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Brother TN-760 Toner Replacements High Yield Black 10-Pack

3000 Pages each

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Brother TN 760 toner cartridges high yield black 10-pack are the unbeatable toner set in YB Toner. It’s definitely worthy of buying for big corporation or people with large printing need. Because the more you buy, the more discounts we can give. And we will not charge you additional shipping fee no matter how many replacements you buy. Couldn’t afford the Brother genuine cartridge TN760 high yield black toners or have to keep your budget within certain scope? Our Brother toner TN760 black set is the best Brother replacement you can get in the consumable market with such low price.

In addition to that, whether is standard yield TN730 toner cartridge of 1,200 pages or high yield TN760 Brother of 3,000 pages, they can work seamlessly with your Brother printer. For anyone who try to get higher page yields, Brother TN770 toner cartridge of 4,500 pages is also getable in YB Toner. For your various printing needs, the engineer team has work out Brother laser toner with different capacity. In case you don’t know, we own patents for each chip on the replacement. Therefore, please rest assured and use our products at ease. YB Toner is always your loyal supporter for all time.

Brother TN 760 Toner Cartridges 10-Pack Description

1. Order over $30, YB Toner Cover Delivery Fee for You

We all know that the shipping fee is calculated according to the weight of the goods. But our policy is that as long as your order exceeds 30, we will cover all the package and transportation cost. As long as you live in the United States, it doesn’t matter which state you live in.

In order to prevent the Brother TN 730 TN 760 TN770 cartridge from being damaged due to collision on the road, we will specially train our staff on how to package the goods. And put some cushioning materials in the box, such as foam. We will try our best to ensure that the goods are delivered to you in good condition. If the products are unfortunately injured, please contact customer support of YB Toner immediately for follow-up matters.

2. Lifetime Warranty

Now there are many black toner cartridges in the market. Sellers of printer supplies are only responsible for selling their Brother TN760 high yield toner cartridges, and nothing else. Such products, in fact, have great risks. Because you don’t just have to pay for the product. If the product goes wrong, you have to pay for the maintenance fee. And the result may not be worth the loss.

Therefore, when you buy our products, we will give you a lifetime product insurance along with the products to protect your rights and save you money for additional insurance fee may occur in the future. When you encounter any problems with the product, please carefully describe your problems to our staff. If the phone is convenient for you to explain the problem, we suggest you send an email with text, pictures or video for explain.

3. 2-Year Satisfaction Guarantee of Brother TN 760 Toner Cartridges 10-Pack

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is proof of our commitment, and we don’t promise what we can’t deliver. Therefore, the after-sales policy we designed is customer friendly. Since it is customer friendly, it is up to every client to decide whether you feel content or not. No matter whether you use it or not, you can tell us anything that makes you feel dissatisfied within one year after you place order on toner cartridge TN 760. Of course, our customer service will also seek your advice. It is up to you to decide whether you want to return or refund. And our customer service will definitely not make you feel awkward. You can rest assured about this.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brother TN 760 Toner Cartridges 10-Pack

1. Can I refill Brother genuine TN760 or third party TN760 from YB Toner?

YB Toner strongly recommends that you do not refill the toner cartridge yourself. Compared with the past, compatible toner cartridges are now already very cheap. So you don’t need to take great pains to fill the toner yourself anymore. This not only wastes your precious time and energy, but also makes the room full of toner powder. Trust us, you don’t want to get your room all over toner just want to save a little money.

2. Is the TN 760 cartridge magnetic?

Unfortunately no, Brother TN760 toner is not magnetic. Current products on YB Toner official store are not designed to use magnetic or MICR (magnetic image character recognition) toner.

3. TN730 VS TN760, which one is better?

Both of them has the same quality and compatibility, the only difference in them is the toner capacity. TN730 can print 1200 pages, while TN760 can print 3,000 pages. So which one you should choose depends on your practical need in the real life.

4. After receiving the “Low Toner” warning from printer, can we continue to use the old cartridge? Will it damage the Brother printer? How long can we keep using old toner?

We have been using brother printer for many years. Even if the toner is insufficient, we will continue to print until it stops printing. For it will cause no damage to the printer. Sometimes we take the toner cartridge out of the printer and gently shake it so that it can print more pages. But the problem is that the toner may mess up your printer. For reference only, many customers of us would love to buy high-yield cartridges more. It costs less than standard yield cartridge in the long turn use, and it will give you the best printing results. In addition, more details about Replace Toner and No Toner error can be find in Brother Printer Replace Toner Override and Brother Printer No Toner Override.

5. After being idle for several months, will high-yield toner expire or become useless? Do these replacements have exact expiration date?

No, these compatibles won’t become useless just because you don’t use it for several months. The toner cartridge has shelf life of 24 months, but the toner powder will not expire like ink only if you preserve it under instructions.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Brother DCP

Brother HL 

Brother MFC


Product BrandYB Toner
OEM NumberTN-760
Product CapacityHigh Yield
Page Yield3,000 each
Cost Per Page0.6 cents
Shelf Life24-36 Months


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Good toner

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Items arrived quickly. Only used one so far, but it seems to be working fine.