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Brother TN760 Toner Cartridges High Yield Black 4-Pack

3000 Pages each

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Brother TN760 toner cartridges high yield black 4-pack is one of our latest set series. In order to meet the various needs of different customers, YB Toner try our best to design different purchase plans for you and try to satisfy everyone. Some customers are willing to pay a high price for their laser print quality after seeing the advertisements of Brother brand. From our point of view, high quality is not equal to high price. Brother TN-760 toner cartridges 4-Pack from YB Toner with low price, but their quality can also withstand the test of the time like Brother genuine TN760 did.

Besides, Brother genuine toner produces high yield capacity of 3,000 pages. Though we also specify the pages yields as 3,000 pages, it can print more than 3,000 pages in the actual use in life. If you have don’t print often, you can choose Brother TN760 toner cartridge 1-Pack or Brother TN-760 compatible toners 2-Pack. Here, we give your our words that we will not deliberately add less toner for high repurchase rates as some genuine and third-party brands do.

Brother TN760 Toner Cartridges 4-Pack Description

1. Free Shipping for Order Total over $30

We get that free shipping is important to the customer. So after our repeated discussion, we finally decided to build a warehouse in California so that customers all over the United States can receive the Brother TN 760 toners as soon as possible. It is the best we can do about covering the shipping fee for the total order of more than 30 dollars. Although this will greatly reduce our meager profits, we still want to try our best to save costs for customers. The least thing we want to see is to let our clients to bear the high price of original high yield black toner cartridge. That’s why we obtain our own patents and produce laser toner replacements of ourselves. Thus, we hope that we can receive your support and encourage, it means a lot to us.

2. 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

In this world, there is no such product with only praise, because everyone has his own views and feelings. Therefore, we need to launch a safeguard policy to protect the rights and interests of customers. Allowing customers not to suffer any loss when they don’t like Brother TN760 high yield toner cartridges. This is how we train our customer service staff. When customers express their dissatisfaction with our products, we should stand on the position of customers. And try to understand customers as much as possible. And ask customers how they want to solve problems. Whether it is a return or a refund, your satisfaction is the most important thing to us.

3. Lifetime Warranty

Nothing lasts forever, only our product warranty on Brother toner TN 730 TN 760. Like human life, every product has its own life cycle. The more you protect it, the longer it will work for you. Toner powder is a special kind of existence, because it has no so-called shelf life. As long as you store the unopened TN-730/TN-760 toner in a cool place without direct sunlight, it can last longer than two years. Therefore, this is also one of the benefits of buying toner cartridges. Because there is liquid in the ink cartridge and toner cartridge contains carbon powder.

4. About Recycling of Brother TN760 Toner Cartridges

First of all, YB Toner do not provide toner TN-730/TN-760 recycling services. Because we are a new brand, the recycling facilities are not perfect enough. If our brand matures in the future, we will consider providing the service of recycling toner cartridges. Supposing that you are using genuine Brother cartridges, you can go to Brother’s official website to check their recycling program. For Brother offers an environmentally responsible dispose of Brother genuine cartridge for quite a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brother TN760 Toner Cartridges 4-Pack

1. Is this toner under warranty, YB Toner?

Brother TN760 toner cartridge has lifetime warranty from the date of purchase. If there is a problem with your toner, please confirm that you have purchased a new YB Toner genuine toner cartridge. If so, please contact our customer service through our website so that we can solve your problem.

2. Can I use both high-yield black toner and standard color toner in the printer?

Yes, you can use Bother high yield black toner and standard color toner in the same Brother laser printer. Each toner has its own smart microchip, which can track the usage and notify the printer when the toner cartridge is running out. Imagine a car with four independent fuel tanks. If you have a high production and standard production cartridge in your hands now, you can see that there is not much size difference between them.

3. How many pages will this TN-760 toner print (mainly text most of the time) before you need to buy a new toner? I’m seriously considering buying a new Brother laser printer.

Please make sure to read the manual and use the “ecological or toner saving” mode. You can find it under the general setting of Brother printer. If you don’t turn on toner saving or ECO mode for your printer, even cartridges with high capacity won’t last long. In normal mode, the number of pages you get from Brother printer is surprisingly low compared to the price. The effect will be better when you turn on ECO mode each time you print. In addition, you also need to buy a Brother DR730 drum unit for TN-730 TN-760. If you want to buy a new printer, do your homework and see what others say. We will recommend laser printer more if we stand in consumer’s shoes. Because we don’t think you like to deal with the problems of drying and blocking of ink-jet cartridges and the need for a lot of cleaning.

4. Is the TN-760 a replacement for TN-730?

Yes, TN760 and TN730 are compatible with same printer models without doubts. Just TN760 is the high yield version of 3000 pages and TN730 is the standard yield version of 1200 pages. And we also offer super high-yield version TN770 toner cartridge with a page yield of 4,500 pages. For more details, you can read the blog Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770, Which One Should I Buy.

5. What if I receive No Toner or Replace Toner error message?

You can rest assured that YB compatible Brother TN760 come with chip, so as long as you don’t install TN760 in other incompatible printers, you are unlikely to receive NO Toner or Replace Toner error message. If you do encounter these error messages, you can ask your toner supplier for technical support. Of course, you can also check YB blog –Brother Printer No Toner Override and Brother Printer Replace Toner Override. You may be able to learn why you received these error messages and fix them. Good luck!

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Brother DCP Brother HL Brother MFC


Product Brand YB Toner
OEM Number TN-760
Product Capacity High Yield
Page Yield 3,000 each
Cost Per Page 0.56 cents
Shelf Life 24-36 Months


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Definitely the best route for ink!

When I ordered these, I thought it was just one cartridge because the price was slightly below the cost of the Actual brand name product. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was actually 4 cartridges, not one. I installed the ink, and it has been working perfectly. Don't ever waste your money on the high-priced ink. these work perfectly and are more than 1/2 the price!

Nolan M.
Works great

purchased these toners for my company and they work really well.

Vinod K.
Perfect fit

I tried several different toners, but none worked. These products are perfect for my brother printer.

Very good toner cartridges

This was compatible to our brother mfc-l2710dw printer and prints very good.

Jeremy T.
Excellent Value for the money

All replacement cartridges were in good working order and easy to install. Excellent value for the money!