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Compatible HP 218X Toner Cartridge Set – High Yield

3,200 Pages
2,500 Pages

Version: No Chip

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Compatible HP 218X Toner Cartridge Set – High Yield Description


Compatible HP 218X toner cartridges are an advanced printing solution designed to redefine excellence in every detail. Crafted with precision, this toner set goes beyond the ordinary to deliver extraordinary results, making it the ultimate choice for discerning professionals and savvy businesses.


Why Purchase Compatible HP 218X Toner Cartridge Set at YB Toner


Unrivaled Print Quality for Stunning Results:

Refresh your print quality standards with our compatible HP 218X toner cartridge set. From sharp text to vibrant graphics, every print displays impeccable clarity and detail. Your printing materials will be taken to a whole new level of professionalism. Whether you’re printing reports, brochures, or photos, get stunning, lifelike results that stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Maximize Efficiency with High-Yield Performance:

Achieve optimal efficiency and productivity with this high-yield cartridge set. Each cartridge is engineered to match the original’s output, ensuring uninterrupted printing for long periods. According to ISO/IEC standards, this toner set can print 3,200 pages in black and 2,500 pages in cyan/yellow/magenta, twice the standard capacity. With fewer cartridge changes and minimal downtime, you can focus on what matters most – driving your business forward with confidence and efficiency.

Reliable Performance You Can Count on:

Trust the reliability and consistency of the compatible HP 218X toner cartridge 4-pack for all your printing needs. Each cartridge is rigorously tested to meet strict quality standards. They deliver consistent results every time you print, maintaining optimal performance on every page. Say goodbye to smudges, streaks, and uneven prints—rely on these cartridges to deliver flawless results time after time.

Simple Installation and Easy Maintenance:

The compatible HP 218X toner cartridge set features a user-friendly design for worry-free printing. Designed to work seamlessly with HP printers, installation is quick and easy, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum convenience. Plus, with innovative features designed to prevent leaks and spills, maintenance is a breeze, allowing you to focus on what matters most and achieve great results with ease.


Frequently Asked Questions about Compatible HP 218X Toner Cartridges 4-Pack


When will your compatible HP 218X toners be available?

They will be in stock around the end of June. We take some time to develop HP 218X compatible toner cartridges and subject the products to various rigorous tests to ensure their quality and performance. Subscribe to us to stay informed of availability so you can get cheap cartridge replacements on time.

How to replace HP 218X toner cartridges?

1. Open the cartridge access door.
2. Pull the toner cartridge drawer out by grasping its blue handle.
3. Grasp the toner cartridge handle and pull it up to remove the cartridge.
4. Unpack a new cartridge.
5. Grasp both ends of the cartridge and shake it left and right to distribute the toner evenly.
6. Remove the protective cover and tape. Then, use a drill to transfer the HP chip to this new cartridge.
7. Insert the new cartridge into the toner cartridge drawer.
8. Repeat steps three to seven if you need to replace more than one cartridge.
9. Close the toner cartridge drawer.
10. Close the cartridge access door.

What printer uses HP 218X cartridges?

HP 218X cartridges are newly released from HP and they are compatible with HP Color LaserJet Pro 3201dw and HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP 3301fdw printers.

Is HP 218X better than HP 218A?

The answer varies from person to person. HP 218A and HP 218X are toner cartridges with different capacities for the same printer models. They are similar in terms of compatibility, quality, and performance. The biggest difference between them is the page yield, which also leads to the price difference.
HP 218A cartridges are standard-yield and contain less toner, printing 1,300 pages in black and 1,200 pages in cyan/magenta/yellow. By contrast, high-yield HP 218X cartridges are filled with more toner, delivering 3,200 pages in black and 2,500 pages per color. As you can imagine, the high-yield ones are more durable and cost more to produce, so prices are usually higher correspondingly.
For low-volume homes or small offices, the A version may meet your printing needs. Its low upfront cost can reduce your printing expenses. However, if you print in large volumes, the X version suits you better with its higher yield and better long-term value. (The high-yield version usually has a lower cost per page.)

When to replace 218X HP cartridges?

Your printer will pop up a message to remind you of toner low or cartridge change. When the cartridge is low on toner, you can continue printing until redistributing the toner no longer ensures acceptable print quality. To redistribute the toner, you need to remove the toner cartridge and shake it gently before reinstalling it in the printer. But it would be good to purchase new cartridges now to avoid printing delay.
You can also check estimated toner levels to determine when to prepare replacements. Here are the steps to do it.
For HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP 3301fdw printer:
1. Swipe right on the Control Panel home screen, and then click Supplies.
2. Click Cartridges.
For HP Color LaserJet Pro 3201dw printer:
1. Press the right button on the control panel to select the Supplies option and press the OK button to confirm.
2. Select Cartridge and press OK.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP Color LaserJet Pro


Product BrandYB Toner
OEM NumberHP 218X
Product CapacityHigh Yield
Page YieldBlack: 3,200 Cyan/Yellow/Magenta: 2,500
Cost Per Page2.09 cents
Shelf Life24-36 Months

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