HP 414A/414X Toner Chip Removal Tool – Chip Recycle Drill

Want to be free from chip replacment? Buy our super affordable HP 414A or HP 414X toner with chip.

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HP 414A/414X Toner Chip Removal Tool Description

This is a handy chip removal tool for HP 414A and HP 414X toner cartridges. With this chip recycle drill, you can remove HP toner chips easily without damaging the chips.

Why do we produce chip recycle drills?

A very important role of the toner chip is ensuring the printer recognizes the toner cartridge. The absence of a chip may affect the use of the toner cartridge. Therefore, printer users who have purchased HP compatible toner cartridges without chips need to use OEM chips. Since the HP manufacturer glued the chip to the toner cartridge, removing the chip is no longer as easy as it used to be with tweezers and diagonal cutting pliers. Hence, additional cartridge chip reset tools are required. The good news is that we have specially designed this chip removal tool called chip recycle drill to remove the chips from HP 414A or HP 414X toner cartridges.

Why buy this HP 414A/414X toner chip removal tool?

Chip recycle drill makes chip removal easier

This chip recycle drill is a useful chip resetting tool for removing glued chips. You can remove the chip with our chip resetter from the original HP 414A/414X toner cartridge through simple steps.
1. Reset the chip recycle drill by rotating the handle counterclockwise until the drill is not in the frame.
2. Install the chip recycle drill on the OEM toner cartridge.
3. Rotate the handle of the drill clockwise to extrude the chip. Then remove the chip with tweezers.
4. Reset the chip recycle drill again to remove it from the cartridge.

Here is an instructional video on chip removal. You can follow the video to replace the chips for HP 414A compatible toner without chip or HP 414X compatible toner without chip. You can consult us if you still have questions about how to remove or reset your cartridge chip.

Chip recycle drill is durable and affordable

This chip recycle drill is of high quality and durability. We produced it with premium raw materials, ensuring its quality can stand the test of time. It’s not a disposable chip removal tool. You can use it to remove chips from all HP 414A (W2020A W2021A W2022A W2023A) and HP 414X (W2020X W2021X W2022X W2023X) toner cartridges over and over again. Moreover, our chip recycle drill is at a reasonable price. We can proudly say that it is the best value for money compared to other chip removal tools. With this chip remover tool HP 414A W2020A, you can use compatible toner cartridges without chips at ease and enjoy huge savings.

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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP Color LaserJet Pro

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Ken S.
Great product

I tried the puller today. Solved the issue of roving chops

Ethan A.
Worked Great

We were able to make a smooth transition with the chip tool. Thank you!