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(No Chip)Compatible HP 58X Toner Cartridge – CF258X – High Yield

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Need Chip-ready Toner Providing Toner Level? Order CF258A Compatible Toner (With Chip)  at $59.95 or CF258X Compatible Toner (With Chip) at $69.95 Now!

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HP58X Toner Cartridge Replacement – CF 258X Description

As we know, original HP toner cartridges are of high quality and performance but cost you much money. With the development compatible manufacturers, more people prefer to use compatible cartridges. It is difficult to cut down printing costs if you keep on using original HP toner cartridges. The compatible toner cartridge CF258X black 1-pack without chip on this page is priced very low. Moreover, its print quality is trustworthy. To enjoy high quality printing at low costs is wonderful, isn’t it? Plus, you can also find the standard-yield HP 58A black toner cartridge in YB. Shop one you like here!

What Makes YB Compatible HP 58X CF258X Toner Cartridge Worth Buying?

The quality of YB’s HP58X toner cartridge replacements is guaranteed.

Compared with other compatible manufacturers without quality assurance, YB can provide high-quality compatible HP58X high yield black toners. Through our R&D staff’s effort, our compatible toners’ quality has reached or even surpassed that of the original HP. Thanks to the strict quality test, we can quickly detect the unqualified toner cartridges. After that, we will study these unqualified products and constantly improve our production technology. Moreover, the raw materials we use are all green and environmentally friendly, which will not cause environmental pollution.

The price of YB’s compatible HP laserjet 58X black toner cartridges is preferential.

Long-term use of the original toner cartridge may cause the heavy financial burden. With the development of compatible toner cartridges, HP laserjet 58X replacements are cheap and high-quality. So many people are willing to replace the original HP with compatible toner cartridges. YB’s goal is to provide customers with green, durable, economical and compatible cartridges. What’s more, we promise not to lower the price by sacrificing the quality. Instead, we will continue to study how to reduce the price of compatible toners while maintaining the quality.

The shipping is of no charge.

As long as your receiving address is in the continental United States and your one-time order is over $30, we will provide you with free shipping. And we promise to ship your orders before 4:00 pm PST or 5:00 pm EST on the same day. If you place orders at another time, we will deliver it to you the next day. It won’t take you so much time receiving the goods after you place the order. Another thing to note is that if your order is less than $30, you shall pay the freight of $4.95. Besides, we will bear the rest of the freight for you. Additionally, the freight for customer living in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and Jalisco and Mexico are different. If you want to know,contact us on any working days. After receiving your question, our professional customer service staff will answer your as soon as possible.


Frequent Asked Questions about HP58X Toner Replacements.

1.Does the HP 58X black high yield toner cartridge work better than the HP 58A toner?

Both 58X HP toner and HP58A toner have passed our strict quality test, so their quality is the same. Besides, the whole process of their production is fully automatic. The only difference is that the number of toner powder they cover is different. HP58X is the high-yield version, so it has more toner powder inside. Unlike HP 58X printing up to 10,000 pages, HP 58A can print only 3,000 pages with less toner powder. You can choose one of them according to your printing needs. HP 58X can save more money for customers who often print. While the HP CF58A is also suitable for home and small office use.

2.Need I remove the chip from the previous HP 58X toner cartridge before inserting a new one?

Chip is one of the important parts of toner cartridges. However, many compatible manufacturers are unable to provide customers with compatible toners with chip. Although the HP58X 1-pack shown on this page contains no chip, it is very affordable. Moreover, we will offer tools to change the chip. You can move the chip from the previously used toner cartridge to the new one (View the blog: How to remove chip from HP toner cartridge). This will not affect the printing quality. In addition, if you don’t want to change the chip, you can try our HP CF258X with chip. It covers the chip, so you can use it immediately without changing the chip after installing.

3.How can I be sure that the toner replacements I received is new?

To begin with, we promise not to give second-hand toner cartridges to customers. Moreover, we don’t sell second-hand compatible cartridges. So you are unlikely to receive second-hand HP 58X CF258X from YB. Additionally, every CF258X toner cartridge replacements sent to customers will be packed in our original box. If you have any questions about the toner cartridge you received, you can contact us in time.

4.Is the compatible CF258X toner cartridge harmful to my HP printer?

This compatible CF258X toner cartridge is designed to work with many HP printers. HP laserjet pro M404DN M404DW M404N and HP laserjet pro M428FDN M428FDW are some of its compatible printers. What’s more, our compatible HP58X toner cartridge is harmless to your HP printer. Compatible toner cartridges, like original HP, can work well with printers. Besides, we  provide you with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If your compatible toner cartridge or printer has problems in use, you can contact us. If we verify that our compatible cartridges have caused damage to your printer, we will give you corresponding compensation.

In addition, we suggest you check again if your printer is on the compatible printer list of HP 58 toner cartridges. For example, if you install it under printer like HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdwe, probably it will be harmful to your printer. Because HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4101fdwe toner is not HP 58A/58X but HP 148A black toner cartridge (W1480A) /HP 148X black toner cartridge (W1480X). They are different series of toner cartridge.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP LaserJet Pro

HP LaserJet Enterprise


Product BrandYB Toner
OEM Number58X CF258X
Product CapacityStandard Yield
Page Yield10,000
Cost Per Page0.35 cents
Shelf Life24-36 Months

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great toner

Though it took some time to install the chip, the end result was it worked and it is much cheaper than buying original cartridges. Customer support is on point and very quick to respond with any questions.

Eric C.
Works like OEM. Easy to change chip.

Perfectly functioning, easy to work with, will purchase again.

Carl W.
Quality Refurb, with the tools you need.

Toner and tool was packaged well, long print life, if your looking to save a few bucks from but new, this is a great choice so long as you have your current toners chip.

Excellent Procuct/Great company

Ordered the this toner for our company at a GREAT price. Shipping was fast. It works great. No issues not being original. Chip is easy to install yourself.

Corey D.Z.
Just as good as the HP toner

Works just the same as the name brand toner.