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Compatible HP 206A Toner Cartridges 4-Pack (With Chip)

1,350 Pages
1,250 Pages

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Compatible HP 206A Toner Cartridges 4-Pack Description

The compatible HP 206A toner cartridges 4-pack comes with four color toner cartridges. They are W2110A W2111A W2112A W2113A, respectively the black cyan yellow magenta toner cartridges. Each toner has the same page yield, compatibility, quality and reliability like what original HP 206A laserjet toner cartridge does. The most important thing is that they comes with built-in IC chips. No need to install the small chips by yourself. Buy now and save your time on DIY chip installation process.

What’s in the box:

Four new compatible HP 206A toner cartridges with chips: 1 x W2110A, 1 x W2111A, 1 x W2112A, 1 x W2113A.

W2110A – Compatible HP 206A black toner cartridge yields 1,350 pages. Produces sharp black prints and lasts longer than the color toner cartridges.

W2111A – Compatible HP 206A cyan toner cartridge yields 1,250 pages. Produces bright cyan prints.

W2112A – Compatible HP 206A yellow toner cartridge with standard yield. Produces up to 1,250 pages of vibrant yellow prints.

W2113A – Compatible HP 206A magenta toner cartridge. Has the same page yield as W2111A & W2112A. Produces vivid magenta prints.

These standard yield toner cartridges are designed for small offices and home offices. Their page yield is not high but it’s totally enough for daily print jobs. If you print less than 200 pages per month, they will last longer than half a year.

Why Buy YB Compatible HP 206A Toner Cartridges 4-Pack

YB Toner is a leading toner cartridge supplier in the United States. Over the past decade, we have provided printer users with tons of high-quality and inexpensive printer cartridges. The services we provide also satisfy the majority of users.

In addition to print quality, the print volume of toner cartridges has also attracted much attention. The page yields of our standard yield HP 206A toner cartridge set are 1,350 pages for the black cartridge and 1,250 pages for cyan magenta yellow cartridges. This print volume can already meet the needs of ordinary home users or small businesses. Moreover, the price of our compatible HP 206A toner set is $238.99, while the price of the original HP toner cartridges is $289.99. Purchasing our compatible toner cartridges can help you save 17% of your printing costs.

Want a higher output toner cartridge? Our HP 206X high yield toner cartridge set can meet your needs. The page yields of our 206X toner set are 3,150 pages for the black cartridge and 2,450 pages for cyan magenta yellow cartridges. Obviously, this set is more durable. And its price is only $289.99. It can help you save the printing cost to a greater extent. At the expense of HP genuine standard yield toner cartridges, you can buy high yield toner cartridges in YB, which is really cost effective. Although our toner replacements are cheap, they can achieve the same performance as the original HP toner cartridges. What are you waiting for? Now it is the most favorable price, and the pricing may vary in the future. Order today! You can also enjoy free shipping and express delivery service!


YB compatible HP 206A toner set is running smoothly.

Our HP LaserJet 206A ultra fine toner can print extremely clear black text and color graphics. And our 206A HP toner replacement is made of high quality drum core. The components work perfectly with each other and ensure consistent and reliable performance. Therefore, our 206A toner replacements with high quality and reliability will not invalidate your printer, and even protect your printer. When you use the HP 206A to print, you can find that the color of the printed image is bright, and the text is clear. So, it can fully meet the quality requirements of ordinary users for document printing. In addition, during the whole professional quality printing process, there will be no paper jam. What’s more, the simple and convenient installation and maintenance of the HP 206A set will make you feel stress free.


Our Eco-friendly HP 206A toner is safe and healthy.

The dust produced by the printing process may become a health killer. It is especially a fact for enterprises with a large number of employees. So, users will give priority to environmentally friendly, safe, and reliable ones when choosing toner cartridges. YB Toner understands customers’ demands for environmental protection. As a result, our HP 206A toner replacements are made of environmentally friendly toner, without powder leakage, and the printed text is very sharp. Moreover, they can reduce environmental pollution to a greater extent, and make the whole printing process safe and healthy.


Some questions about our compatible HP 206A set

1. What HP printers use 206A HP toner?

YB compatible HP 206A LaserJet toner cartridges work with the following color laser printers: HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw / HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M282nw / HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw / HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283cdw.


2. Is there a way to buy one HP 206A toner cartridge at a time?

Yes. There are black toner cartridge W2110A, HP 206A cyan toner cartridge W2111A, yellow toner cartridge W2112A, and magenta toner cartridge W2113A sold separately on In color printing, if one of the HP 206A toner cartridges is out of toner, you can purchase the toner cartridge of this color separately.


3. Do HP 206A toner cartridges come with the chip installed?

Yes. The HP 206A compatible toner cartridges on this page come with chip. You only need to tear off the package and install the toner cartridge into your HP printer. There is no need to remove the chip from the original HP cartridge and install it on a new one. As a result, YB compatible HP 206A LaserJet toner cartridges with chip save time and are easy to use.

4. Is it 4 packs for $238.99? What is the quality of the toner 206A HP?

Yes, four colors are $238.99. We have confidence in our HP 206A compatible toner cartridges. They come with high quality and reliability and can work perfectly with your HP laser printer. The printed graphics have bright colors and professional printing quality. And the monochrome printing effect of our compatible W2110A is not inferior to that of the black original LaserJet toner cartridge. In addition, we have an excellent customer service team. If you have any questions about our compatible HP 206A black and color toner, please feel free to contact us.


5. Are HP LaserJet 206A toner cartridges the same as 206X?

The printer models for 206A HP toner and 206X are the same. HP 206X cartridge is more high yield than 206A. Also, the price of HP 206X toner is higher than that of HP LaserJet 206A toner. But the HP 206X toner set costs less to print a single page. If you are a home user and don’t need much printing, HP 206A set is enough for you. However, if you are an office user with a large daily printing, the HP 206X set is more suitable for you.


6. If I use the HP 206A toner set months after receiving the order and find out they’re defective, can I return them or get replacements?

Do not worry. We provide a 1-year 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee for our 4-pack HP 206A compatible toner cartridges. If you have any issues, please contact us. Phone call, email, and online consultations are always welcome. We have a professional customer service team and aim to help you solve all problems.


7. I am concerned and wonder if you will sell my personal information.

You don’t have to worry. We will never sell your personal information to others. Your personal information is for shipment only. In addition, we will do our best to manage the information security of our website in strict accordance with the relevant regulations. We promise not to violate the interests of our customers. And we will always strive to protect the security of our customers’ personal information.


8. The left side of the page is faded. It looks mainly black, maybe blue. Can you give me some suggestions?

Most likely, the toner cartridge is placed incorrectly, causing the toner to accumulate on one side. Shake your HP 206A black toner cartridge to make sure the toner is evenly distributed. If you follow the above method and the problem is still not solved, please contact us. Our customer service staff will respond very quickly and provide technical support. Or, if necessary, we will exchange a new one for you.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP Color LaserJet Pro


Product Brand YB Toner
OEM Number 206A
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Page Yield Black: 1,350 Cyan/Yellow/Magenta: 1,250
Cost Per Page 4.68cents
Shelf Life 24-36 Months

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paul M.
Save my time and money

This compatible hp 206a toner set comes with built-in chips as advertised. No need to install tiny chips by myself. I have installed the black and cyan toner to my printer. So far they are working great with other hp toners. They are worth the price.

Worth the money

This chip-ready toner set saves my time and money. No need to install the tiny chips by myself. Everything is ready for installation. I have already installed the black toner in my hp laserjet pro m255dw printer. The print quality looks the same as HP. So it is definitely worth the money. I will buy it again.

Good product

I always ordered this product. Because much cheaper than HP, same print quality, nothing problem when using, easy install. Thank you again.

Robert M.
great product great service

Great service, definitely going to reorder when I run out of ink.!!!