Standard Yield vs High Yield Toner Cartridges: How Do You Choose?

When the printer prompts you to replace the toner cartridge and you choose which toner cartridge to buy, do you have any questions about the different page yields of the toner cartridge? How do you choose the most suitable toner cartridge for different page yields? This blog will reveal the difference between standard yield and high yield toner cartridges. After you learn the correct toner cartridge knowledge, you will find that choosing the right toner cartridge can bring you many benefits. For example, it can save you and your company a lot of money and time costs in the long run. So let’s learn more about standard yield and high yield toner cartridges in this blog to help you make a better choice.

What Is Page Yield?

Page yield refers to the estimated number of pages that a toner or ink cartridge can produce before replacement. The calculation of page yield is closely related to page coverage. Page coverage refers to the percentage of ink coverage on a page. The general testing standard for page yield is 5% page coverage on an A4-sized paper. According to the different number of pages available under the same page coverage, the same series of toner cartridges will be divided into three types of page yield. They are standard yield, high yield, and extra high yield.

If you are interested in the knowledge of page yield, you can go through our blog What Is Page Yield to learn more.

Standard Yield

Standard yield is the most common page yield in the market. Standard yield is the type of page yield that produces the lower number of pages than high yield and extra high yield toner cartridges.

High Yield

High yield refers to the page yield where the number of printed papers exceeds the standard yield under the same page coverage. It means that compared to standard yield cartridges, high yield cartridges contain more ink or toner and can print more paper. Compared to standard yield cartridges, the print page range of high yield cartridges has increased by 0.5 to 2 times. Of course, it still depends on the printer model you are using.

Extra High Yield 

Extra high yield refers to the page yield of more pages than high yield and standard yield printed on paper. Extra high yield cartridges contain more ink or toner. Generally speaking, the printing page yield of extra high yield cartridges can be up to four times that of standard yield cartridges. It can meet your ultra-high printing needs. Currently, only a few models of toner cartridges have extra high capacity. So the blog focuses on standard yield and high yield toner cartridges.

Example of Toner Cartridges with Different Page Yields

Please check out the following examples. You can see the differences between toner cartridges with different page yields.

OEM Toner CartridgePage Yield
Canon 067-Standard Yield Black:1,350 pagesColor:1,250 pages
Canon 067H-High YieldBlack:3,130 pagesColor:2,350 pages
Brother TN730-Standard Yield1,200 pages
Brother TN760-High Yield3,000 pages
Brother TN770-Extra High Yield4,500 pages
HP 89A-Standard Yield5,000 pages
HP 89X-High Yield10,000 pages
HP 89Y-Extra High Yield20,000 pages

The Differences Between Standard Yield & High Yield Toner Cartridges

There is a fundamental difference in page yield between standard yield and high yield toner cartridges. A high yield toner cartridge can print more pages than a standard yield printer cartridge. In addition, there are other differences between the two yield toner cartridges.

Sales Price

Due to the presence of more toner in high-yield toner cartridges, their sale price is higher than that of standard yield toner cartridges. For example, Canon 070 and 070H toner cartridges. The price of original Canon 070 black standard yield toner cartridge is $117.99, while the price of original Canon 070H black high yield toner cartridge is $248.99.

Cost Per Page

However, from a sales price perspective, high yield cartridges will be higher than standard yield toner cartridges. But in terms of cost per page, the opposite is true. Generally speaking, the cost per page of high-yield toner cartridges is lower than that of standard yield toner cartridges. For example, the Canon 070 and 070H toner cartridges mentioned above. 

Calculate the cost per page based on the specific page yield and sales price. You can see that the cost per page of Canon 070 is much higher than that of Canon 070H. It indicates that in the short term, standard yield toner cartridges are more cost-effective. In the long run, high yield toner cartridges can help you save a lot of money compared to standard yield toner cartridges.

OEM Toner CartridgeSales PricePage YieldCost Per Page
Canon 070-Standard Yield$117.993,000 pages3.933 cents per page
Canon 070H-High Yield$248.9910,200 pages2.441 cents per page

Lifespan & Replacement Frequency

Due to the ability to print more pages, the lifespan of high-yield toner cartridges is usually longer than that of standard yield toner cartridges. So, generally speaking, compared to standard yield printer cartridges, the replacement frequency of high yield printer cartridges is lower. It can help you save time and energy. Of course, the specific replacement frequency and lifespan still depend on factors such as your usage habits, printer model, and so on.

How do Brands Name Standard Yield & High Yield Toner Cartridges?

If you often purchase toner cartridges, you will find that the names of toner cartridges with different capacities are different. Moreover, each brand names its toner cartridges for different capacities differently. The following is a brief introduction to the naming conventions for different capacity toner cartridges by three brands: HP, Brother, and Canon.

HP Toner Cartridges

HP standard yield toner cartridges are usually represented by an “A” suffix at the end of the number. An “X” suffix at the end of the number indicates HP high yield toner cartridges. A “Y” suffix at the end of the number indicates the HP extra high yield toner cartridges. Specific examples are as follows:

  • Standard yield:HP 37A toner cartridge——11,000 pages
  • High yield:HP 37X toner cartridge——25,000 pages
  • Extra high yield:HP 37Y toner cartridge——41,000 pages

Brother Toner Cartridges

Unlike HP’s unified naming convention, Brother does not have a unified naming convention. Each capacity of the toner cartridge may have its name. For example, TN730, TN760, and TN770.

  • Standard yield: Brother TN730——1,200 pages
  • High yield: Brother TN760——3,000 pages
  • Extra high yield: Brother TN770——4,500 pages

Canon Toner Cartridges

Canon currently does not have a toner cartridge with a higher capacity than a high yield toner cartridge. Most of them are standard yield toner cartridges, while some are high yield toner cartridges. Generally, high yield toner cartridges will have an “H” suffix at the end of the number. Here are examples.

  • Standard yield:Canon 069——2,100 pages(Black); 1,900 pages(Color)
  • High yield:Canon 069H——7,600 pages(Black); 5,500 pages(Color)

How do You Choose: Standard Yield vs High Yield Toner Cartridges?

Choosing a standard yield toner cartridge or a high yield toner cartridge mainly depends on factors such as your printing needs, budget, and printing habits.

Choose Standard Yield Toner Cartridges

If you occasionally use a printer and the printing requirements are not high, or the budget is not sufficient, then the standard yield toner cartridge is more suitable for you. 

The page yield of standard yield toner cartridges is sufficient to meet your printing needs. Besides, the price of standard yield toner cartridges is lower than that of high yield toner cartridges. So, the upfront cost of standard yield toner cartridges is relatively low, which can save you a lot of money. Moreover, toner cartridges generally only have a shelf life of one to two years. If you purchase a high-yield toner cartridge, it is easy to encounter a situation where the toner in the cartridge has expired but has not been used up. And it can also cause waste. Therefore, choosing a standard yield cartridge will also help you reduce unnecessary waste. 

Choose High Yield Toner Cartridges

If you frequently use a printer, have a large print volume, and have a sufficient budget, then high-yield toner cartridges will be your best choice.

High-yield toner cartridges can print more paper to meet your high printing needs. Moreover, although the upfront cost of high-yield toner cartridges is higher, their later cost is lower. Because the cost per page of high-yield toner cartridges is lower, they can reduce a lot of costs for long-term printer users. In addition, high-yield toner cartridges generally last longer, so the replacement frequency is lower, which can save you time. Therefore, high-yield toner cartridges are also very suitable for use in large and medium-sized offices and will be an economic choice.

Where Can You Buy Affordable Toner Cartridges?

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Affordable Price & Cost Saving

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FAQs About Standard Yield & High Yield Toner Cartridges

Q1: Are the high yield toner cartridges bigger than standard yield toner cartridges in size?

Although high yield toner cartridges have more toner than standard yield toner cartridges, in terms of external dimensions, the two are of the same size. However, due to the different levels of internal toner, the weight between standard yield and high yield toner cartridges also varies. High yield toner cartridges are heavier in weight than standard yield toner cartridges.

Q2: Are high yield toner cartridges more economical than standard yield toner cartridges?

It mainly depends on your printing volumes and habits. If your printing volume is large and you need to print for a long time, then high-yield toner cartridges are more economical for you. Because in the long run, the cost per page and replacement frequency of high-yield toner cartridges are lower. It results in lower long-term usage costs. However, suppose you only need to print occasionally or the printing volume is small. In that case, standard yield toner cartridges are more cost-effective for you because their initial cost is lower.

Q3: Do all printers support high yield toner cartridges?

Most standard and high yield toner cartridges are compatible with the same series of printers. However, not all printers support high-yield toner cartridges. For example, some portable printers. Their design focus is on portability rather than high productivity. So, they only support standard yield toner cartridges. Like the two printer models, HP LaserJet Pro MFP M127fn and HP LaserJet Pro MFP M127fw only support standard production toner cartridges.

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