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Compatible HP206X Toner Cartridge Set 4-Pack

3,150 Pages
2,450 Pages

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Want Chip-ready Toners? Order Compatible HP 206A Toner Set (With Chip)  at $199.99 or Compatible HP 206X Toner Set (with Chip) at $269.99.

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YB compatible HP206X toner cartridges come with professional quality.

Our HP206X toner set contains toner cartridges in four colors: black cyan magenta yellow. In terms of product quality, we do make a lot of efforts, including stability and quality inspection, etc. As a result, our high compatibility HP 206 toner set can work with your HP printers to provide high quality printing. Here are their compatible HP printers: HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw / HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M282nw / HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw / HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283cdw.

We use high quality toner, which has excellent performance in printing evenness and blackness. When using our 206X high yield black cartridge replacement for monochrome printing, the printed text is clear and sharp. Even the printing effect can reach the level of the black original LaserJet toner cartridge. When using our compatible HP206X toner cartridges for color printing, the printed images vivid and natural. Besides, they output softer colors, and have higher glossiness, and no color distortion.


Our compatible HP 206 toner is a good helper for you to save money.

In the current compatible consumables market, in addition to high quality products, the poor quality compatible toner cartridges also exist. However, choosing real high quality office supplies can make customers’ office more relaxed, efficient and safe. YB compatible HP 206 toner cartridge set is a good choice.

The quality of our toner cartridge is not inferior to that of the original HP toner cartridges. However, our price is less than 50% of that of the original. For the black high yield toner cartridge W2110X, the page yield is 3,150 pages per cartridge. For the HP206X magenta/ yellow/ cyan toner cartridge, the page yield is 2,450 pages per page. By the way, our pricing may vary according to different time. Placing an order now! Get the preferential toner cartridge set!

If you have any questions about the installation or use of our HP 206 toner cartridges, please contact us. Our enthusiastic customer service personnel will provide you with technical support.


Some questions you may want to know about the HP206X.

1. HP 206X vs 206A toner set. Which is better?

The 206A is a standard yield toner cartridge set, while the 206X is a high yield HP toner cartridge set. The difference between 206A and 206X is toner quantity and price. The page yield of 206X toner is higher than that of HP 206A toner. Naturally, the price of 206X is also higher than that of HP206A. But the single page printing cost of our compatible HP206X is relatively low. For office users who need to print many documents, HP 206X high yield toner cartridges will undoubtedly be more suitable for them. Because it is more favorable and can last longer. While 206A standard cartridges are enough for users who do not have a large amount of daily printing. Check the blog “HP 206A vs 206X, which one should I buy?” for more information.


2. Are the four colors all high yield? Or is only the black high yield?

They are all high yield. All HP toner cartridges that end in “X” are high yield. However, the page yield of the black toner cartridge is different from that of the other three color toner cartridges. Our compatible HP 206X black toner cartridge yields up to 3,150 pages. The page yield of the HP206X cyan magenta yellow toner cartridges is 2,450 pages.

3. Is it difficult to install the HP 206 toner cartridges?

It is not difficult at all. First, open the front cover of the printer and pull the handle outward so that you can pull out the toner cartridge. Secondly, remove the used toner cartridge. Then install the new compatible 206X toner cartridge. (Remember to transfer the chip from the original HP toner cartridge to the new compatible cartridge before installation.) In addition, before installing the HP206X toner cartridge, shake the toner cartridge horizontally for several times. It makes the HP 206X toners more uniform, so that the printed text color will be better. Or, You can buy our compatible HP 206X toner set with chip.


4. Do these HP206X toner cartridge replacements come with chips?

No, there are no chips in these HP toner 206X. You need to transfer the chips from the original HP 206A/206X laserjet toner cartridges. You don’t have to be nervous about taking the chip out of the original laserjet toner cartridge. YB Toner provides you with all the tools and very clear instructions (You can also check the blog “How to remove chip from HP toner cartridge” which offers you detailed operation procedures). Therefore, you are able to replace the chips for all cartridges and get back to printing.

5. Does HP 206 toner go bad?

No. One of the benefits of using toner is that although it degrades over time, it usually does not go bad. Therefore, the service life of the toner cartridge must be much longer than that of the ink. Its powder structure means that it will not dry up like ink cartridges.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP Color LaserJet Pro


Product Brand YB Toner
OEM Number 206X
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Page Yield Black: 3,150 Cyan/Yellow/Magenta: 2,450
Cost Per Page 1.43cents
Shelf Life 24-36 Months

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John E.
Great Toner Replacement

We use the printer a lot and this was by far the easiest product to use. Easy to follow instructions for removing the chips and it comes with the necessary tools. Ill will be ordering again.

Oliver W.
great alternative to HP cartridge

These 206X are great. Much more affordable than HP cartridges. They are easy to install, and quality of ink is identical to the HP cartridges.

Darren M.
Great laser cartridge!

This cartridge reuses the chip within the HP cartridge, and is not too difficult to transfer. Cheap and reuses the same chip, accounting to less waste! Prints just as good as my HP cartridges!!

Ryan J.
Easy DIY install to save money

Removing the chip was easy and took less than 5 minutes. Works great!

Maria T.
High quality

We are definitely going to continue to reorder our ink cartridges this this organization. As a business owner and student, I go through ink so quickly. They have shown great customer service and have reached out to see if there has been any issues with their product. They truly care about their customers and effeciency of their product and services.