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W2180X – Compatible HP 218X High Yield Black Toner Cartridge

3,200 Pages

Version: No Chip

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W2180X – Compatible HP 218X High Yield Black Toner Cartridge Description


Replace the used HP 218A/X black toner cartridge with this new W2180X compatible cartridge. This value pack allows you to save on printing while enjoying high quality, compatibility, and consistent performance. Instill confidence knowing that a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee backs this HP 218X black toner!

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Key Features of Compatible HP 218X High Yield Black Toner Cartridge


Extended Page Yield: Compared to the standard W2180A, which yields 1,300 pages, high-yield W2180X prints more pages, offering up to 3,200 pages. This means you can print 1,900 pages more before needing to replace the cartridge, making it ideal for high-volume printing environments or users who require consistent output over an extended period.

Cost-Effectiveness: There is no doubt that the advantage of third-party toners is price. Unlike expensive original HP 218X toners, our compatible W2180X toner keeps your printing costs low. It’s a fraction of the price of the original but has a similar performance. Why overpay for genuine Brother HP 218X black toner when a cheap replacement is available?

Professional Print Quality: Our HP 218X black toner is designed to deliver professional-grade print quality, characterized by crisp text, smooth gradients, and vivid images. This toner ensures your documents, reports, and marketing materials maintain high standards of clarity and color richness.

Reliability and Consistency: This HP 218X black compatible toner is engineered to work seamlessly with HP printers, ensuring reliable performance and consistent output. Every HP 218X toner, not just black, goes through rigorous testing to meet HP’s quality standards, minimizing the risk of print defects, smudges, or streaks.

Easy Installation: Thanks to its user-friendly design, installing or replacing this black cartridge is straightforward. The cartridge’s physical shape is similar to the original W2180X, ensuring a smooth installation. You can complete the task quickly and with minimal downtime.


Frequently Asked Questions about Compatible HP 218X Black Toner Cartridge – W2180X


W2180A vs W2180X, which one to buy?

Choosing between W2180A and W2180X depends on your specific printing needs and budget considerations. Here are comparisons to help you decide:

Page Yield: The main difference between the two cartridges is the page yield. Standard W2180A can print 1,300 pages. The W2180X, on the other hand, is a high-capacity cartridge that can print 3,200 pages. If you print infrequently or have small printing needs, the standard W2180A may be sufficient. If you have high-volume printing needs or want to replace cartridges less frequently, the W2180X may be a better choice due to its higher page yield.

Cost: While high-yield W2180X often has a higher upfront cost compared to standard cartridge W2180X, it provides better value over time due to its extended page yield. Users can benefit from lower cost per page, resulting in reduced overall printing expenses.

Can I mix HP 218X black and HP 218A color cartridges?

Yes, you can. HP 218A and 218X cartridges are designed to be used in the same printer models for identical print quality. If you print more black but less color, it’s a good idea to mix HP 218X black and HP 218A color cartridges.

Is it OK to use compatible HP 218X black toner in my HP printer?

It’s OK to use compatible HP 218X black toner with your HP printer. Our compatible HP 218A/X toners are specially engineered to work flawlessly with HP Color LaserJet Pro 3201dw and MFP 3301fdw. Using them in these two printer will not affect the printer warranty.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP Color LaserJet Pro


Product BrandYB Toner
OEM NumberW2180X
Product CapacityHigh Yield
Page YieldBlack: 3,200
Cost Per Page1.81 cents
Shelf Life24-36 Months

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