Which Printer Has the Cheapest Cartridges?

Of course, everyone wants to print as cheaply as possible with their printer. Unfortunately, printer cartridges generally lead to higher costs if you don’t necessarily want to switch to compatible printer cartridges. Some inkjet printers are cheaper to buy than buying a set of printer cartridges later on. In this respect, it is difficult to say which printer cartridges are the cheapest.

Brother Impresses with Low-Cost Ink Cartridges

Many people underestimate the printer manufacturer Brother, which is always somewhat overshadowed by the three well-known brands Canon, HP and Epson. Yet Brother serves all important areas with its inkjet multifunction printers. The only striking thing here is that Brother printers are in the higher price segment.

In contrast, Brother scores with extremely low printing costs and page prices. The single-ink cartridges from Brother not only differ visually from the conventional suppliers, but also in their low price. Even the originals are offered at lower prices than other printer manufacturers. Of course, you can save even more with compatible printer cartridges.

Canon and Epson Also Offer Low-Cost Cartridges

This is primarily about the single-ink cartridges that Canon and Epson offer for their popular printer models. In the case of Canon, the PIXMA printers lead to low printing costs, although here again, a distinction must be made between the original and compatible ink cartridges.
For example, Epson offers inexpensive cartridges for the Expression Home series of MFPs. Even the multi-ink cartridges for Epson Stylus Color printers, which consist of a black cartridge and a tri-color cartridge, are much cheaper than those from HP.

Unfortunately, HP Is Not One of the Cheapest Suppliers

Original HP printer cartridges are available as multi-ink cartridges with integrated print nozzles and as single-ink versions. However, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket here. Especially for photo printing with an HP PhotoSmart printer, there are significant differences between original and compatible single-ink cartridges. Compatible printer cartridges with a range of around 400 pages are offered at very reasonable prices. The originals are often more than a hundred times more expensive per page.

Conclusion: Keep Your Eyes Open When Buying a Printer

If you want to minimize your printing costs and page prices in the long term, look for a printer model with low printing costs right from the start. To find the printer with the cheapest cartridges, you should compare prices before you buy. The usually higher purchase costs can be amortized within a few months. The main candidates for providing the cheapest printer ink cartridges are Brother, Canon, and Epson.

Printers with the Cheapest Printer Cartridges under $6

The cheapest compatible printer cartridge kits for these printers cost less than $6 per cartridge.

Brother PrinterEach Cartridge under $6Canon PrinterEach Cartridge under $6
Brother MFC-J480DWBrother LC203Canon PIXMA TR8620Canon 280 281 XL
Brother MFC-J485DWBrother LC203Canon PIXMA TS9521CCanon 280 281 XXL

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