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Compatible Brother TN229XXL Toner Cartridge Set | Super High Yield

4,500 Pages
4,000 Pages

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Fits Brother HL-L3295CDW, HL-L8245CDW, MFC-L3780CDW, MFC-L8395CDW only.

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Brother TN229XXL Toner Cartridge Replacements – Super High Yield Description

This is a 4-pack of compatible Brother TN229XXL toner cartridges, coming with one each of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow toner cartridges. Each TN229XXL cartridge has perfect compatibility and excellent performance, stably providing you with professional printouts from the first page to the last.
Looking for drum units? Purchase our discounted Brother DR229CL compatible drum units to save a fortune!

Advantages of Our Compatible Brother TN229XXL Toner Set

Perfect Compatibility:

Our compatible Brother TN229XXL toners are of great compatibility. They can work seamlessly with a wide range of selected Brother printers without causing any issues or sacrificing print quality. Aside from this, they mimic the shape and size of OEM cartridges, making the replacement process straightforward and hassle-free.

Excellent Performance:

These compatible Brother TN229XXL toner cartridges have excellent performance, which is not inferior to the original ones. They maintain high print quality throughout their lifespan, consistently delivering accurate colors, sharp text, and smooth graphics that meet your expectations.

No Print Errors:

Compatible TN229XL Brother toners are free from common print errors, such as streaks, smudges, or uneven prints. Trust in these well-designed compatible cartridges to minimize the likelihood of printer malfunctions or disruptions.

Super High Yield:

These Brother TN229XXL compatible cartridges have the highest capacities compared to TN229 and TN229XL. Per ISO/IEC standards, the TN229XXL black toner yields 4,500 pages, and each TN229XXL color toner yields 4,000 pages. Higher output means less frequent replacements and more time and energy savings. For high-volume printing settings, TN229XXL is the best choice to keep productivity.

Competitive Price:

There is no doubt that the excellent price point is the key to compatible toner cartridges over original ones. As a customer-orient supplier, YB Toner is committed to helping you save on printing. Therefore, we offer you this Brother TN229XXL compatible toner set at the best price, guaranteeing a saving of up to 50%.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Guarantee your 100% satisfaction, which is front and center for us. To give you peace of mind, we offer a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on our TN-229XXL toners. If there is any problem with our cartridges, we won’t hesitate to offer tech support, exchanges, or refunds.

Specifications of Our Compatible Brother TN229XXL Toner Set

  • Suitable Printer Models: TN-229XXL Brother toners are compatible with Brother HL-L3295CDW, Brother MFC-L8245CDW, Brother MFC-L3780CDW, and Brother MFC-L8395CDW. If your printer model is on this list, you can buy this toner set with 100% confidence.
  • Page Yield: The page yield for different color toner cartridges varies. The page yield of Brother TN229XXL black toner cartridge is up to 4,500 pages at 5% coverage of each page. For the TN229XXL cyan, TN229XXL magenta, and TN229XXL yellow toner cartridges, the page yield is around 4,000 pages each.
  • Shelf Life: The shelf life of TN229XXL is within 24-36 months (2 years or so) if it is stored correctly.
  • Storing Tips: Store them in a cool and dry environment. Don’t touch the photosensitive drum and electrodes. Avoid placing them vertically or upside down.


Frequently Asked Questions about Compatible Brother TN-229XXL BK/C/M/Y Toner

Will using your compatible Brother TN229XXL toner cartridges affect my printer’s warranty?

No. Our compatible Brother TN229XXL toners are specially made to match your printers. They will do no harm to your Brother printer, let alone void your printer’s warranty. You can enjoy high-quality prints of our compatible Brother TN229XXL compatible toner cartridges without worrying about warranty issues.

How does the print quality of your compatible Brother TN229XXL toner cartridges?

YB Toner produces these TN229XXL cartridges with premium materials against OEM standards to ensure their genuine-like print quality. You can expect good-looking printing results from these cartridges. They will produce sharp, vibrant prints that bring your printing project to life.

Is TN229XXL better than TN229 and TN229XL?

Whether TN229XXL is “better” than TN229 and TN229XL depends on your specific needs and usage patterns. The key differences between these cartridges are their page yields:

TN229 Standard Yield Toner:
• Black: Up to 1,500 pages
• Cyan/Magenta/Yellow: Up to 1,200 pages each

TN229XL High Yield Toner:
• Black: Up to 3,000 pages
• Cyan/Magenta/Yellow: Up to 2,300 pages each

TN229XXL Super High Yield Toner:
• Black: Up to 4,500 pages
• Cyan/Magenta/Yellow: Up to 4,000 pages each

If you print a large volume of documents, the higher yield cartridges (TN229XL and TN229XXL) are more cost-effective in the long run, as they generally have a lower cost per page. However, they often come with a higher initial cost.

The TN229XXL, being the super high yield option, has the highest page yield among the three, making it suitable for those with very high printing demands. If you print infrequently or have a lower volume of printing, the standard yield TN229 might be more economical initially.

*Important: TN229XXL is only compatible with Brother HL-L3295CDW, HL-L8245CDW, MFC-L3780CDW, and MFC-L8395CDW. Check compatibility before you switch to TN229XXL.

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Brother HL

Brother MFC


Product BrandYB Toner
OEM NumberTN-229XXL
Product CapacitySuper High Yield
Page YieldBlack: 4,500, Color: 4,000
Cost Per Page cents
Shelf Life24-36 Months