Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770, Which One Should I Buy?

Maybe you are confused by these questions: Are the TN730 toner and TN760 toner the same? What is the difference between Brother TN760 and TN770 toner? Can Brother TN760 toner print color? We have noticed these and wrote a blog for you. This blog will introduce to you the differences and similarities between Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770, and give you some buying advice.

Quick Summary

Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 toner cartridges vary in page yield, compatible printer models, price, cost per page, and package weight. The TN760 toner offers the lowest cost per page, a high page yield, and long life. It is the most cost-effective toner cartridge among the three. We recommend you buy the Brother TN760 toner cartridge.

Brother TN760 toner

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What Are the Differences?

What Are the Similarities?

Buying Advice for These Toner Cartridges

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Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770, What Are the Differences?

Brother toner TN730, TN760, and TN770 toner cartridges differ in many ways.

Page Yield

This is probably the most obvious difference between these cartridges. Page yield is the number of pages you can anticipate receiving from the printer cartridges, based on 5% page coverage on A4/Letter papers. 5% coverage means that only 5% of the page is covered with toner. It is the international standard for testing page yield. In fact, the exact page yield will vary due to many factors, such as printed content, paper type, paper size, and so on.

Brother TN730 toner cartridge is a standard-yield toner cartridge with a page yield of 1,200 pages. That means it can print 1,200 pages on A4/Letter paper at 5% coverage. Brother TN760 toner cartridge is a high-yield toner cartridge that can print about 3,000 pages. Brother TN770 toner cartridge is a super high-yield toner cartridge, which can print up to 4,500 pages. It prints 3,300 more pages than the TN730. In general, the TN770 toner lasts the longest.

Compatible Printer Model

The following are compatible printer models for Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 toner cartridges. You can find matching products according to your printer model.

Brother TN730Brother TN760Brother TN770
Brother DCPBrother DCP-L2550DWBrother DCP-L2550DW ————————————
Brother HLBrother HL-L2325DW
Brother HL-L2350DW
Brother HL-L2370DW
Brother HL-L2370DW XL
Brother HL-L2390DW
Brother HL-L2395DW
Brother HL-L2325DW
Brother HL-L2350DW
Brother HL-L2370DW
Brother HL-L2370DW XL
Brother HL-L2390DW
Brother HL-L2395DW 
Brother HL-L2370DW
Brother HL-L2370DW XL 
Brother MFCBrother MFC-L2690DW
Brother MFC-L2710DW
Brother MFC-L2717DW
Brother MFC-L2730DW
Brother MFC-L2750DW
Brother MFC-L2750DW XL 
Brother MFC-L2690DW
Brother MFC-L2710DW
Brother MFC-L2717DW
Brother MFC-L2730DW
Brother MFC-L2750DW
Brother MFC-L2750DW XL 
Brother MFC-L2750DW
Brother MFC-L2750DW XL

As can be seen from the table, Brother toner TN730 and toner TN760 have the same compatible models. If your printer model is one of the above, which toner cartridge you choose will depend on how frequently you print. If your printer is the Brother HL-L2370DW, HL-L2370DW XL, MFC-L2750DW, or MFC-L2750DW XL, you have more options. You can decide to buy any of these toner cartridges according to your printing volume.

Price & Cost Per Page

Filled with different volumes of toner powder, Brother sets different prices for these toner cartridges. TN730 toner costs $45.49. TN760 toner costs $80.49 and the price of TN770 toner is $121.49. As you can see, the Brother toner TN760 is $35 more expensive than the TN730 toner cartridge. The TN770 toner cartridge is $41 more expensive than the TN760 toner.

Cost per page (CPP) intuitively helps you measure the cost of printing. The lower the cost per page, the more you can save. CPP is affected by two factors: price and page yield.

Cost per page (CPP)=toner cartridge price/page yield

Page Yield1,200 pages3,000 pages4,500 pages
Cost Per Page3.79 cents2.68 cents2.70 cents

Note:  Data comes from Brother’s official store, and prices may vary in different periods.

From the data, it is more valuable to buy a high-capacity toner cartridge than a low-capacity one. The Brother toner TN760 and TN770 are more cost-effective. Among them, the toner TN760 costs only 2.68 cents per page. It’s the most affordable option for those who print a lot.

Product Weight

Although the package dimensions of these toner cartridges are the same, because of different toner content, their weight is also different. The TN730 Brother toner has a package weight of about 1.3 lbs. The TN760 toner and TN770 toner have a similar package weight, approximately 1.4 lbs.

To sum up, TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770 mainly differ in page yield, compatible printers, price, cost per page, and packaging weight.

Brother TN730 TN760 TN770, What Are the Similarities?

However, there are also many similarities between these toner cartridges, which makes them interchangeable.

Compatible Printer Type

The TN730 TN760 TN770 toner cartridges all use laser printing technology for your Brother laser printers. They are black laser toner cartridges.

Print Quality

Brother manufactures TN730 TN760 TN770 toner cartridges with the same quality production technology and raw material. There is no difference in toner quality for them. All three toner cartridges produce crisp black letters and precise lines.

Matching Drum Unit

A Brother printer will only work properly with both the toner cartridge and drum unit. Each toner fits a drum unit. So these three toner cartridges will work together with their drums. It’s worth noting that they both use the same drum unit — DR730 drum unit, which has a page yield of 12,000 pages. When the printer prompts “Replace Drum” or “Drum Stop”, the drum unit needs to be replaced. Want to learn more about printer drum unit? Check out our blog What Is Printer Drum for more information.


Replacing Brother toner cartridge TN730/TN760/TN770 isn’t difficult. They are very easy to install and have the same installation method. Follow the steps below to replace the Brother TN730, TN760, or TN 770 toner cartridge.

  1. Open the printer’s front cover.
  2. Take out the used toner cartridge and drum unit assembly.
  3. Remove the toner from this assembly.
  4. Gently shake the new toner cartridge horizontally 5-6 times and then remove its protective cover.
  5. Put the new toner cartridge in the drum unit until it locks into place.
  6. Insert this new combination into the printer correctly.
  7. Close the front cover.
Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770

Shelf Life

Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 toners have the same shelf life, about 24-36 months. Storing toner cartridges in a dry, cool place without opening their packaging can extend their shelf life to a certain extent.

Package Dimensions

The Brother TN730, TN760, and TN770 black toners have the same product dimensions. They are all 14.00 x 4.90 x 6.90 inches.

In short, TN730 TN760 TN770 toner cartridges are all black laser toner cartridges, and they are used with the DR730 drum unit. They also share the same installation, shelf life, and package dimensions.

Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770, Which One Should I Buy?

After knowing the similarities and differences between these Brother toner cartridges, it’s time to make a choice. We will give you some purchasing suggestions from the following aspects.

Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770, Which One Should I Buy?

Your Printer Model

Different printers use different toner cartridges. We have listed Brother printers that use TN730 TN760 TN770 toner cartridges for you, please check the first table. You can purchase products according to your printer model. If you still have any questions about your printer, please feel free to contact us.

Your Budget and Needs

Once you’ve found the right products for your printer, all you need to do is determine the final purchase based on your budget and your needs. 

In short, buying high-yield toner cartridges is the easiest way to reduce printing costs, and it also saves you from the trouble of frequently changing toner cartridges. Therefore, it is a good choice to buy TN760 toner or TN770 toner, among which TN760 toner is the most cost-effective. If your budget is limited or you are not ready to spend too much money, you can buy TN730 toner.

By the way, YB Toner helps you save even more. If you have great printing needs, you can choose our 2-pack Brother TN760 toner cartridges. Need a drum combo? Our Brother DR730 & TN760 combo pack (1 x DR-730, 3 X TN-760) is also in stock.

Great Alternatives to the Original Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770 Toner Cartridges

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Much Lower Price & Cost Per Page

We offer Brother TN730, TN760, and TN770 replacement toner cartridges at low prices. Let’s look at the comparison.

 Brother TN730 (Standard Yield)Brother TN760 (High Yield)Brother TN770 (Super High Yield)
OEM Brother$45.49(3.79 cents)$80.49(2.68 cents)$121.49(2.70 cents)
YB Toner$19.95(1.66 cents)$19.99(0.67 cents)$28.95(0.64 cents)

Note:  Data comes from the Brother store, and prices may fluctuate.

Our products have more price advantages than genuine ones. Our compatible toner cartridges also cost less than OEM toner cartridges per page. You can save up to 56%-76% when you buy these compatible products from YB Toner! In addition, we offer free shipping on orders over $30 to the contiguous U.S.

Excellent Performance Quality

Our replacement toner cartridges are engineered to meet OEM quality standards. All of these cartridges have the same compatibility and page yield as Brother cartridges. With our products, you can achieve high-quality results page after page.

Multiple Combo Packs

We provide you with 2PK, 4PK, and 10PK TN760 toner cartridge combo packs. We also prepare DR730 drum & 3PK TN760 toner combo packs for you. Shop with confidence. Our products will not void your printer warranty. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Considerate Service

For your peace of mind, we back our products with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have any dissatisfaction or questions about our products, please contact us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions about YB Compatible TN730 TN760 TN770 Toner Cartridges

1. How long is the shelf life of YB TN730 TN760 TN770 toner?

TN730 TN760 TN770 compatible toner has a shelf life of 24-36 months. To prolong their shelf life, please avoid opening the package until you need it. In addition, we recommend that you store them in a dry, cool environment to keep them in top condition.

2. Will I get a “Toner Empty” or “Replace Toner” error after using your product?

No. All YB products have undergone strict quality testing and compatibility testing, so you can buy with confidence. If you have these error messages when you use toner cartridges from other suppliers, you can check our blog Brother Printer Replace Toner Override to clear the error.

3. Will you sell my personal information?

No. Safe shopping is available in our store. We promise that we will not disclose or sell your personal information.

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