HP 414A vs 414X, Which One Is More Worth Buying?

When your printer almost uses up an original HP 414A toner cartridge, you need to get a new one to continue your printing work. But, there comes a question when you are gonna buy a new toner cartridge. HP 414A vs 414X, which one is more worth buying? To help you know more about them, this blog will go over the similarities and differences between HP 414A and 414X in detail. Hope you can make an informed buying decision after reading this blog.

Quick Summary

414A and 414X have the same compatibility, but differ in page yield, price and cost per page. HP 414A is a set of standard-yield toner cartridges. It’s designed for small offices and home offices. If you don’t usually print much or have a limited budget, you can buy HP 414A toner cartridge. HP 414X, on the other hand, is a set of high-yield toner cartridges. It is designed for medium and large offices. If you are looking for a longer-lasting, lower-cost replacement, the high-yield HP 414X toner cartridge is a great choice.

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1. HP 414A vs 414XDifferences

2. HP 414A vs 414XSimilarities

3. HP 414A vs 414XBuying Guide

4. Good Replacement HP 414A and 414X Toner Cartridges at YB Toner

5. Frequently Asked Questions about HP 414A & 414X Toner Cartridges

HP 414A vs 414X Differences

Now, let’s see the differences between HP 414A VS 414X, which might give you some ideas for which to choose.

Different Weights

The weights of HP 414A/414X toner cartridges are slightly different since they have different amount of toner powder. Usually the black and color toner cartridges of HP 414X are a little heavier than the ones of HP 414A. The weights of HP 414A black toner cartridge (W2020A) and color toner cartridge (W2021A, W2022A, W2023A) are about 2.05 lb and 1.89 lb respectively. While HP 414X black toner cartridge (W2020X) and color toner cartridge (W2021X, W2022X, W2023X) approximately weigh 2.09 lb and 1.98 lb.

W2021A, W2022A, W2023A
W2021X, W2022X, W2023X
Weight~2.05 lb~1.89 lb~2.09 lb~1.98 lb
(The weight includes the weight of the package.)

Different Page Yields

As mentioned above, HP414X toner cartridges contain more toner powder than HP414A. Then you can see below, HP 414X will print more pages than HP 414A. Under ISO/IEC 19798 standard, HP 414A black toner cartridge can print 2,400 pages with 5% page coverage until it runs empty. Relatively HP 414X black toner yields up to 7,500 pages. Each HP 414A color toner cartridge has 2,100 standard yield. In contrast, each HP 414X color toner cartridge can print almost 4,000 pages more than the standard yield.

BlackColor (C/Y/M)4-Pack (BK/C/Y/M)
HP 414A2,400 pages2,100 pages8,700 pages
HP 414X7,500 pages6,000 pages25,500 pages
(The data is from HP official website.)

Different Sale Prices

As HP 414X is filled with more toner powder, it undoubtedly will cost much more than HP 414A standard yield toner cartridge. Take a look at below prices from HP website. Obviously W2020X black high yield toner cartridge costs about twice as much as standard W2020A. And each HP 414X color high yield toner cartridge is more than twice the price of HP 414A color toner. The distinction in price is almost $140.

BlackColor (C/Y/M)4-Pack (BK/C/Y/M)
HP 414AW2020A – $92.99W2021A, W2022A, W2023A – $120.99 each$455.96
HP 414XW2020X – $189.99W2021X, W2022X, W2023X – $258.99 each$966.96
(The data is from HP official website.)

By the way, HP official store doesn’t offer HP 414A and HP 414X toner set. It only offers each color of the toner cartridge in a single pack.

Different Cost Per Page

From above, we know the page yield and cartridge price of HP 414A and HP 414X toner cartridge. Just simply do the math then we can get the cost per page of each toner. Below we get the numbers. It’s clear that HP 414X high yield toner cartridge is the more wallet-friendly option.

Here is the cost per page comparison between HP 414A vs HP 414X.

BlackColor (C/Y/M)4-Pack (BK/C/Y/M)
HP 414A3.87 cents5.76 cents5.24 cents
HP 414X2.53 cents4.31 cents3.79 cents

In conclusion, HP 414A and HP 414X mainly vary in the amount of toner powder, which lead to different page yield, cartridge price, cost per page and package weight.

OEM NumberW2020A
W2021A, W2022A, W2023A
W2021X, W2022X, W2023X
Page yield2400210075006000
Cartridge price$92.99$120.99$189.99$258.99
Cost per page3.875.762.534.31
Package weight~2.05 lb~1.89 lb~2.09 lb~1.98 lb

414A vs 414XSimilarities

While the 414A and 414X have many differences, they also have a lot in common. This makes them interchangeable and work together on the same printer. If you get HP 414A and HP 414X together, you may have hard time distinguishing them without the product label. Actually they look the same. They have the same structure and components. That explains why they can work with the same HP LaserJet printers and perform the same print quality.

Same Print Quality

All HP 414 toners are designed to come with the same print quality. The production technique for color toner cartridges is rather complicated and difficult, which needs highly professional intelligence. To make sure that each toners meets the same standards, HP keeps rigorous testing from designing to production. Also both HP 414A and HP 414X are built with the same quality components and technologies. All these dedicated work makes the printing smooth and satisfying. Therefore, you can be assured that you’ll get the same excellent printing while using HP 414A or HP 414X cartridges.

Same Physical Size and Shape

The physical size and shape of toner cartridges is based on the internal structure and connection of the printers. Therefore, HP 414A and 414X are designed in the same structure to work with the same compatible printer models.

Work with the Same Printers

With the same physical size, similar shape and smart chip, both HP 414A and 414X can work seamlessly with the same models of printers:

Same Installation Process

Similar design and built-in chip also make the installation and printing process easy and smooth. Just put the new HP 414 toner to the corresponding slot in the correct position. And here is the installation instruction of HP 414A/X toner cartridge.

HP 414A vs HP 414XBuying Guide

After knowing the similarities and differences between HP 414A and 414X, you may have some confidence on making the purchase choice. Let’s give you more buying advice. The primary thing to consider is your printing volume. Also the price and your budget is important for your consideration.

Printing Volume

-Large Printing Volume
HP 414X series are more favorable for medium or large-size office and family with high printing demand. They yield 4000~5000 pages more than standard yield HP 414A toner cartridges. It helps continue your printing work without frequently replacing cartridges. Therefore, it’s ideal for customers who have a lot of printing need each day. Also if you print a lot of black and white documents but few color image, you may think about choosing W2020X black toner cartridge with higher yield to work with A color cartridges.
-Small Printing Volume
The standard HP 414A toner series are designed for most small or home offices. If you don’t print a lot or just for backup, the standard yield is enough to meet your need. It can work for several months to two years if you occasionally print little paperwork. The good thing is that it obviously helps you save money.


Also you may need to consider how much you want to pay for the new toner cartridges. As showed above, the price of HP 414X nearly double the price of HP 414A. A set of 414X toner cartridges (4-pack) will costs you about $1,000. But if you don’t need to consider your budget, we suggest you make a further review to choose the optimal one that meet your printing demand. But if your budget is limited, HP 414A toner cartridge may be your favorable option.

Print Cost

As we know now, HP 414A is the more wallet-friendly choice but actually HP 414X is more cost- effective based on cost per page. That means it is more affordable to use an HP 414X toner cartridge in the long run. If you print a lot and have enough budget, then go and get HP 414X. The more pages you print with HP414X, the more money you save. What’s more, there will be more discount if you purchase compatible HP 414X toner cartridges, which will help you save a lot.

Good Replacement HP 414A and 414X Toner Cartridges at YB Toner

With Much Lower Price

YB Toner offers quality replacements for the original HP 414A/X toner cartridge at a very low price. The “non-chip” version HP 414A toner set and HP 414X toner set only cost you $114.95 and $144.99. The price of our “non-chip” version toner cartridge is only 1/5 or 1/6 of the original HP toner cartridge. But you need to remove the chip from the original HP toner cartridge. And the toner cartridge with reused OEM chip cannot provide toner level. Need to know the toner level? We also offer “with-chip” version HP 414A/X toner cartridge which can provide an accurate toner level for you. And, the price of “with chip” version is only twice as expensive as the “non-chip” version.

The following table will show you the price difference clearly.

OEM NumberW2020AW2021/2/3AW2020XW2021/2/3X
HP Cartridge Price$92.99$120.99 each$189.99$258.99 each
Compatible Cartridge Price (No Chip)$37.99$37.99 each$44.99$44.99 each
Compatible Cartridge Price (With Chip)$66.99$66.99 each$86.99$86.99 each

With OEM-like Print Performance

Even if the price is lower, YB compatible HP 414A/X toner cartridge will perform high quality printing as OEM toner works. Especially for color toner cartridges, YB dedicatedly uses top-quality toner powder to ensure vivid and clear printouts. While using our HP 414A/X toner set, you will get crisp and brilliant printed page which is comparable to HP OEM toner cartridge. Moreover, standard yield and high yield toner cartridges both can also print the same number of pages as the HP OEM cartridges.

Responsive Customer Service

If you have any questions with our product, such as detailed instruction of non-chip HP 414 cartridges, feel free to contact us. Our friendly and experienced customer service team will take great care of your request! Their experienced and responsive help is what you can consistently count on.

Worry-free Guarantee

To provide customers with full peace-of-mind purchase experience, YB Toner offers money back guarantee within 30 days. Two-year warranty is also guaranteed for our ink and cartridge replacement. So you can feel confidence to purchase from YB.

Frequently Asked Questions about HP 414A & 414X Toner Cartridges

Can I Use HP 410A & 414A in the Same Printer?

No, you can’t. HP 410A and 414A are toner cartridges for different laser printers. HP 410A is for use in the following HP laser printers:

  • HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fnw
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdn
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M377dw
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dw
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M452nw
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dn

Are HP 414A/414X Toner Cartridges Interchangeable?

Yes. HP 414A/414X toner cartridges have the same compatibility, shape and size. So they are interchangeable. You can use HP 414A and 414X in the same printer at the same time. For example, you can use one HP 414X black toner cartridge with three HP 414A color toner cartridges together in your printer.

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