Guidance on How To Refill Printer Ink Cartridges

Having a printer usually means that you need to know how to replace, change, or install the printer ink cartridges. For those who want to save money on printer ink cartridges, they may wonder how to refill printer ink cartridges.
Here is the guidance on how to refill printer ink cartridges. We will also provide some important tips for your refilling. Besides, this article includes other questions regarding how to refill printer ink cartridges.


General Guidance on How To Refill a Printer Ink Cartridge

Though there are various printer ink cartridges matched with all kinds of printers, the ways to refill them are mainly the same. In short, we need to do the following steps:

  • Prepare necessary tools
  • Clean a place for refilling
  • Move the printer ink cartridges out
  • Read the refilling instructions and figure out how to refill
  • Find holes in printer ink cartridges or make one
  • Fill the syringe with supplementary ink
  • Transfer the ink from the syringe to the cartridge
  • Clean and cover the printer ink cartridge
  • Run a clean cycle or test print

Anyway, to ensure that you have an excellent refilling experience, the following is guidance on refilling in detail. What we sincerely hope is that it may be helpful to yo

Tools for Refilling Printer Ink Cartridges

Before refilling, we need to prepare the necessary tools to ensure a hassle-free ink refill process. The work won’t be delayed while you’re sharpening your scythe. The tools you may need are as follows:

  • Syringe for adding ink to the cartridge
  • Supplementary ink for refilling
  • Old newspapers or wasted paper
  • Gloves
  • Clear tape
  • Toothpick

If you are afraid of the hassle, you can buy Printer Ink Refill Kits directly. They will usually contain supplementary ink, syringes, and so on. You just need to prepare old newspapers, gloves, clear tape, and a toothpick in case you may need to make a hole.

Steps of Refilling Printer Ink Cartridges

Once you have finished the prepared work, you can continue the next steps to refill. A watched pot never boils. Be patient. Each step is pretty important, especially the preparation work. Any mistake, the filling process will not be so smooth.

Prepare a Place for Refilling Printer Ink Cartridges

As we mentioned before, every step is of great importance. Above all, it is necessary for you to sort out or prepare a place, such as an empty tabletop, to refill. Then it would be better to place the old newspaper you train on the surface. This is because refilling the printer ink cartridge can be a little messy, especially for those who do this for the first time.
Since the printer ink is permanent, it can leave non-removable stains on your clothes and the surface. So wear old clothes and prepare the area by placing some tissue paper or newspaper on the surface. Also, wear some gloves so that the ink does not spill on your hands. Although the stain won’t be permanent, it can stay there for a very long time.

Remove the Printer Ink Cartridges

When embarking on the printer ink refill process, it’s essential to begin by removing the ink cartridges. This step is crucial and can be performed with relative ease, although the specifics may vary depending on your printer model. Consult your printer’s manual for detailed instructions tailored to your particular device.

Familiarize Yourself with the Printer Ink Refill Kit Instructions

For a successful ink cartridge refill, it’s highly recommended to thoroughly review the instructions provided with your chosen printer ink refill kit. Most refill kits include a comprehensive instruction manual that simplifies the refilling procedure. These step-by-step instructions will ensure that you achieve accurate and hassle-free ink cartridge refilling. To access detailed guidance, you can also refer to your Refill Kit’s Manual.

Find or Make a Filling Hole

To add ink successfully, we need to locate the appropriate refill hole. Different cartridge models have specific locations for refilling ink. However, the refill hole is typically indicated in an instruction PDF provided by the manufacturer. Refer to the linked inkjet cartridge instruction PDF to identify the correct refill hole for each color, aligning with your cartridge type.
While some cartridges, like those by HP, have visible fill holes, others may not be as apparent. For detailed instructions on how to refill ink cartridges specific to your model, consult the comprehensive PDF guide.
When dealing with refillable ink cartridges that lack clear and visible holes, carefully peel off the label from the top surface of the cartridge. This will reveal potential areas where the filling holes might be located. In cartridges with multiple colors, each color will have its designated hole, as highlighted in the universal kit instruction manual. Additionally, some cartridge manufacturers may use twist caps that need to be removed to uncover the fill hole.
If there are multiple holes for a single color, only one of them will lead to the reservoir inside the cartridge. Look for a hole with spongy material, as this indicates the correct fill hole. In cases where the fill hole is sealed, you will need to create an opening to accommodate the syringe. The Universal Refill Kit usually includes a drill bit or screw tool. However, if no tool is provided, a toothpick can be used to puncture the seal.

Fill The Syringe

To fill the syringe, take the syringe provided in the refill kit and insert it into the ink bottle. Begin the filling process by drawing ink into the syringe. The amount of ink to fill depends on the size of the refillable printer ink cartridge. You can refer to the cartridge model online to determine the specific amount for each hole. Alternatively, you can start with 3-4 ml in the syringe, refill it as necessary, and continue filling.

Transfer Ink To the Cartridge

Remove the syringe needle from the ink bottle and carefully insert it into the cartridge hole. Gently push the plunger down to add ink, avoiding air bubbles. Stop when the ink starts oozing out of the hole, indicating it’s filled to the top. To prevent overfilling, pull the plunger back slightly to remove any excess ink.

How to refill Printer ink Cartridge

Clean and Cover

After refilling the cartridge, set the syringe aside and use a paper towel to wipe the top of the cartridge, ensuring no ink traces are left. Keep this area dry when reinserting the cartridge into the printer. To properly perform cartridge filling maintenance, cover the hole with scotch tape to prevent ink leakage during printer operation.

Test Print

The final step is to reinsert the cartridge into the printer and perform a test print to ensure proper functioning. Print pages that include all colors to verify that each one is working effectively.

Important Tips for Refilling Printer Ink Cartridges

Apply Ink Slowly

When we refill the ink, we need to be slow and careful. Filling the ink too quickly can cause the cartridge to clog or spill ink. It is best to use a steady and slow pace to slowly inject ink into the cartridge and avoid overfilling the cartridge. Otherwise, it may result in poor print quality and overflow conditions, and even damage the printer itself.

Refill the Cartridge before Drying

We’d better refill the ink in time before the ink cartridge dries. Because after the ink is used up, the sponge inside the ink cartridge will quickly dry. Dry sponges are not conducive to a smooth refill of the cartridge and can make refilling the ink an extremely challenging task. So it’s important to refill the ink in time before the sponge in the cartridge dries. The reason is that in this way, the sponge can stay moist, which can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Inject Ink Evenly

When we inject ink, we should pay attention to refilling from different refilling ports as much as possible. Or we should pay attention to rotation, so as not to distribute the ink unevenly. If the ink is not evenly distributed, it will cause problems in printing. You will find that the printed page has uneven shading. Therefore, when the cartridge is refilled, do not inject all the ink from the same position, or rotate it several times while filling.

Clean the Syringe

When we use ink, we need to pay special attention to cleaning the syringe. This is important for both the ink that is left and the ink that is taken. So be sure to clean the syringe, especially if you need to use a syringe to fill different color cartridges. Because not cleaning the syringe will mean that the new color of ink will mix with the old residue in the syringe, changing the color shade of the print-out. Therefore, before we refill the printer ink, it is best to clean the syringe with rubbing alcohol and then rinse it thoroughly.

How to refill Printer ink Cartridge

Let it Sit after Refilling with Ink

After we have finished refilling the cartridge and before testing printing, it is best to let the newly injected ink settle in the cartridge. In this way, you can effectively avoid printing spots or other irregularities, so as to ensure the good quality of ink cartridge printing.

FAQs About How To Refill Printer Ink Cartridges

Can I Refill The Ink In My HP Ink Cartridge?

Yes, you can. By the way, there is another good choice, compatible ink and toner cartridges. They have good compatibility, and high quality as the original ones, but lower price.

How to Refill Brother Printer Ink Cartridges?

When it comes to how to refill a Brother printer ink cartridge, the reason is the same as how to refill a printer ink cartridge. You can refer to the method of refilling the ink cartridges above to refill your brother’s printer ink cartridges. For more detailed and precise guidance about how to refill Brother printer ink cartridges, you can visit their official website,

Summary of How To Refill Printer Ink Cartridges

When it comes to how to refill printer ink cartridges, you need to buy supplementary ink above all. And it would be convenient for you to buy Ink Refill Kits that include most tools for refilling. You can follow the instructions provided by the ink refill kits or us. And then you can begin to refill ink cartridges as the following steps:

  • Sort out a place for refilling with an old newspaper
  • Take the printer ink cartridges out of the printer
  • Read the refilling instructions and figure out how to refill
  • Find holes in printer ink cartridges or make ones
  • Fill the syringe with supplementary ink
  • Transfer the ink from the syringe to the cartridge
  • Clean and cover the printer ink cartridge
  • Run a clean cycle or test print

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