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Brother TN-760 Toner & DR730 Drum Unit 4-Pack (3 Toners + 1 Drum)

3000 Pages

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Brother TN-760 Toner & DR730 Drum Unit 4-Pack (3 Toners + 1 Drum) Description

Compatible Brother TN-760 Toner Description

Brother TN760 printers have been popular in the market since it was first launched. Also it’s high yield black toner cartridge TN760 has gained a lot of popularity. YB compatible Brother TN-760 replacement is a great alternative to OEM Brother TN760 toner with 3,000 pages yield but much more affordable price. We manufactured it at early time and has made constant improvement on it. Now our compatible TN760 toner is a really mature product and withstand the test of time. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will enjoy reliable and outstanding prints with our TN760 as using OEM toner cartridge.

YB compatible Brother TN760 replacement has outstanding features of high compatibility, high quality, high page yield, but low price. The price we offer is less than 1/3 of Brother genuine TN760. Since it’s also a competitive product in the aftermarket, the 3rd party toner cartridge supplier have been competed with low price. As YB has mature technology and product line, we’re able to produce TN760 with low cost without compromising high laser print quality.

More money-saving options for you, Brother TN-760 Toner Cartridge 2-Pack, Brother TN-760 Toner Cartridge 4-Pack, and Brother TN-760 Toner Cartridge 10-Pack. We have TN770 Toner Cartridge with 4,500 page yield as well. So get them to reduce your printing cost right now!

Compatible Brother DR730 Drum Unit Description

To function on your Brother printer, TN760 toner has to work together with DR730 drum unit. For most Brother laser printers, drum unit is of equal importance. It also determine the print quality you will get. A high quality DR730 drum working seamlessly with a superb TN760 toner will definitely deliver excellent, crisp and sharp documents. A bad DR730 will probably ruin your printing and bring a variety of issues that drive you crazy, even though it’s combined with a well-produced TN760.

Therefore, YB Toner is committed to create genuine-like quality DR730 that can work perfectly with both genuine Brother TN760 and 3rd-party toner cartridges. But we still suggest you use YB DR730 and YB TN760 together, as they are intelligently engineered to fit with each other seamlessly.

DR730 has page yield up to 12,000 pages. It’s able to work with several TN760 toner cartridges before it reaches end of life. That means it will last for a rather long time you don’t need to consider a new replacement frequently. And YB Toner offers a really affordable price for Brother DR730 replacement, which will help you save a lot on printing cost.

Brother TN-760 Toner & DR730 Drum Unit 4-Pack Description

This SKU is a combo of 3pcs TN760 toner and 1pcs DR730 drum unit. We set this unique combo, considering the guaranteed compatibility, their life cycle and cost-effectiveness. A new drum unit can use with at least three toner cartridges if there was no unexpected issue. Besides, the combination of toner and drum under the same brand name can achieve the highest compatibility. Also as you can see, the price is much more attractive than the total of buying them individually.

Based on our shipping program of free shipping for orders over $30, you can get all of them without paying the freight. But if you purchase them individually, either 1PK TN760 toner or 1PK DR730 Drum reaches $30. In this way, you need to pay extra $4.95 shipping for each toner or drum. Though it won’t cut you an arm or a leg, it’s not cost-effective generally.

Warm Tips on the Use of Brother TN760 & DR730

1. Combined Use of Toner & Drum

Different from other printer brand, most Brother printers have the drum unit part separated from the printer. That is, toner cartridge TN760 needs to be installed first to the DR730 drum unit. Only after this action, you can install both TN760 and DR730 into your printer.

2. Necessary Requirement for Reset

Every new drum unit is required to be reset first before it begins to work with your printer. Otherwise, your printer will constantly saying “Replace Drum” and doesn’t work, leaving you scratching your head aside. No matter your use a brand name Brother TN760 or a third-party one, this message will occur, as the usage record of the old drum is still retained. Therefore, Reset means to tell your printer that you have installed a new drum and it’s okay to track the drum life from zero usage. Kindly read our blog Reset Brother Drum Counter to know more.

3. When to Replace DR730?

Brother laser printer use the number of pages printed as the life of the drum. DR730 Drum has the page yield of 12,000. When the printer has printed 12,000 pages, it will remind you to replace drum. Time for a new DR730! Here, we have a warm suggestion to you. If you have a large printing volume frequently with high coverage on each page, we suggest you replace the drum unit early, like when the fourth or fifth TN760 runs empty. Constant work and high coverage will cause quick wear on the drum component. In this case, even though the drum still can work, it will highly degrade the print quality .

4. How to Bypass Error Messages?

Other error message like “No Toner”, ““Toner Low”, or ”Toner Empty” also have the chance to pop up on your printer screen. No worries. Several steps will help you bypass them in a minute. We have blogs Brother Printer No Toner Override and Brother Printer Replace Toner Override clearly explain what happens and tell you what to do. You’re also welcome to contact our customer service directly.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Brother DCP 

Brother HL

Brother MFC


Product BrandYB Toner
OEM NumberTN760, DR730
Product CapacityHigh Yield
Page YieldToner Cartridge: 3,000 each, Drum Unit: 12,000
Cost Per Page0.29 cents
Shelf Life24-36 Months


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happy m.
Very good value

Very cheap products and they work well. Dont know how long theyll last, but Im pretty hopeful.

Samantha H.
Good value

Great price for 4-pack. Easy process and works well. Lasts long.

Great price and quality

This toner cartridge gives great value - cost per page printed at acceptable quality. It works well with my Brother printer.

Charles L.M.

I haven't had to use the New. Toner yet.

David G.S.
Brother Drum & toner

Have not used yet. Previous orders have been satisfactory