How to Remove Chip from HP Toner Cartridge?

At present, HP 58A, HP 58X, HP 206A, HP 206X, HP 414A, HP 414X, HP 148A, HP 148X are the most popular HP toner cartridges in the market. While the prices of OEM cartridges are very expensive. So many printer users choose to buy compatible ones. Compatible HP toner cartridges usually come in two versions, the With-Chip version and the No-Chip version. Since the No-Chip version is much cheaper than the With-Chip version, it has become the final choice for many printer users.

However, No-Chip version requires printer users to remove the tiny chips from empty HP cartridges to compatible cartridges. It’s a little difficult for old people. But with specially designed toner chip removal tools, most people can do it easily.

Before we introduce the tools and ways to remove the toner chips from HP cartridge, we have to mention the changes of OEM HP cartridges.

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Changes of HP Toner Cartridges

Initially, original HP toner cartridges come with IC chips which are not glued on chip slots. Users can easily remove the chips from the HP cartridges with regular tools (like diagonal cutting pliers and tweezers). However, HP started to glue the chips on chip slots from 2022, which makes them difficult to remove with regular tools. Let’s see HP cartridges with different structures.


To help printer users remove glued HP toner chips, leading toner cartridge manufacturers developed special toner chip removal tools. We have tested several tools from different manufacturers. Finally, we found the toner chip removal tool called chip recycle drill was the simplest one to use. So we decided to introduce how to use this tool to remove HP toner chips here.

How to Remove Not-Glued Chip from HP Toner Cartridge?

Required Tools

As mentioned above, it is easy to remove chips which are not glued from HP toner cartridges. Only two regular tools are needed. One is diagonal cutting pliers, and the other one is tweezers. The diagonal cutting pliers are used to cut off the plastic slot around the chip. And the tweezers are used to clip out the chip.


Steps to Remove Chip from HP Toner Cartridge

Step 1: Take out your HP OEM toner cartridge and place it on a flat desktop.

Step 2: Use your diagonal cutting pliers to carefully cut off the black plastic around the chip of HP OEM toner cartridge.

Step 3: After cutting the plastic, please ensure that the whole chip is completely exposed, not covered by the plastic.

Step 4: As shown in Picture B, use tweezers to carefully and gently remove the chip from HP toner cartridge. (Caution: Do not touch the metal part of the chip as you can.)

Here is the image instruction, which can show the operation steps more clearly.

remove chip from HP toner cartridge

Here is the video instruction.

Note: During the whole operation of removing chip from HP toner cartridge, make sure that you use tools in a proper way. Otherwise, you may scratch the metal surface of the chip of HP toner cartridge, which is the most important part of the chip.

How to Remove Glued Chip from HP Toner Cartridge?

Required Tools

To remove glued chips from HP toner cartridges, you need to prepare three tools, chip recycle drill, tweezers, and diagonal cutting pliers. The special tool – chip recycle drill can help you to remove the glued chip from the HP toner cartridge easily. And, the diagonal cutting pliers can help you to trim the residual plastic around the chip after removing it.


If you don’t have the chip recycle drill, you can purchase it from YB Toner. The models of the chip removal tool YB Toner is selling include:

Steps to Remove Chip from HP Toner Cartridge

Step 1: Take out your OEM HP toner cartridge and place it on a flat desktop.

Step 2: Rotate the black handle of the chip removal tool in a counterclockwise direction until the drill does not appear in the red frame as shown in picture A.

Step 3: Align the red frame of the tool with the place where the chip is located. And snap the chip recycle drill correctly into the chip slot of HP toner cartridge.

Step 4: Please make sure that the chip removal tool is securely fastened to the toner cartridge. (Note: This prevents the tool from displacing when the handle is rotated with force.)

Step 5: Now, rotate the black handle in a clockwise direction until the chip is extruded by the drill.

Step 6: Use tweezers to carefully remove the chip from HP toner cartridge. (Note: Make sure that tweezers do not scratch the metal surface of the chip.)

Step 7: Use diagonal cutting pliers to trim off the residual black plastic around the chip.

Step 8: Rotate the black handle counterclockwise again to reset the chip recycle drill to the starting state. Finally, what you need to do is to remove the chip removal tool from the HP toner cartridge.

remove chip from HP toner cartridge

Here is the video instruction for HP 206A/206X.

Want to watch the video of transferring other models of toner cartridge chips? Here are links.

1. How to Transfer HP 89A 89X 89Y Toner Chip?
2. How to Transfer HP 134A 134X Toner Chip?
3. How to Transfer HP 414A 414X Toner Chip?
4. How to Transfer HP 215A Toner Chip?

Frequently Asked Questions about Removing Chip from HP Toner Cartridge and the Usage of Recycled Chip

Can I use this original HP toner chip more than once?

Of course, you can. The HP OEM cartridge chip is of good quality. You can use the HP OEM toner chip many times until the chip get damaged. However, if the removal operation is not done properly, it can easily cause damage to the chip. So, be careful when you are removing the chip. This is also why we recommend you use chip recycle drill to remove the glued chip from the original HP toner.

Why does my printer say “Cartridge Low” or “Replace Toner” when I just changed it?

This is because you are using a compatible or refilled cartridge with the original chip. We know the chip can be used not only for connection and identification but also for recording toner consumption. However, HP company disabled ink and toner chip reset. The recording data will be stored in the chip. So, when the printer recognizes a brand-new cartridge with the reused chip, it still will display a “Cartridge Low” message.
You can completely ignore this message because it will not stop the printer from printing. What else can you do if you don’t want your printer to keep saying “Cartridge Low”? Actually, you can refuse to receive such a message for a period of time. When the “Cartridge Low” message pops up on your computer screen, you can click the “Snooze” button in the display frame and select “2 months”. Finally, click the “OK” button. By doing so, this message will not appear for two months.

Why do I need to remove chip from HP toner cartridge?

The HP laser printer can only run normally when it identifies the existence of the toner cartridge. The chip of HP printer cartridge is the key that is used to be identified by the printer. This is why an HP cartridge without chip will not be accepted by HP printer. So, when you buy an HP cartridge without chip, you need to remove the original chip from the HP OEM cartridge.

Can I use regular tools to remove glued chip from HP toner cartridge?

Yes, you can use regular tools to remove a glued chip from HP toner cartridge. But the chip removal opreation will be more difficult for you. It will take you much efforts to remove the chip glued on the HP toner cartridge if you only use tweezers and diagonal cutting pliers. Moreover, during the removal process, the use of the pliers may easily cause damage to the chip. So, we highly recommand you using chip removal tool to remove the glued chip from HP toner cartridge.

YB Offers Cost-effective No-Chip HP Toner and With-Chip HP Toner

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Good price of No-chip and With-chip HP toner cartridge

HP 58A/X, HP206A/X and HP414A/X toner cartridges with chip and without chip are hot-selling products in YB Toner. And, HP 210A toner set and HP 210X toner set is new arrival product.

The price of these compatible No-Chip HP toner cartridges is really cheap. You can save a fortune of money by only spending a little time and energy on removing and installing the chip. And, there comes another piece of good news. If you buy the No-Chip toner cartridge from YB Toner, you can get the chip removal tool for free. You don’t need to pay extra for this tool. If you have any questions about the operation of removing the chip from HP toner cartridge, please feel free to ask us for assistance. The responsible customer service staff of YB Toner will answer your questions on time. And they will provide you with the best solutions. We are at your disposal at any time.

YB Toner also sells toner cartridges with the upgraded chips. No-Chip toner cartridges are cost-effective but these cartridges cannot monitor the toner or ink level. If you mind this, you can buy YB compatible HP toner cartridges (with chips) which can track toner level. When the toner powder gets low, it will remind you to replace the cartridge. Moreover, these With-Chip toner cartridges can be accurately identified and connected by HP printers. They can work smoothly with your HP laser printer to print high-quality texts and images under high-speed operation. When compared to the original cartridges, the price of these compatible toner cartridges is also very attractive.

Good Services of Compatible HP toner cartridges:

Moreover, to offer you better shopping experience in YB Toner, both No-Chip toner cartridge and With-Chip toner cartridge are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year guarantee. It means you have a valid claim to compensation (get a refund or a new replacement ) within the valid time if you don’t like our compatible HP toner cartridge or there is any quality problems. You can buy these compatibe products in YB Toner with full confidence.

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