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Brother TN-760 Toner & DR730 Drum Unit 4-Pack (3 Toners + 1 Drum)

3000 Pages

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A set of products including Brother TN-760 toner 3-Pack and Brother DR730 Drum Unit 1-Pack were recently released in YB Toner official online store. Because the design of Brother brand toner cartridges are not integrated. You can only use the cartridge with laser drum components. Hence, we have launched a bundled product containing high yield compatible toner replacements and drum units. This set can not only save your money, but also help you avoid the trouble of buying cartridges and drum components respectively.

Moreover, our black toner compatibles can produce text with superior quality and match well with Brother laser printers like Brother genuine. So why do you need to spend hundreds of dollars just for the title of the genuine products. From our point of view, we think TN-760 toner cartridge of 3,000 pages and DR730 Brother drum of 12,000 pages can meet the need of most of the customers. Supposing that you are looking for super high yield replacement, TN770 toner cartridges 2-Pack with page yields of 4,500 pages is perfect for you. For the record, YB Toner is one of the formal registered trademarks in the printer supplies industry. Please do not use it for any commercial purpose.

Brother TN-760 Toner & Brother DR730 Drum Unit Description

1. Free Shipping for Order over $30

Of course, many people may think that when they shop online and the seller should cover the mailing fee. But you can check out the major websites in the United States, not every business will be willing to cover the shipping fee. The reason is that the transportation cost is willing to gradually increase due to the epidemic. It is estimated that by 2027, the compound annual growth rate of the global transportation industry will reach 3.4%. Although the overall outlook is optimistic, the growth of the transportation industry is far less strong than the 19.8% growth estimated before the pandemic.

Nonetheless, we still worked very hard to reduce the mailing threshold to $30. Anywhere in the United States, YB Toner take the responsibility of fast and free delivery for you only your order amount reach $30!

2. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Being a consumer, we know that nobody want to risking buying the product of bad quality. Then you will need strong customer satisfaction guarantee to avoid any risk may occur. We dare to give you satisfaction guarantee because we have enough confidence in our own high quality products like Brother DR730 toner cartridge TN760. Even the product is not satisfactory, no customer will suffer loss in YB Toner. Therefore, through the satisfaction guarantee, we hope that every one of you can feel our confidence. And place your trust on us. After you order compatible Brother TN-730 and Brother TN-760 toner compatible, you can automatically have the right to enjoy satisfaction guarantee for two year long

3. Lifetime Warranty of Brother TN-760 Toner & Brother DR730 Drum Unit

As long as you place an order now, you can immediately get unlimited product quality assurance on Brother TN 760 and Brother DR 730 set. Compared with other limited product guarantees, YB Toner believes that unlimited product guarantee can give you a more sufficient sense of security. Let you buy at ease, use more at ease. By the way, if you want to buy them separately, we will also give away lifetime warranty. Click Brother TN760 toner cartridge 1-Pack and Brother DR730 drum unit 1-Pack to order!

Frequently Asked Questions about Brother TN-760 Toner & Brother DR730 Drum Unit

1. What is the difference between low capacity and high yield toner?

The unique difference is the toner level of them. We recommend that customers buy high-volume cartridges, which are more economical because they allow you to print more pages on each cartridge. For customers who often print. Compare product specifications to estimate the number of pages printed by high-volume and low-volume cartridges base on your personal circumstance. Just choose one that meets your printing needs and budget.

2. In the past 50 times of printing, I received the message “Insufficient Toner”. When do I install a new cartridge? Can I wait for it to dry up? Will it cause any problem on Brother printers?

Usually, the printer’s internal toner monitoring system will display a yellow warning triangle symbol on the toner status pop-up window. This alert lets you know and have enough time to order or purchase the toner cartridge replacements. But the printer can still allow printing in a low toner state. Once the yellow warning symbol changes to a red symbol, you must replace the old toner cartridge. For when this symbol is displayed, all printing work will stop until you change a new one.

3. How long can I keep the cartridges before I use it?

You can keep the unopened cartridges for up to two years if you store them in cool and dry place. But if you open it, please use it as soon as possible.

4. How to fix No Toner and Replace Toner error message?

With the IC chip, the Brother TN760 toner cartridges YB offer are at low error rates. If you do get error messages such as No Toner or Replace Toner, you can learn more about these error messages from Brother Printer No Toner Override and Brother Printer Replace Toner Override. If not, you can contact your toner supplier for a refund, replacement or technical support.


This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Brother DCP Brother HL Brother MFC


SKU WNU-YTWXDYT-B0760/B0730DRU/U-4P(0301)-FM-CF16
Product Brand YB Toner
OEM Number TN760, DR730
Product Capacity High Yield
Page Yield Toner Cartridge: 3,000 each, Drum Unit: 12,000
Cost Per Page 0.41 cents
Shelf Life 24-36 Months


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Z.

Ink Cartridges printed extremely light. Poor quality. Had to throw them out

David F.
Exceptional Customer Service !!!

These toners and this company are great! Recently I had an issue with a toner that I ordered a few months earlier. After trying several solutions I contacted the customer service department of YB Toner and without any hesitation or lengthy questioning they immediately sent out a replacement cartridge and within two days I received it. I installed the cartridge and the problem was solved. I have used YB Toner cartridges for several years in numerous printers and never had any problems. But I am actually excited about this situation because it gave YB Toner a chance to demonstrate the type of customer oriented company they are and how they stand behind their products and don't hassle the customer when there is a problem. I recommend them for all your toner needs and will continue to use them far into the future.

Jodi M.
Works Beautifully!

I purchased a replacement for my Brother HL-L2390DW printer, and honestly can't tell the difference between the print quality of these toner cartridges compared to the ones from Brother. I am thrilled to be saving so much money on toner! Easy to install, and seamless printing!