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Brother TN-760 Toner Cartridge Black High Yield 2-Pack

3000 Pages

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Brother TN-760 compatible toners black high yield 2-Pack are the most cost effective replacements comparing with the original Brother. Some people may be confused about the difference between standard yield Brother TN730 toner cartridge and high yield TN-760. Hereon, let us emphasize the page yields one more time, in case you purchase the wrong product. In the one hand, compatible Brother TN760 toner has number of pages of 3,000 pages that can fulfill your office need. In the other hand, Brother TN730 toner cartridge of 1,200 pages is more suitable for people who don’t print hourly. Assuming that you need to print our your children’s homework yourself because of the pandemic or you are administration staff who have to store replacements in the company, Brother TN 760 toner cartridges 4-Pack are also pretty good.

Many people holding “no good goods cheaper”, but it is not the case. YB Toner believe that not every consumer can accept or afford the price that the genuine brand set. Therefore, the original laser toner cartridge has been called sky high price compatible in the printer supplies industry. And it is our obligation to break this dilemma. So that customers can use cheap and easy-to-use goods with fabulous print quality. And do remember to purchase and use your cartridge with Brother DR730 drum unit!

Brother TN-760 Compatible Toners 2-Pack Description

1. Free Shipping for Order over $30

YB Toner has launched the latest postal policy for U.S. customers. Both new and old customers have the right to enjoy it. Therefore, for any customers who living in the United States, please pay careful attention to it. Whether you live in Texas, Idaho, Alabama or other states, as long as the total amount of Brother TN760 compatible toner or other goods you buy exceeds 30 dollars, we will pay for your postage right away.

If you have ever shopped on other websites, you will know that many websites now basically set more than $60 for the condition of free shipping. We also worried about whether to increase the amount of postage because of the increasing transportation and labor costs. But we finally abandoned the thought. Since we decided at the beginning that we created YB Toner to bring customers the cheapest and best toner cartridges. If we do this, it will go against our original intention. Therefore, we sincerely hope that you can trust YB Toner and feel happy every time when you shop in here.

2. 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

When setting up after-sales service, we try to think from the perspective of consumers over and over again. If we are consumers, what service is most needed when we want to try products from a new brand. At this time, we thought of a two-year product satisfaction guarantee.

Every customer who places an order can enjoy this right immediately. And you don’t have to worry that we will set various thresholds for you when you show your dissatisfaction. We also suggest that you try the product immediately after receiving the Brother TN760 toner replacement. Please check see whether the product is in good condition or whether you feel good about the product. If you are really so unhappy with our products, please contact customer support right away. YB Toner will handle returns or refunds for you at a lightning speed.

3. Lifetime Warranty of Brother TN-760 Compatible Toners

As long as you buy our Brother TN760 toner cartridges, we will give you a lifetime medical insurance on the products. It means that no matter what happens to your product, you can contact us at the first time, whether on the website, email or phone. We recommend you to use words to explain your problems through the website or email, and it is best to attach photos. So that our customer service staff can help you solve the problems faster. If we can’t solve the problem of the product remotely, we will suggest you choose to send the product to us to check the situation. We will arrange specialists to contact you for solutions as soon as possible. By the way, have you ever got the error message Replace Toner? Check the Brother Printer Replace Toner Override.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brother TN-760 Compatible Toners 2-Pack

1. Can I monitor the toner levels with these TN760 compatible replacements?

Yes, our compatible toner cartridge has toner tacking ability. You can check the amount of toner by printing the self-test page on your laser printer. And they are all equipped with patented chip, which can match the Brother drum unit without any obstacle.

2. Is it supplied with the chip, or does it need to remove the chip from the depleted cartridge and install it in a new cartridge?

Each of our product pages will write whether the product has a chip. If you buy goods with chips, you don’t have to change the chips yourself whenever you need to replace toner. If you buy goods without chips, you need to do it yourself. So we recommend that you buy cartridges with chips. Because the price of cartridge with chip is not much different from that of cartridge without chip, but you can save a lot of time from the installation process. Also, if you get the error message No Toner because of the chip, you can find solutions in Brother Printer No Toner Override.

3. Is this high yield black toner cartridge interchangeable between Brother printers that specify this toner? Can I move a cartridge from one Brother printer to another and still work?

Of course this high yield black TN760 replacement is interchangeable between Brother printer, in the premise that the printer is match with the toner.

Yes, you can move a cartridge from one Brother printer to another only if the cartridge still has enough toner for printing.

4. Do I need to replace drum unit when I just wanting to replace the toner replacement that is used up?

The shelf life of DR730 drum unit is two years. Therefore, even if your compatible is run out of toner, you don’t need to replace the drum unit when the service life is still available.

5. If I don’t use toner often, I should buy smaller toner so that it won’t dry out? Will the toner cartridge get old?

Unlike ink, toner does not dry out easily. It is sometimes called “dry toner” by some people because it has no liquid components in it.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Brother DCP Brother HL Brother MFC


Product Brand YB Toner
OEM Number TN-760
Product Capacity High Yield
Page Yield 3,000 each
Cost Per Page 0.63 cents
Shelf Life 24-36 Months


Customer Reviews

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Barb 1.
Great value

Installs just like Brother brand cartridges. Very good value for about the same price as one brand name cartridge. No noticeable difference in print quality.

Works well

Good product

T. C.
Great color

This has been a great cartridge. The color is crisp.

Just as described

Your standard toner. It fits. It prints. It's still printing. Clean. Not powdery.

Dennis A.

Quick service -- The toner cartridge and toner itself were first class. Will buy from them again. Great prices too - Better than Amazon!