Epson vs Brother: Which is the Popular Printer Brand?

Epson and Brother printers have played an important role in the advancement of the printing industry over the past 50 years. Both companies are major printer manufacturers, with Epson developing the first compact printer and Brother known for its high-speed dot-matrix printers and high-quality Brother toner. These innovations have allowed them to occupy a different position in the printing world.

Both manufacturers have innovated and pioneered different printing features and designs, so they occupy different spots in the printing space. For example, Epson exclusively manufactures inkjet models, while Brother makes laser and inkjet models.

Epson is a more popular printer brand than Brother because it can yield more prints than nearly all other brands. Moreover, Epson predominantly produces inkjet models ideal for home and office use, emphasizing high-quality printing.

Table Comparison

Company nameEstablishment timeNationalMain productsProduct pricesAnnual income
Epson1942JapanPrinters, scanners, projectors, wearables, point of saleVaries based on the product and model$0.56B
Brother1908JapanPrinters, scanners, sewing machines, fax machines, label makers and label printers.Varies based on the product and model$6.03B

While Epson has great printer options, Brother printer models produce printers that fit the needs of different users. The rest of the article extensively compares Epson and Brother printers to identify the most popular brand between them.

Epson vs. Brother Printer Brands

Knowing the best or most popular printer brand can be difficult, considering the many Epson and Brother printer models available.

Both Epson and Brother are well-known brands with a good reputation for producing high-quality printers. However, each manufacturer has its own unique features that you can use to identify which is best for your printing needs and which is most popular.

You can identify the most popular brand between Epson and Brother after assessing their differences and what they can bring to your printing experience.Below are the differences between Epson and Brother printers.

1. Scope and Use

Brother printer models are designed to meet the needs of small and large businesses. Although Epson printers provide all-in-one printer options, Brother has printer models that can meet your needs as a small business owner and a home user.

Moreover, Brother printers offer efficient solutions for home use and use as a small business owner. Its extensive range of technology and wireless capabilities make it solid and well-built.

Epson offers a great range of laser printers, ranging from small to large models. You can use the small models for your home and the larger models for your full-sized office. Also, you can get mono-laser Epson printers that are less expensive for your black-and-white documents.

You can use both Epson and Brother printers to fulfill your printing needs at home. Although Epson has numerous print options, Brother manufactures printers that will meet your needs for home and small business use.

When you use your Brother printer for home use, you get the opportunity to experience the following:

  • High page yields
  • Fast speeds
  • Low cost per print

In an office setting, the printer you use must be able to handle several projects at once at high speeds. Based on your specific office needs, ink jets and laser printers are the best for use in your office.

Epson is a solid choice for your small business or office because it offers decent print quality and a variety of printer models.

2. Cost

Brother printers are easy to use, and you can get them cheaper than Epson printer models. Epson printer models are more expensive because of their detailing and features. However, both Epson and Brother printers are reliable, and your choice depends on your specific needs and budget.

3. Models

Epson mainly manufactures inkjet printer models you can use at home and in the office. However, it also manufactures some professional laser printer models you can use at home and in the office. On the other hand, Brother has some inkjet models and mainly produces laser models for office use.

4. Print Quality

Epson printers are manufactured with an emphasis on high-quality printing. For example, there are large-format Epson printers that you can use to print large-format photos.

On the other hand, Brother printers are cost-effective in the long run, especially when printing high volumes of documents. Also, the laser printer models manufactured by Brother are fast and deliver sharp text.

5. Value for Money

Epson printers are designed to use ink jet cartridges, which ensure that the printer uses individual color cartridges. For example, if your cyan cartridge runs low, you only replace that specific cartridge.

This makes them more customer-friendly than other printer manufacturers that use tricolor cartridges. Overall, Epson’s individual color cartridges give you better value and are better for the environment.

Moreover, Epson was the first printer manufacturer to produce printers that employ ink tanks that you can refill with bottles of ink instead of expensive ink cartridges. Therefore, if you want to print large borderless documents, Epson’s Eco Tank range is a good choice that you need to consider.

On the other hand, Brother has full-color and mono laser printer models that can give you a high page yield. For example, the MFC-L3710CW uses TN-243 toners, which have a high initial buying price, but they can last for approximately 1000 pages.

Also, there are other higher-yield options that you can buy and use efficiently and economically.

How to Choose the Best Printer Brand

Whatever it is that you need to print, there is a printer model that can do it. It is not easy to choose the best printer brand because of the number of options available on the market. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best printer brand.

1. Speed

The print speed of a printer is an important feature, and it varies from one brand to the next.

If your print volume is low, you can buy a printer with slower print speeds, which translates to a more affordable device. It is best to check the print speed when searching for the best type of printer. A printer with a fast speed ensures that you get back to your other tasks faster.

2. Color, or Black and White

Different printer models print color, black and white color orientation, or both. You can buy a printer that gives black-and-white output if that is what you need.

Alternatively, you can go for a detailed colored printer that gives you color prints and captures all the relevant complexities.

Additionally, if you produce a lot of color prints, ensure you check the print speed for the device you are interested in so that you achieve your desired objective.

3. Functionality

You can buy either a single-function or multi-function printer based on your printing needs. A single-function printer gives you print functionality, faster speeds and lower costs. Such a printer is ideal for you if you have a heavy document load but can scan and copy with other devices.

Alternatively, you can buy a multi-function printer if you want to add scanning and copying functions to the basic print functions.

4. Paper Handling

If you produce large print projects, the best printer for you is one with additional room for high-capacity trays. Also, a printer that handles oversized formats and has tons of room for storage can be ideal for you if your project requires large-format print output.

Which is the Most Popular Brand?

When choosing the best or more popular brand between Epson and Brother, it is important to assess the features and performance of the brands.

For example, the Brother HL-60 model is fast and can easily digitize documents. On the other hand, Epson printers print black-and-white pages at a lower cost.

Also, the Epson Eco Tank feature gives you a cost-per-page advantage because of the high page yield and low ink replacement cost.

Based on the different features and performance abilities of individual Epson and Brother printers, the popular printer brand depends on the specific needs of the users.

Epson is a more popular brand than Brother because of different reasons, including:

  • Reliability: Epson is a better and more popular printer brand because of its reliability. You can get different features, ranging from borderless photo printing to wireless printing. Moreover, Epson cartridges are more reliable and cost-effective because their cartridges last longer than Brother cartridges. Therefore, Epson is your go-to printer brand if you are looking for a reliable and affordable printing solution.
  • High level of satisfaction: Epson printers guarantee users a high level of satisfaction because of its low cost per page. Also, you are likely to get a satisfying print quality of your printing project.
  • Affordability: Price is a major factor that determines the popularity of a printer. It influences client satisfaction and purchasing decisions. Epson printer models are competitive in terms of pricing, and they offer good value for money compared to Brother printers. The perception that Brother printers are expensive and less expensive to manage adversely affects the satisfaction levels of users.


Choosing the best and most popular printer brand is a personal decision for every user. The Brother printer brand is popular with professionals interested in completing heavy-duty projects, while Epson is popular with users interested in reliability and a high level of satisfaction while on a budget.

Compared with the original printer, the third-party supplier will save more money, and you will have the same user experience.

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