2024: How to Choose?

With a wide variety of printer models on the market, choosing the best printer for your home is a complicated task. There are a lot of factors to consider before buying a printer for use at home, for example, the upfront cost, running costs, speed, and ink subscriptions. 

The best printer for you to use at home is one that meets your needs, has more capacity, is fairly priced, and delivers satisfactory performance.

Overall, the best printer for a home in 2024 is one that has technologically correct features, design, and excellent performance. For high-quality printing, try the brother TN227 toner set from YBtoner.

Table Comparison

Company nameEstablishment timeNationalMain productsProduct pricesAnnual income
HP1939USAPrinters, desktops, laptops, gaming, and workstationsVaries based on product and model$3.0B
Epson1942JapanPrinters, scanners, projectors, wearables, point of saleVaries based on product and model$0.56B
Canon1937JapanCameras, printers, projectors, lenses, and professional displaysVaries based on product and model$1.9B
Brothers1908JapanPrinters, scanners, sewing machines, fax machines, label makers and label printersVaries based on product and model$6.03B
Xerox1906USAPrinters, copiers, software and digital print production presses.Varies based on product and model$7.0B
Dymo1958USALabel makers, printers, and scales.Varies based on product and model$28M
Kyocera1959JapanCapacitors, connectors, printing devices, stationery, and power tools.Varies based on product and model$1.0B
Samsung1969South KoreaTVs, mobile phones, printers, speakers, cameras, semiconductors and LCD and OLED panels.Varies based on product and model$218B
Konica Minolta2003JapanPrinters, surveillance systems, and office solutions.Varies based on product and model$8.2B
Lexmark1991USAPrinters and imaging productsVaries based on product and model$3.7B

The Best 10 Printers for Home in 2024

The best printers for homes in 2024 are filled with technologically robust features, are reliable, and show great performance. The printers give quality prints for your text and visual tasks and can scan and copy your projects with ease. Below are the top 10 printers for a home that you can consider buying in 2024. 

1. HP

HP printer

HP is one of the most trusted brands in the printing industry. The brand’s printers are the best in 2024 because they give high-quality print outputs and value for money. 

Therefore, whether you are planning to purchase a premium or budget-friendly model, you can consider buying an HP printer for your home. 

Although an HP printer will serve the same purpose as other printers, it makes your life easier by meeting all your printing, copying, and scanning needs at home. 

HP printers are one of the best in 2024 because they make it simple and quick to complete your professional and personal printing, scanning, and copying projects. 

Although the world has gone digital, there are still times when you will need to present signed hard copies to someone or print out a document. It can be annoying to leave your home and pay for every page you print or scan. 

HP printers can handle all your small and big print jobs for many years. This is because they are multifunctional, have reliable speed, and have good page capacity. Moreover, the printers have Wi-Fi connectivity, and they have screens that allow you to operate and troubleshoot quickly. 

The best HP printer for home use in 2024 is one that can print, scan, and copy documents; for example, the HP Smart Tank 5101. Such multifunctional HP printers allow you to use the device to its full potential. 

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2. Epson


Epson is a familiar printer brand for most home and office users. The many years of experience translate to recognition and trust among users. 

Also, the long history can make it a challenge for you to choose the best Epson printer for use at home. However, most of the Epson printers are likely to suit your home printing needs.

Consumer-level all-in-one printers, which are mostly inkjets, can be suitable for any use in your home.

For example, the Epson Eco Tank ET-5850 is an all-in-one model that you can comfortably use for your professional and personal projects at home. 

Epson printers are one of the best printers for home in 2024 because they have many connectivity options, making them accessible to everyone. 

The scanner can process your long documents quickly and scan double sheets automatically. The scan quality of Epson printers is high and excellent for your documents.

The printers are well-built, and the designs give easy access to the ink tanks, and the sheet rollers make it easier to remove any paper jams. 

Moreover, Epson printers have high printing speeds and high paper yields, making them ideal for use in busy home environments. 

3. Canon

Canon is a popular brand, and its printers are reliable and one of the best for the home in 2024. There are various types of Canon printers for home that can accommodate different people’s budgets. 

Even if you have the same printer features and price, it can be difficult to pick the best printer out of the existing options.

Most Canon printers are the best for home use because of their numerous paper-handling features and excellent print quality.

Also, the printers have a strong frame with a large capacity for ink and printing papers. The printers are efficient with ink, which helps in lowering the overall running costs. 

Most of the printers are versatile and well-rounded, and you can use them at home and in the office. For example, the Canon PiX MA G7020 uses inkjet technology to give you sharp print outputs with vivid color profiles. 

Also, the printer handles a large amount of paper, which enables you to print for a long time. Although the print speed of Canon printers varies with models, it generally ranges between average and good. 

Moreover, the ink efficiency of the printers is good, with some models separating color cartridges, making them more efficient for home use. 

4. Brothers


Brother printers closely fit the needs of people working from home or in a small office. 

They are laser printers that are ideal for use at home because they maximize page yields. 

There are Brother printer models that use a hybrid between a traditional cartridge system and a super tank, which makes it easy for you to add a splash of color to graphs. 

They are one of the best printers that you can buy for home use in 2024 because they can maintain high print speeds, which makes it possible for you to get your print output quickly. Also, the color warms up faster, and you can print up to 32 pages per minute. 

You can use the different connectivity features of the Brother printers, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB. The broad range of connectivity makes it possible for everyone in your home to access the printer. 

The latest models of Brother printers have features that make them suitable for your professional and personal home projects. 

For example, the printers have automatic feeders and optical character recognition. Such features make it possible for you to do duplex scanning of documents into searchable PDF formats. 

If you buy the Brother MFC-L8905CDW, you get regular toner cartridges that do not need frequent replacement. Alternatively, you can buy XL cartridges to yield more pages and last longer. 

The cost of maintaining a Brother printer is low in the long run, making it ideal for home use by most people. 

The models have different features, but most of them guarantee great performance and easy maintenance. 

5. Xerox

Xerox printers are a smart investment and the best for homes in 2024 because they are reliable and give high-quality print output. 

As you work from home, the Xerox printers are devices that you can use to ensure you undertake related tasks smoothly. 

There are different Xerox printer models for home, and most of them are reliable and easy to set up. Also, the printers give you value for your money by offering high-capacity print cartridges that lower the running costs. 

Most Xerox printer models have different connectivity capabilities that enable you to print from different devices without the hassle of cables. 

Paper can be expensive, especially when you are working on large print projects. It is on this basis that Xerox printers are designed to automatically print on both sides, saving you money and contributing towards environmental conservation. 

Some Xerox printers are only meant to print, but there are multifunction printers that you can use to scan, fax, email, copy and print your documents. 

Data security is increasingly becoming a concern for most businesses, and Xerox printers are the best for home use in 2024 because they come with advanced security features to help safeguard your information. 

For example, they come with different security features to ensure your confidential documents remain secure, such as: 

· Password protection

· User authentication

· Encryption

Most modern-day businesses undertake their operations in a way that contributes to environmental conservation. Xerox printers are designed to be energy-efficient, which can help you lower your energy bills. 

Also, they are designed to last for a long time, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them frequently. Xerox printers are equipped with advanced features that can help streamline your processes. The multifunctionality of the Xerox printers ensures that you improve your workflow and save time. 

6. Dymo

Dymo is one of the best home printers that you can use to make labels. It is a top brand and a popular option that you can use to print address labels as well as mailing and shipping labels. 

It is one of the best printers for home in 2024 because it uses advanced technological features that you can use to protect your digital copyrights. Through this, you protect your copyrights and prevent content from unauthorized use. 

Moreover, you can use Dymo printers to create custom labels to organize your home and complete crafting projects. You can create the labels at home in different sizes for spaces of different sizes. 

The printers are among the best for home use because they are designed to print durable labels in a way that saves time and money and helps you stay organized.

7. Kyocera


Kyocera is a leader in the printing and office technology industries because its copiers and printers can meet the needs of entities of any size. 

Kyocera’s printers are one of the 10 best printers for homes because they have ceramic drums that last the lifetime of the printer. 

Also, the brand introduces ceramic particles into their toners to help clean the ceramic drums while you print and copy. As a result, you will not have to spend time and money servicing the printers often.

When buying a printer for home use, reliability is an important factor to consider. Kyocera’s printers for home are less prone to breakdowns and misdeeds, and they are more likely to meet your performance needs. 

Fewer misdeeds and breakdowns translate to less waste, minimal downtime, and service cost savings. Moreover, Kyocera is one of the best printers for home use because it has a low environmental impact and low operating costs. 

When you buy a Kyocera printer, you get to enjoy its eco-friendly system and innovative waste-toner container design. Such features emphasize the company’s commitment to lowering its environmental impact. 

Also, Kyocera printers are designed to use a minimal number of consumables. Fewer consumables translate to less maintenance and lower operating costs. You can recycle some of the consumables, further lowering the environmental impact.

8. Samsung

When choosing a new printer for home use, it is important to choose a model that meets your requirements and is within your budget. Also, it will need to be reliable with minimal downtime. 

Samsung is one of the brands that is renowned for the manufacture of eco-friendly printers with excellent performance. 

Samsung’s printers are one of the top printers for home use because the different models can improve your routine by giving you great performance. 

There are printer models with a document digitalization feature to ensure you save time. Also, the printers are simple to use, and their management system gives you visibility on documents lined up for printing. 

Some models, such as the CLX 6260FW, have security tools to help you protect your valuable information. The password protection feature in most Samsung printer models prevents unauthorized people from accessing your documents.

Samsung’s printers are multifunctional to give you a complete printing solution. They are one of the best printers for your home because you can use them to print, scan, copy, and fax. 

Also, they are energy-efficient, and you can save funds on energy bills by using them for your personal and professional projects at home. 

Whether you are printing graphics, photos, or documents, Samsung printers guarantee you clear and sharp prints. The printers use advanced technology to produce prints with a high resolution that ensures the print output is detailed and clear. 

9. Konica Minolta

konica-minolta printer

Konica Minolta is a reliable brand with a long history in the printing and office productivity spaces. The company recognizes that office products must be easy to use, and as a result, its printer models have simple operations to ensure you complete your printing tasks easily and quickly. 

Its printers are among the best 10 printers for home because of their simplified innovation and user-friendliness. 

The modern-day environment is networked and the different Konica Minolta printer models guarantee you the speed, simplicity, and cost savings necessary for you to complete your printing projects at home. 

The printers are designed to grow with the demands of your home office, and you can integrate different business applications without experiencing lags and incurring extra costs. 

For example, if you have Konika Minolta as your alliance in your home office, you get high-quality print outputs, and you can manage your workflow with its cloud services. 

Moreover, some of its printer models have speed enhancement features that allow you to get more when you have a lot of documents to print, copy, or scan. 

10. Lexmark

Lexmark printers are one of the best and most solid printers for home and office use. 

While you may be considering aspects of color accuracy while choosing a printer for your home, Lexmark printer models ensure you print your documents without worrying about a breakdown or data breach. 

The different printer models have analytical functions that make them versatile. Also, the printers have improved security features, such as SMMPv3 security, to close out any unauthorized frameworks. This ensures that you do not lose any data from its system. 

In the event of unauthorized extraction of data from the printer’s system, the printer scrambles the data. Moreover, Lexmark printer models are economical and easy to use. 

How to Choose the Best Printer for Your Home in 2024

The best printer for one home is not necessarily the best printer for another home. You can choose the best printer for your home by assessing your needs and ensuring that you focus on features that meet your specific needs.

Also, you can choose the best printer for your home by examining the ease of setup and use, the print output quality, the print speed, and other major features. 

Overall, the best printer for your home is one that meets all your needs and serves you without any downtime or interruptions.

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