Replacement HP 64XL Ink Combo Pack of 2 (1 Black & 1 Tri-Color) – With Chip – High Yield – Firmware Safe

600 Pages
415 Pages
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  • Fully Compatible with HP+ Printers (Models Ending with “e”)
  • Completely Protected against Any Future Firmware Updates

Want to Print More for Less? Order Our Compatible HP 64XL 3-Pack or HP 64XL 5-Pack at a Discounted Price.

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Replacement HP 64XL Ink Combo Pack of 2 Cartridges (Firmware Safe) Description

YB Toner offers compatible HP 64XL ink with the same high quality as the original HP ink cartridges. Are you looking for an ink cartridge that can guarantee print quality and save money? We bring you the best solution – the replacement HP64XL 2-pack set to upgrade your printing experience. This set includes one high-yield HP 64XL black cartridge and one high-yield HP 64XL color cartridge. Moreover, this combo pack saves you the trouble of purchasing each cartridge individually.

Additionally, the replacement HP 64 XL ink cartridge is rigorously tested to ensure perfect compatibility with many HP printers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the installation of our HP ink 64XL, and you can easily replace it in a few simple steps.

What’s more, our HP 64 XL ink cartridges use advanced technology and high standards of production processes. They can give you clear, sharp text and bright, vibrant images that match the original ink. Plus, these 64XL cartridges contain a smart chip and won’t be affected by any future firmware updates.

In addition, YB Toner provides perfect after-sales service to make your shopping worry-free. By choosing our 64XL ink cartridge combo pack you’ll get a premium printing experience, along with a low price. No need to hesitate for the high price of the original, come and buy it!

Reasons for Buying Replacement HP64XL High-yield Cartridge 2-Pack

Excellent Compatibility & Wide Application

YB Toner replacement HP 64XL ink cartridge combo pack offers wide and excellent compatibility. They are compatible with many major HP printers, so you don’t have to worry about installation issues. Compatible printers include the HP Envy Inspire and HP Envy Photo series. Besides, our HP 64XL ink cartridge is also equipped with smart chips that ensure your printer can recognize the toner cartridge. Moreover, HP 64 XL ink cartridges are simple to replace and require no technical skills. You can easily replace the printer ink and resume printing in a few simple steps.

Cost-effective & High-quality

You don’t need to worry about the replacement HP64XL ink page yield will reduce. Because the page yield of our compatible cartridge is the same as the original HP ink cartridges. The HP ink 64XL high-yield black cartridge can print about 600 pages and the high-yield tri-color cartridge prints about 415 pages. We know that high-capacity 64XL ink prints more pages than the standard yield 64 ink cartridges. Therefore, you can save on printing costs per page and reduce the number of cartridge changes.

In addition, YB Toner HP 64XL combo packs are made from high-quality raw materials. Each batch of HP 64 XL ink cartridges will have a rigorous performance test. Moreover, the high-quality ink ensures that the printed work has good light resistance and durability. It can maintain a clear visual effect after long-term storage.

Multiple Collocation & Flexible Choice

We understand that each customer’s needs are different. Therefore, YB Toner also offers other combo packs – the HP 64 XL 3-pack and the HP 64 XL ink 5-pack If your printing needs are large, choosing these HP64XL combo packs will be more favorable. We know that buying a combo pack is more economical than buying a single cartridge separately. Moreover, the combo pack includes the necessary 64XL black and color cartridges to simplify your purchase process. In conclusion, you can choose different combo packs according to your printing needs.

Environmental Protection & Energy Saving

YB Toner not only focuses on the economic benefits of ink cartridges but also pays more attention to their environmental impact. Therefore, the replacement HP 64 XL ink cartridges are manufactured to strict environmental standards. Moreover, to reduce the environmental burden, our printer ink cartridges are made from recyclable materials. They are easy to recycle and reprocess, further promoting sustainability.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand the importance of perfect after-sales service to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s purchase consultation or installation guidance, our professional team provides you with a full range of services.

What’s more, YB Toner offers free shipping on orders of $30 or more covering all Continental US. We promise same-day dispatch for orders paid before 4:00 pm PST or 5:00 pm EST on business days.

Furthermore, we provide immediate technical advisory services to help you properly install and use the HP64XL combo pack. Besides, if the printer ink you receive has problems, we promise to accept returns or exchanges unconditionally.
Ultimately, we encourage our customers to provide valuable suggestions, your feedback is important to us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Replacement HP 64 XL Ink Cartridge Combo Pack

How can I tell if the HP64XL ink is damaged?

1. View the printer status indicator. If the HP64XL ink cartridge is about to be exhausted or damaged, the corresponding indicator light will light up.
2. Check the printout. If the print results appear blurred, uneven color, or blank streaks. It may be a signal that the cartridge is exhausted or damaged.
3. Use your printer’s self-diagnostic tool. You can follow the printer’s user manual.
4. Check the cartridge manually. If none of the above methods determine the problem, try manually checking the cartridge.
5. Clean or replace the cartridge. If it still does not work properly after cleaning, you may need to replace the HP 64XL ink with a new one.

How do I replace an HP 64XL ink cartridge?

1. Open the printer cover and wait for the ink cartridge to move to the replacement position.
2. Press the cartridge lightly to release and remove the old cartridge.
3. Unpack the HP 64XL ink combo pack. Do not touch the resistance and nozzle at the bottom of the cartridge.
4. Install the HP64XL ink cartridge into the printer and lock it as prompted.
5. Close the cartridge lid and perform a print test to ensure proper installation of the cartridge.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:



Product BrandYB Toner
OEM NumberN9J92AN, N9J91AN
Product CapacityHigh Yield
Page YieldBlack: 600 Pages; Color: 415 Pages
Cost Per Page4.53 cents
Shelf Life24-36 Months

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leanna S.
Great ink cartridges

My 3 sons love to print all kinds of things out and these ink cartridges were perfect for that. The color quality is good, and I would buy them again.

Steve V.
Ink cartridges

Bought the HP 64xl ink cartridge kit and they work great . No problems with them at all .

Works great, just like the name brand ones you can buy for twice the cost

Works great, just like the name brand ones you can buy for twice the cost!Ink should be as simple as this. Use it, refill it, use it again.