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W2110X – Compatible HP 206X Black Toner Cartridge (With Chip)

3,150 Pages

This HP 206X Black Toner Replacement Comes with Smart IC Chips and Trackable Toner Level!

More Options? Try HP 206A W2110A With Chip!

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High quality W2110X toner for excellent printing results

Our W2110X toner is of good quality. Its fine and smooth powder particles can significantly reduce the amount of waste powder. And such a toner has one of the greatest advantages, that is, it is not easy to damage your printer. Sometimes users think that the quality of compatible toner cartridges is poor. It is because the production of their toner is not high enough standard. Accordingly, it will not only cause the printing effect to be blurred and easy to fade. There is also the possibility of damage to the printer’s parts, which is quite uneconomical.

However, if you use the YB toner cartridges, you will not have such trouble. In actual use, our compatible toner cartridge W2110X can achieve high quality printing, presenting uniform black and firm fixing printing effect. The text materials printed with it are sharp and unambiguous, and it is not hard to read. In terms of printing effect, our W2110X high yield HP toner cartridges can be comparable to the original HP toner cartridges. And it is basically no different from the black original LaserJet toner cartridge. In addition to toner, the overall production of our W2110X high yield HP black toner cartridge is exquisite and delicate.


Our compatible HP 206X black toner cartridges are affordable.

Compared with the original HP toner cartridges, buying our compatible W2110X toner cartridges can help you save more than 25% of the printing cost. Besides, our W2110X high yield HP black toner cartridge with chip can print approximately 3,150 pages (Letter/A4, at 5% coverage). And the cost of printing a single page is only 2.32 cents. If you need color printing, we recommend you to buy W2111X, W2112X, and W2113X high yield toner cartridges together. Or, you can buy our 4-pack HP 206X toners directly. Furthermore, our HP 206X black toner replacements are compatible with the following HP printers: HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw / HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M282nw / HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw / HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283cdw.


Our compatible W2110X toner cartridges are easy to install.

The installation of our HP 206X black toner cartridge replacement is very simple. You just need to take the toner cartridge out of the box and shake it horizontally to evenly distribute the toner. Then remove the seal, buckles, and protective cover in turn. Finally, put the black toner cartridge W2110X in according to the corresponding printer card slot. The whole installation process is convenient and easy.

Notes: HP may update your printer firmware without your consent and block compatible cartridges installed. So, we strongly recommend that you disable HP printer firmware update to protect compatible cartridges from firmware issues.


Some questions and answers about our W2110X toner cartridge replacements

1. Is W2110X a high yield toner?

Yes, definitely. The HP 206X black toner cartridge is high yield. The page yield of our compatible HP 206A black toner cartridge is 1,350 pages. While our compatible HP 206X high yield black toner cartridge can yield up to 3,150 pages.


2. Why does the description say that the W2110X prints 3,150 pages, but it doesn’t actually print that amount?

We base the approximate pages by only covering 5% of the page with toner. The amount of pages you will get out of the W2110X toner cartridge depends on how much of each page is covered. If you are printing pages that use a lot of black content, you are going to get fewer pages out of the W2110X cartridge. It is like the listed gas mileage on a car. If you drive with a heavy foot, you will not get the advertised mileage. However, if you are just printing regular stuff, then you may need to check your printer for defects.


3. Does the W2110X printer cartridge get old or dry up? Because of at home printing, and I will not use them very fast.

The W2110X printer cartridge is a toner cartridge, not an ink cartridge. Toner cartridges contain toner, not ink. Toner is already a dry powder that gets “melted” to the paper (fused, technically). That’s why Laser Jets are different than Ink Jets. Shake the cartridge before setting up the printer. When you are not using it temporarily, you can also pull the W2110X LaserJet toner cartridge out of the printer. The toner can settle down, but it will not get old and dry up like ink.


4. Will you sell my personal information that I left on this website?

We will not sell any personal information of our customers to third parties. Instead, we strive to create a reassuring and safe consumption environment for our customers. Therefore, we collect, use and store customers’ information in compliance with all relevant safety regulations. We will only collect the necessary, specific, and legal information for your chosen service. And YB Toner will not further process the relevant information in other ways. In addition, we promise to take security measures to protect the security of our customers’ personal information.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP Color LaserJet Pro


Product Brand YB Toner
OEM Number 206X W2110X
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Page Yield 3,150
Cost Per Page 2.32cents
Shelf Life 24-36 Months

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Kylee H.
Great value compared to OEM

Followed directions to replace and has worked just like OEM.

Jorge V.
It works very well.

I like the is was easy to install and the price was OK.

Brenda N.
Meets all my needs

This is a great alternative to using the HP toner, great value for the money.

Lisa A.
Pro quality

So far so good. Pro quality.

Produce worked well for me. I would order the cartridges again.

I Liked How quickly I received the products. These are very durable and quality products. You definitely get your moneys worth