HP 134A vs 134X, Which One Is More Worth Buying?

Things can quickly get complicated when it comes to buying HP 134 toner cartridges for your HP printers. To illustrate, many printer users may ask questions like “are HP 134A and 134X interchangeable?”, “what’s the difference between HP 134A and HP 134X?”, or “HP 134A vs 134X, which one is more worth buying?”. Surprisingly, this article will answer all the questions you may concern about HP 134 cartridges, helping you make a smart buy for your business.

Quick Summary

HP 134A is cheaper than HP 134X but prints fewer pages. In contrast, HP 134X has a lower cost per page and prints more than twice as many pages as the HP 134A. So if you want to save more time and money in the long run, HP 134X is the way to go.

w1340x HP 134X toner cartridge

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What do “A” and “X” mean in the HP 134A and 134X?

Many brand-name manufacturers provide different sizes of printer cartridges to accommodate the need of every printer user. In order to distinguish different capacities, OEM manufacturers have built their naming conventions. For HP toner cartridges, which usually come in three capacities(standard, high, extra high), HP uses three letters, “A,” “X,” and “Y,” to signify them. A standard yield HP toner cartridge is signified by adding a letter “A” at the end of the cartridge number. Meanwhile, the high yield version is indicated by an “X” at the end of the cartridge number. Lastly, many extra high yield versions have a “Y” appended at the end of the cartridge name. So HP 134A refers to a standard yield toner cartridge while HP 134X is a high yield version of HP LaserJet 134A toner.

Comparison of HP 134A vs 134X

Now that the HP 134X is a high capacity version of the HP 134A, what exactly is the difference in capacity between them? Besides the distinction in capacity, are there any other distinctions between them? Let’s come to the comparison of HP 134A vs 134X in this section.

Page Yield Comparison

HP measures approximate average black yield based on ISO/IEC 19798. Under this standard, an HP 134 toner cartridge prints pages with 5% page coverage until it runs empty. 5% page coverage means only 5% of the printed page is covered with toner. So if you print pages with coverage over 5%, you will receive lower page yield. An HP 134A original black laserjet toner cartridge prints approximately 1,100 pages. In contrast, containing more toner powder, an HP 134X black original laserjet toner cartridge yields up to 2,400 pages, printing out twice as many pages as HP 134A.

Cartridge Price Comparison

As mentioned above, an HP 134X high yield black cartridge is filled with more toner powder than an HP 134A cartridge. Correspondingly, the manufacturing cost of the HP 134X is higher, resulting in different prices. The price of an HP 134A standard yield black toner is $50.99, while an HP 134X high yield black toner costs $83.99. As you can see, compared to HP 134A vs 134X, there is a distinction of $33 in price.

Cost Per Page Comparison

Cost per page is crucial in toner cartridge comparison. That’s because the cost per page is the standard that measures how cost-efficient a toner cartridge is. Now that you are familiar with the page yield and cartridge price of HP 134 black original laserjet toner cartridges, you can calculate the cost per page using these pieces of information. The math is simple; you only need to divide the page yield by the cartridge price.
Cartridge price / Page yield = cost per page.
According to this formula, you calculate the cost per page of HP 134A by dividing $50.99 by 1,000, giving a cost per page of 5.01 cents.
$50.99 / 1000 = 5.01 cents
As expected, the HP 134X is much cheaper at just 3.5 cents!
$83.99 / 2400 = 3.5 cents
Obviously, an HP 134X black toner cartridge costs 1.51 cents per page less than an HP 134A black toner cartridge.

Package Dimensions & Weight Comparison

HP 134A and HP 134X also differ in package dimensions and weight. The toner cartridge W1340A has package dimensions of 14.33 x 4.29 x 5.35 inches and a package weight of about 1.63 lb. In contrast, the toner cartridge W1340X has page dimensions of 14.37 x 3.94 x 4.33 inches and a package weight of about 1.74lb.

To sum up, comparing HP 134A vs 134X, they mainly vary in page yield, cartridge price, cost per page, package dimension, and package weight. The following table shows you the details clearly.

HP 134A(W1340A)HP 134X(W1340X)
Page yield1,100 pages2,400 pages
Cartridge price$50.99$83.99
Cost per page5.01 cents3.5 cents
Package dimensions (W x D x H)14.33 x 4.29 x 5.35 in14.37 x 3.94 x 4.33 in
Package weight~1.63 lb~1.74 lb

Similarities between HP 134A and HP 134X

Knowing the similarities between HP 134A and 134X might help you make a purchase choice with more confidence.

Print Quality

HP 134A and 134X black toner cartridges are designed to have the same print quality. HP produces HP 134A and HP 134X with the same quality materials and technologies. Furthermore, HP has tested and monitored HP 134 original laserjet toner cartridges based on the same standards. So you can be assured that there is no distinction between HP laserjet 134A toner and HP LaserJet 134X toner. Besides, HP voluntarily designs and tests its printing systems to meet Eco-label emission guidelines. And W1340A and W1340X have innovative Anti-fraud technology and a HP premium protection warranty.

Print Technology

Both standard and high yield versions of HP 134 laserjet toner cartridges utilize the same print technology: laser printing technology.

Compatible Printers

W1340A and W1340X toners are compatible with the same printer models. They work with HP LaserJet M209dw, M209dwe; HP LaserJet MFP M234dw, M234dwe, M234sdn, M234sdne, M234sdw, M234sdwe.

Physical Size

Cartridges W134A and W1340X are the same physical sizes and installed the exact same way as below:
1.Open the printer cover
2.Remove the empty cartridge from the printer by pulling on the cartridge
3.Slide the new HP 134 toner cartridge into the same slot
4.Close the cover

Shelf Life

HP 134X and HP 134A toners have the same shelf life of about 24-36 months. For the purpose of prolonging their shelf life, we recommend you store them in sealed packages in an environment with a temperature range of -4 to 104 ℉ and a humidity range of 10 to 90% RH.

To conclude, HP 134A and HP 134X toner cartridges are identical in print quality, print technology, compatible printer, physical size, and shelf life.

HP 134A vs 134X, Which One Is More Worth Buying?

When we finished learning the differences and similarities, it came to the most important part—-making a smart choice between HP 134A vs 134X. In fact, page yield, cartridge price, and cost per page are three factors that matter in purchase choice-making. Based on these three factors, we will give you some advice on “HP 134A vs 134X, which one to buy” from the following perspectives.

HP 134A(W1340A)HP 134X(W1340X)
Page yield1,100 pages2,400 pages
Cartridge price$50.99$83.99
Cost per page5.01 cents3.5 cents

Printing Demands: The W1340X cartridge yields 1,300 pages more than W1340A, lasting at least twice as long as W1340A. So the high yield one is ideal for customers who print lots of paperwork frequently. It helps maintain productivity while reducing the number of times you have to replace cartridges. In comparison, a standard yield toner can meet the printing demands of people who occasionally print little while costing less than toner cartridge W1340X.

Cost Per Page: Though toner cartridge W1340A is cheaper than W1340X, it doesn’t mean HP 134A W1340A toner is more cost-efficient. How cost-efficient a printer cartridge is depends on the cost per page. As you can see, W1340X costs 3.5 cents per page, while W1340A costs 5.01 cents per page. Hence, a W1340X toner is more cost-efficient. Using a W1340X, you can save 1.51 cents per page compared to W1340A.

Great Alternatives to the Original HP 134A/134X Toner Cartridges

Still pay for expensive HP 134A/134X original black toner cartridges? Reduce printing costs significantly with low-priced YB compatible HP 134 toner cartridges!

Same capacities with lower prices

YB compatible W1340A and W1340X toner cartridges have the capability of printing the same number of sheets as the genuine ones at lower costs. Compared to buying an original HP 134A toner for $50.99, ours will save you $12.04(1.47 cents per page). While purchasing a YB brand HP 134X high yield toner cartridge will save you up to $35.04, or 1.46 cents per page.

HP 134AHP 134X
OEM brand$50.99 (5.01 cents)$83.99 (3.50 cents)
YB brand$38.95 (3.54 cents)$48.95 (2.04 cents)

Save even more with combo packs

Both compatible HP toners 134A and 134X are available in bulk sets of 2-pack, 4-pack, and 10-pack. All of these toner sets have a low cost of ownership, especially our HP 134X W1340X toners 10-pack at an average price of $45. Meaning you can save $38.99 off HP’s retail price.

Guaranteed performance & compatibility

YB has tested and monitored compatible cartridges HP 134A/X under stringent standards to ensure their performance and compatibility. They work with the same printer models as the original to print dark, crisp text whenever you print. Due to their good compatibility, some printer users also call them HP LaserJet M209dwe toner or HP LaserJet MFP M234dwe toner.
Please be assured that using our high-quality compatible printer cartridges will neither damage your printer nor void your warranty.

30-day money back guarantee & 2-year warranty

To give customers peace of mind, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty on our HP ink & toner replacements. So you can purchase our compatible HP toner cartridges 134A/134X with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions about YB Compatible HP 134A/134X Toner Cartridges

Do your HP 134A/134X toner cartridges come with chips?

Yes. Our compatible toner cartridges W1340A and W1340X have built-in chips and are ready to use.

When will your HP 134 toner cartridges expire?

Our HP 134 toner replacements have the same shelf life of 24-36 months as the original.

Do you provide free shipping?

YB Toner offers free shipping on orders over $30(continental USA only). That is to say, you can enjoy free shipping by purchasing an HP 134 toner replacement if your order is shipped to the continental USA. If you order the products before the cut-off time, your order will be shipped the same day from our warehouses. Then you will receive the package in 1-3 days. Check our shipping policy for more details.

How to recycle HP 134 black original laserjet toner cartridges?

Sending the empty original cartridge back to HP company is a good choice. HP recycles empty original ink and toner cartridges and uses them to manufacture new ones. In fact, 100% of original HP toner cartridges contain recycled content. Join the HP recycling program and protect our planet.

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