How To Use HP Instant Ink Without Subscription?

“How to use HP Instant Ink without subscription”, when searching for “HP Instant Ink”, Google may float this topic for current HP ink cartridges users. While HP Instant Ink is primarily a subscription-based service, there are alternative ways to use HP Instant Ink without a subscription.
Before delving into the alternatives, it’s essential to understand the background of HP Instant Ink. When it comes to using HP Instant Ink without a subscription, certain steps can be taken to optimize your printing experience.
In summary, this article will provide a comprehensive overview of using HP Instant Ink without a subscription. We will explore various options and strategies for using HP Instant Ink without a subscription. This may cater to those who prefer more flexibility in managing their printing needs.


Using HP Instant Ink without Subscription

Can I use HP Instant Ink without a subscription? This is a commonly asked question among HP printer users. The answer is for sure. Next, we will share a successful guide on how to use HP instant ink without a subscription.

To continue using HP Instant Ink without a subscription, you need to bypass HP Instant Ink. The way to get around HP Instant Ink is to address the service itself. HP Instant Ink is a service maintained through an online connection. Through this connection, HP monitors ink usage and delivers ink cartridges as needed. However, there is a downside to this internet connection. It allows HP to block non-subscribed users or prevent unsubscribed users from using HP Instant Ink.

Once we understand how HP Instant Ink works, continuing to use the remaining ink without a subscription becomes simpler. Yes, you are right. We need to sever the network link between the printer and HP to prevent unused ink from becoming useless. Here are some points to keep in mind along with detailed steps.

Matters Needing Attention When Bypassing HP Instant Ink

After we cancel HP Instant Ink, it is often sometime before the nearest billing cycle. We can continue to use HP Instant Ink normally until the end of the billing cycle. But if we want to continue to use the printer and the remaining ink normally, we need to do something about it.

If we don’t have much HP instant ink left or are running out, we need to remove the cartridge before the end of the current billing cycle and after the ink has run out. After that, if you want to continue using the printer, you need to buy the original HP ink cartridges. Another situation is that there is a large ink margin and you need to continue using HP instant ink. In this case, we need to continue using the cartridge by resetting the network and changing the printer’s connection. Following is what you should pay attention to and what you should do.

Reset the Network before the HP Instant Ink Subscription Expires

We need to perform a network reset, which should be done at least one day before your HP Instant Ink subscription expires. Failing to do so may render the remaining HP Instant Ink unusable. If we haven’t done this work, subscribing again may be the only way to use HP Instant Ink. As a result, completing the network reset before the subscription expires is crucial.

Keep the Printer with no access to the Internet

We should keep the printer without Internet access after resetting the network. The reason is that the printer will receive information about expired subscriptions. Then we will not be able to use HP Instant Ink, which makes HP Instant Ink useless for us.

Steps about How to Hack HP Instant Ink after Cancelling

Step 1: Reset Network

Open the printer, access the printer’s network settings on the small screen, and perform a network reset. This will disconnect the printer from the internet. Disconnecting the printer from HP’s network prevents it from contacting HP for information about expired subscriptions. Additionally, it stops the printer from reporting its use of Instant Ink to HP. It’s essential to perform the network reset while your HP subscription is still active.

Step 2: Change Printer Connection

Open the Windows settings on your computer, and remove the printer from the Windows settings. Then we add the printer again using the computer’s WiFi Direct option. This way, the printer will connect to your local WiFi network and your laptop, allowing you to continue wireless printing. However, the printer will remain offline.

In essence, to continue using the remaining HP Instant Ink, we need to follow two steps. The first step is to disconnect the printer from HP’s network. The second step is to connect the printer to your local network on your computer. After completing these two steps, even without an HP subscription, you can continue using Instant Ink as usual on your laptop.

Here is video instruction about how to bypass HP instant ink.

Background Information on HP Instant Ink Subscription

Introduction to HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink is an intelligent subscription to the Ink plan. With this, you will have new ink cartridges or toner cartridges on the way home when you need them. You never need to worry about where and how to buy ink or ink cartridges. Instead, a replacement cartridge will be on the way to your home as soon as HP identifies that your printer has started to run out of ink. In short, HP Instant Ink is a service provided by Hewlett-Packard (HP) to ensure you a constant supply of ink and toner. By the way, they also have an HP Toner Plan. For more information, visit the HP website.

Operation of HP Instant Ink Subscription

To enjoy the HP Instant Ink service, you need to subscribe. Once subscribed, you will have the assess to visit their ink replenishment system. Then you are supposed to pick the very subscription plan that meets your expected printing needs.
To satisfy the different number of pages you are expected to print, HP offers a wide range of plans with different monthly fees. HP will send a set of ink cartridges specifically coded to you as soon as you choose your plan. This code is used to communicate with your printer. HP will also offer precise ink level monitoring to your printer. As a result, your printer relays ink-level information to HP when printing. So HP can keep track of your ink consumption and send you ink or toner cartridges in time.
If your ink levels are depleting, HP will get a notification and then send you replacement cartridges. These new cartridges are to ensure you have a fresh ink supply available whenever you have needs.

Cost of HP Instant Ink Per Month


$0.99 for 10 pages – 30 rollover pages
$3.99 for 50 pages – 150 rollover pages
$5.99 for 100 pages – 300 rollover pages
$11.99 for 300 pages – 900 rollover pages
$24.99 for 700 pages – 2,100 rollover pages


$1.99 for 50 pages – 100 rollover pages
$3.99 for 100 pages – 200 rollover pages
$13.99 for 400 pages – 800 rollover pages
$19.99 for 800 pages – 1,600 rollover pages
$25.99 for 1,500 pages – 3,000 rollover pages

Advantages of HP Instant Ink Subscription


With HP Instant Ink, ink levels are automatically detected, and fresh cartridges are shipped straight to your doorstep. With HP Instant Ink, you’ll never have to worry about shopping for printer ink in-store or online again. Ink is always sent straight to your door, making printing hassle-free and convenient.

Cost Saving

Instant Ink customers can save up to 50% on ink or toner, making it a cost-effective solution. Tailored subscription HP instant plans are available to cater to frequent or high-volume printing needs. By paying a monthly fee based on your page count, you can reduce overall expenses and avoid the unpredictability of individual cartridge purchases.

Same Price for Both Color and Black-and-White Prints

Unlike traditional printing models where color prints may cost more, Instant Ink offers a fair pricing structure. You pay the same price for both color and black-and-white prints since each page counts as one printed page. With Instant Ink, you can freely print colorful pages and photos whenever you desire, without worrying about ink consumption.


Flexibility is a key advantage of HP Instant Ink. Plans can easily be upgraded or downgraded to adapt to your changing printing demands. So if you expect to need a lot of printing in the next month, add plans to access more pages. If you don’t use as much as you planned, you can just as easily downgrade.
Whether you need to increase your print volume or scale it down, HP supports faster access to adjust the plan. Even after you run out of saved scrolling pages, you can print more than your plan allows, and the printing cost per page is low.

How to use HP Instant Ink without Subscription

Variety of Plans

HP Instant Ink Plans offers several plans. The variety of plans offered by HP Instant Ink ensures a suitable option for everyone. From occasional home printing to professional-level printing, HP Instant Ink has you covered. Choose the plan that best suits your needs, and enjoy the convenience and cost savings it offers.

Flat Monthly Fee

With a flat monthly fee, your toner needs are seamlessly taken care of. No need to worry about ordering cartridges or keeping track of ink levels. Your printer proactively sends a notification to HP before you run out, ensuring a continuous supply of ink without any interruptions.

Rollover Unused Pages

Another benefit of HP Instant Ink is the ability to roll over unused pages. For up to three months for ink and two months for toner, unused pages can be carried forward. They can cover the pages that exceed the plan, giving you even more value for your subscription.

Environmental Sustainability

HP Instant Ink provides a cartridge recycling program. Return empty cartridges, and they will be recycled responsibly. By participating in this program, you contribute to reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices. Recycling is easy, as you can send the empty cartridges back to HP along with a prepaid envelope.

HP Support

All ink and toner provided through Instant Ink are genuine HP products connected with HP support. With HP Instant Ink, you can enjoy faster access to a personal dashboard where you can manage all of your devices and ink plans. The personal dashboard allows you to access warranty information case status, and personalize your profile.
In addition, HP Instant Ink connects you to the HP community to personalize. You can personalize your profile and ask a question. When using HP Instant Ink, you can create an account on the HP website, which provides you with additional benefits.
By having an account, you can easily access your personal dashboard, track ink usage, and manage your subscription. The account also offers auto-suggest capabilities. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type, showing results quickly.
By utilizing HP Instant Ink and taking advantage of these features, you can streamline your printing experience, personalize your settings, and stay informed. It’s a convenient and efficient way to ensure you always have access to the ink you need, with the added benefits of community support and personalized assistance.

Disadvantages of HP Instant Ink Subscription

Though HP Instant Ink subscriptions have many strengths, it is vital to be aware of its weaknesses. Its disadvantages are as follows:


If your printing needs are minimal, a subscription plan may not be cost-effective compared to buying cartridges as needed. The monthly fee could outweigh the cost of individual cartridges, especially for infrequent printers.

Limited Page Rollover:

It is hard to tell how many pages we need to print per month precisely. However, though the unused pages of the HP Instant Ink plan will roll to the next month, they are under some limitations.
In general, InkJet printer users can hold up to 3 months of unused pages, while LaserJet users can accumulate 2 months of unused pages on their account at a time.
If you only need to print occasionally in the long term, you may actually end up spending unnecessary money. As a result, it is wise for you to select a suitable HP instant plan for your printer.

Overage Charges:

Each HP Instant Ink plan has a set number of pages you can print monthly. If you exceed that number, you’ll incur additional charges. The more your printing needs increase, the more you need to pay.

Connection Requirements:

To make HP Instant Ink function correctly, your printer needs to be connected to the internet. However, this could be seen as a drawback for those who have concerns about the online connectivity of your printer. if your internet connection is unreliable, you may even face some risks.

HP Instant Ink Subscription Binding:

If you decide to cancel your Instant Ink subscription, any remaining Instant Ink cartridges you have will become unusable. This means you would need to purchase regular cartridges instead, which could be an inconvenience and an additional cost.

Privacy Concerns:

To determine when to send more ink, your printer needs to send usage data to HP. This allows HP to effectively manage the ink supply and ensure timely deliveries at the cost of data sharing.

Dependence on HP:

Subscribing to Instant Ink means you become reliant on HP’s supply chain. Any shipping or supply issues experienced by HP could potentially impact your ability to print. By subscribing to Instant Ink, you will be reliant on HP’s supply chain. if the ink or toner cartridges fail to arrive punctually, it could potentially impede your printing capabilities.

Limitations on Cartridge Usage:

HP Instant Ink is limited to specific cartridges included in the program. If you already have a stock of regular cartridges or prefer using a different brand, this service may not be suitable for your needs. With HP Instant Ink, you will not be able to use cartridges beyond its plan, such as regular cartridges, or cartridges from a different brand.

How to Enroll in HP Instant Ink

Online Registration:

The most common way to sign up for HP Instant Ink is by visiting the official HP Instant Ink website. You can create an account, choose a plan that suits your printing needs, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

Enrollment during Printer Setup:

When you first set up a compatible HP printer, you may have the option to enroll in HP Instant Ink during the initial setup process. Follow the prompts on the printer’s touchscreen or display to sign up for the service.

HP Smart App:

If you already have an HP printer and want to enroll in Instant Ink, you can do so through the HP Smart app. Download and install the app on your mobile device, then follow the in-app instructions to sign up for Instant Ink.

Customer Support:

You can also contact HP customer support for assistance with signing up for Instant Ink. They can guide you through the registration process and help you choose the right plan.

Authorized Retailers:

Some authorized HP retailers may offer Instant Ink enrollment when you purchase a compatible printer. Ask the retailer for details and assistance with signing up.

How to Disable HP Instant Ink Cartridges

Online Account Management:

The most convenient way to cancel your HP Instant Ink subscription is by logging into your online HP Instant Ink account. Navigate to the “Account” or “Subscription” section and look for the option to cancel or deactivate your subscription. Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation.

HP Smart App:

If you initially signed up for Instant Ink through the HP Smart App, you can also cancel your subscription via the app. Open the app, go to the Instant Ink section, and follow the steps to cancel your subscription.

Customer Support:

You can contact HP customer support to cancel your Instant Ink service. They will guide you through the cancellation process and may ask for verification to confirm your identity.

Email or Written Request:

Some users may choose to send an email or written request to HP’s customer support or Instant Ink support team to cancel their subscription. Be sure to include your account details and the reason for cancellation in your communication.

Authorized Retailers:

If you initially signed up for Instant Ink through an authorized retailer, you may inquire with them about cancellation options. They might be able to assist you or direct you to the appropriate channels for cancellation.

How to use HP Instant Ink without Subscription

FAQs about HP Instant Ink

Can I still use my printer if I cancel the HP Instant Ink?

Yes, you can. You need to get HP Instant Ink out of the printer before the end of the current billing cycle. And then buy the original HP Instant Ink for your HP printer. You will be able to continue using your HP printer after canceling your HP Instant Ink subscription.

How to do HP Instant Ink login?

To log in to HP Instant Ink, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your web browser and visit HP Instant Ink’s official website.
  • Find the login option on the website, usually located in the top right corner or in the middle of the page. Click to log in.
  • If you already have an HP Instant Ink account, enter your registered email address and password to sign in.
  • If you do not already have an HP Instant Ink account, you will need to click on the “Sign Up” or “Sign Up for a New Account” option.
  • Then, follow the instructions to fill in the necessary information, including your name, email address, mailing address, and printer information.

Once you have signed up or logged in, you will be able to access your HP Instant Ink account and manage your printers and subscriptions.

How about unused pages of the HP Instant Ink plan?

Unused pages means pages left from the total count of the HP Instant Ink plan. The number of unused pages will be added to the number of pages allocated in the plan. Hence, you don’t need to worry about wasting. However, you need to pay attention to using them within the validity of your subscription.

How to Get around HP Instant Ink?

To make HP Instant Ink bypass HP, we need to disconnect the printer from HP’s network. On the one hand, it can prevent HP Instant Ink from contacting HP for information about expired subscriptions. On the other hand, it stops the printer from reporting its use of Instant Ink to HP. When it comes to how to get around HP Instant Ink, we still need to change the printer connection from WiFi to our local network.

Is HP Instant Ink the Same as HP+?

No, they are not the same. HP+ is not the same as HP Instant Ink. HP+ is a service, while HP Instant Ink is an ink subscription. However, with HP+, you get a free 6-month trial of Instant Ink, after which you can decide whether to continue or not.

Summary of How To Use HP Instant Ink Without Subscription

HP Instant Ink, which began in 2013, has received mixed reviews. This is because of its operational style, control by HP, and privacy issues. If you print infrequently, the subscription model may result in higher costs. It’s essential to assess your printing habits and understand the disadvantages of the HP Instant Ink plan before subscribing. While it can save money for frequent high-volume printing, it might not be financially beneficial for occasional printing. Consider your needs and potential privacy concerns before making a decision.

If you still wish to cancel the subscription and use up the remaining HP Instant Ink, you can refer to the solution we provide. Before canceling HP Instant Ink, perform a network reset on the printer. This will disconnect the printer from HP’s network, preventing it from reporting ink usage to HP and blocking any subscription cancellation messages from HP. We hope this information can help you resolve the issue.

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  1. I cancelled my hp subscription . I turned off the wifi on the printer, deleted the software and reinstalled it using a usb cable. I had a spare instant ink catridge which i put in but it still wont print and flags `incompatible cartridge`


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