Chip Recycle Drill – HP 58A 58X Toner Chip Removal Tool

Note: Our compatible HP58A without chip and HP58X without chip come with a chip recycle drill. You don’t have to buy it separately.

Need chip-ready products? Buy CF258A compatible toner with chip or CF258X compatible toner with chip at a discounted price.

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HP 58A 58X Toner Chip Recycle Drill Description

This chip recycle drill is a special tool designed for HP 58A 58X toner chip removal. By using this tool, you can remove the chips from original HP CF258A and CF258X toner cartridges easily. And it will not damage the cartridge chips. We are proud to offer this easy-to-use chip removal tool.

Why do we offer chip recycle drill?

We offer this chip recycle drill to help HP M404 & M428 printer users remove HP toner chips. Just so you know, original HP 58A and 58X toner cartridges are very expensive. So many printer users choose to buy compatible ones. When buying compatible HP 58A 58X toner cartridges, there are two options for printer users. One is complete products with built-in IC chips, i.e. CF258A compatible toner with chip and CF258X compatible toner with chip. The other is DIY products without chips, i.e. compatible HP58A toner cartridge without chip and HP58X toner cartridge without chip. The chip-ready products are more expensive than the DIY products. Therefore, most people buy the DIY products.

The DIY CF258A & CF258X require printer users to remove the chips from empty HP toners first. Then install the chips on compatible toners without chips. Thus, special tools are needed to help printer users remove the chips. Previously, tweeters or diagonal cutting pliers are enough to remove the chips from original HP toners. However, since 2021, the chips were glued on original HP toner cartridges. Printer users can no longer get the chips out by using tweeters or diagonal cutting pliers. It‘s against this background that we developed this special tool named Chip Recycle Drill.

Note: Our compatible compatible HP58A toner cartridge without chip and HP58X toner cartridge without chip come with a chip recycle drill. So you don’t have to buy it separately. 

How to use this toner chip removal tool?

This chip recycle drill for HP 58A 58X toner is easy to use. Please follow below steps or watch our instruction video to learn how to use it.

  1. Reset the drill by rotating its handle counterclockwise  2-3 times.
  2. Install the chip on where the chip is located. (Make sure the drill is installed in place.)
  3. Rotate the drill handle clockwise 5-6 times to separate the chip from toner.
  4. Remove the chip from CF258 toner cartridge.
  5. Reset the drill again and remove it from toner cartridge.

After you finish above process, you can install the chip on a new compatible CF258 toner. Then it will work as a chip-ready product. Your printer will recognize it and start printing.

More toner chip removal tools are available

We also offer chip removal tools for other new HP toner cartridges. You can find them via below link or in related products.


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Customer Reviews

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janet z.
Perfect quality!

Received the toner 2 days after placing the order, which exceeded my expectations! This is the first time I use a compatible toner cartridge, the printing is very clear, and its price is much cheaper than the original one. YB TONER saves me a lot of money!

easy-to-use tool

This tool is very easy-to-use. I used this tool to remove the glued toner chip in few seconds. Will be ordering your CF258A soon as your product comes with a free toner chip removal tool. Thanks