HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw Printer Review

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw is a wireless black-and-white laser printer designed for small teams of up to 7 users. It has a fast auto 2-sided printing function. It can save you printing time, paper, and costs. Help you do more with fewer steps. Simple shortcuts allow you and your team to complete common printing tasks with a touch. The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer is suitable for the HP Smart app on iOS and Android. You can optimize print tasks and save time through shortcuts.

In addition, as a monochrome printer, this printer performs well in printing clear black-and-white documents. It has a small size and moderate printing ability. So it can optimize space and complete high-quality printing tasks. Of course, this device is also very suitable for households due to its size, weight, and printing features. If you are looking for a lightweight home B&W laser printer, HP 3001dw is a good choice.

Basic Information: HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw Printer


The main function of the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw monochrome laser printer is printing. The printer can perform auto 2-sided printing. In other words, when you print, there is no need to manually set up duplex printing, and the printer automatically performs duplex printing. It can help you save printing time while reducing paper consumption, which is environmentally friendly. Besides, the HP 3001dw laser printer supports multiple print media types – paper (plain), envelopes, and labels. It meets your printing needs for different media types.

Print Speed & First Page Out Time

The maximum printing speed of the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw monochrome laser printer is up to 35ppm. Besides, this printer’s first page out time can be as fast as 6.6 sec. Compared to the average printing speed of a printer, this printer has a faster printing speed and can quickly complete the printing tasks you have assigned.


Because the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer is a monochrome printer, it can only print black-and-white documents and images. Besides, the HP 3001dw printer currently uses 600dpi with Resolution Enhancement Technology (REt) and HP ProRes 1200 resolution technology. So when printing black, the resolution of HP 3001dw printer can best up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. High print resolution can provide you with the best print quality.

Recommended Monthly Page Volume & Monthly Duty Cycle

In terms of printing, the recommended monthly page for the HP 3001dw printer is about 350 to 2,500 pages. The monthly duty cycle of the HP 3001dw printer can reach up to 50,000 pages. The device can meet the needs of individuals or groups associated with it.

Physical Dimensions & Weight

The dimensions of the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer are 14.4 x 15.7 x 8.6 inches (WDH). This printer takes up less space to optimize your office space. In addition, the weight of the HP 3001dw printer is about 16.1 lb. You can easily move the printer by yourself.

Input Capacity & Output Capacity

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer has an input and output tray. The input tray can accommodate up to 250 sheets of paper or ten envelopes. The output tray can accommodate up to 150 sheets of paper.

Other Information

The other information on the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer is as follows:

  • Color: White
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy Star certified.
  • Memory: 256MB (Standard & Maximum).
  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11, Android; iOS, Mobile OS.

Strengths: HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw Printer

Convenient & Fast Connectivity

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw wireless printer has Ethernet, dual-band wireless network, and USB connectivity. The printer can be directly connected to various mobile devices through the same Wi-Fi, meeting your wireless connections. The printer can be connected to mobile phones, computers, etc. It allows you to print from any device and save printing time. In addition, this printer also has mobile printing services. You can use the HP Smart App and Apple AirPrint to connect to the network for printing tasks.

HP Smart Service

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer supports HP Smart Service on iOS and Android. The standard HP Smart App can help you quickly and easily set up the printer’s wireless connection, print quality, and other parameters. And the standard HP Smart App allows you to remotely control the printer to print from any time and anywhere. In addition, it can also monitor the status of the printer in real-time, such as toner level and printer connection status. You can clearly understand the status of the printer toner and replace the toner cartridge promptly. By using HP Smart service, you can save time and effort, and efficiently complete printing tasks.

Reliable Security 

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer comes with an enterprise-level security protection solution. It uses HP Wolf Pro Security. HP Wolf Pro Security includes security features and tools for detecting and preventing malicious software, network attacks, and data breaches. In addition, this security solution also provides enhanced endpoint security management, which can help organizations better manage devices and security policies. Moreover, the printer also uses a password-protected network-embedded web server. Only authorized users can access printer functions or configurations. It helps prevent unauthorized access and improve system security. Besides, HP 3001dw also offers an optional HP JetAdvantage Security Manager. This software has functions such as security auditing, policy management, authentication, automatic repair, reporting, and alerts. It can further improve the security of printing equipment in organizations.

Weaknesses: HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw Printer

Limited Printing Functions 

Compared to the numerous printing functions of an all-in-one printer, the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer only has printing functions. It cannot use scanning, fax, and copy functions. Therefore, it leads to its limited functionality and limited scope of use.

Only Black & White Color

The HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer only provides monochrome black-and-white printing. You cannot print any colorful images or documents. This is one of its limitations.

Toner Cartridges: HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw Printer

– HP Toner Cartridges: HP 138A/138X

The toner cartridge model suitable for the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer is HP 138. The HP 138 black toner cartridges have two different yield capacities, HP 138A and HP 138X. HP 138A is a standard-yield black toner cartridge with 1,500 pages. HP 138X is a high-yield black toner cartridge with 4,000 pages. On the HP official website, the selling price of HP 138A is $62.99, and the selling price of HP 138X is $119.99. In the long run, choosing the original HP 138 toner cartridge still requires a considerable cost.

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FAQs About HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw Printer

Q1: How do I connect my HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer to a new wireless router?

Connecting your HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer to a new wireless router is not difficult. You can follow the steps below:

  • 1. First, obtain a suitable wireless router that supports WPS and place the HP 3001dw printer closer to the router. Please ensure the Ethernet cable is disconnected from the printer to the router.
  • 2. Next, start the WPS function on the printer. 
  • 3. Then, press and hold the Wi-Fi button for at least 3 seconds. When the printer’s Wi-Fi indicator light flashes, this feature is enabled.
  • 4. Afterwards, press the WPS button on the wireless router and wait for the printer’s Wi-Fi indicator light to stabilize.
  • 5. Laster, connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer.
  • 6. Finally, use the HP Smart application or printer software to set up the printer wirelessly.

If you also want to know how to set up your HP 3001dw printer, you can operate it step by step by watching the following video.

Q2: How do I download and install the printer driver for my HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer?

Here are the simple steps to download and install printer drivers for the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer:

  • 1. Visit the HP official website to find a print driver installation package suitable for the HP 3001dw printer.
  • 2. Click to download the installation package and wait for the download to complete.
  • 3. After downloading, click on the printer driver software and follow the installation prompts to complete step by step.

If you need a more comprehensive step-by-step tutorial, you can watch this video below.

Q3: What is the difference between the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer and the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe printer?

The main difference between the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer and the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dwe printer is that the “dwe” model has an additional “e”. Generally, printers with “e” are contract printers. The contract printer has HP+, supporting more convenient functions. For example, the HP 3001dwe printer has the Smart Printer, Advanced HP Smart App, and 3 months of Instant Ink included services. The HP 3001dw printer does not have HP+. It only supports the Standard HP Smart App and Instant Ink available services.

But of course, contract printer also has limitations. You must use an HP account and an HP original toner cartridge to continue using the printer. Thus, compared to the HP 3001dwe printer, although the HP 3001dwe printer has relatively fewer features, its functionality is sufficient to meet your high-quality and efficient printing needs. Moreover, it can help you save money and time by using compatible toner cartridges. 


Overall, the HP LaserJet Pro 3001dw printer is an excellent monochrome laser printer. Its efficient management, printing speed, resolution quality, convenient wireless connection, and reliable security are all very suitable for small offices and home studios.

Based on the above analysis of HP 3001dw, the following is a summary of the printer.

Pros of HP 3001dw

  • Small & light printer body to optimize space and easily move.
  • High-quality performance & fast print speed for black & white prints.
  • Convenient wireless connection to print directly from any time and any place.
  • High-quality resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.
  • HP Smart to give you a good printing experience.
  • Reliable security to protect your printing security.
  • Auto 2-sided printing to save cost and time.
  • Affordable printer prince.
  • High-efficiency energy. Energy Star certified.

Cons of HP 3001dw

  • Only printing function. 
  • Only print B & W documents and photos.
  • OEM toner cartridges are expensive.

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