How to Install/Replace Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 Toner Cartridge?

The toner cartridge is one of the important components of many printers. It affects the printing quality and efficiency of the printer. So, it is very important to replace the toner cartridge promptly. Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 toner cartridges are suitable for various printers. They are the perfect choice for home offices and small businesses. This guide will not only help you solve installation and replacement issues but also guide you through the step-by-step installation and replacement of the toner cartridge. In addition, this guide introduces potential issues and solutions that may be encountered during installation and replacement. Everything is to help you complete the installation and replacement of the Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 toner cartridge.

Brother TN760 toner

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Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 Toner Introduction

When to Do Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 Toner Replacement

How to Install/Replace Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 Toner Cartridge

Possible Issues and Solutions During Installation and Replacement

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Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 Toner Introduction

Brother TN730/TN760/TN770 toner cartridges have many similarities and differences.


Their similarity is mainly reflected in compatible printer types, print quality, adaptability to drum components, installation and replacement methods, and colors. For example, the Brother TN730/TN760/TN770 toner boxes are all black toner used for printing black and white files.


Their differences are compatible printer models,  page yield, price and cost per page, and item weight. This guide mainly explains the suitable printer models and page capacity for the three-toner cartridges of Brother TN730/TN760/TN770. It can help you understand if your printer needs these toner cartridges and when to replace them.

Compatible Brother Laser Printer Model

Brother TN770 Toner Cartridge:
  • Brother HL-L2370DW
  • Brother HL-L2370DW XL
  • Brother HL-L2370DW XL
  • Brother MFC-L2750DW XL
Brother TN730/TN760 Toner Cartridge:
  • Brother HL-L2325DW
  • Brother HL-L2350DW
  • Brother HL-L2370DW
  • Brother HL-L2370DW XL
  • Brother HL-L2390DW
  • Brother HL-L2395DW
  • Brother MFC-L2690DW
  • Brother MFC-L2710DW
  • Brother MFC-L2717DW
  • Brother MFC-L2730DW
  • Brother MFC-L2750DW 
  • Brother MFC-L2750DW XL 

Page Yield

Brother TN730 is a standard-yield toner cartridge with a page yield of 1200 pages.

Brother TN760 is a high-yield toner cartridge with a yield of 3000 pages.

Brother TN770 toner cartridge is an extra high-yield toner cartridge with a yield of 4500 pages.

YB Toner has detailed information on the similarities and differences among these three toner cartridges in our past blog posts. If you want further learning, click on our blog Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770, Which One Should I Buy to browse.

Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770

When to Do Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 Toner Replacement?

In the following situations, you’d better replace the toner cartridge promptly to ensure printing quality.

Print Quality Degradation

When you notice a decrease in print quality, such as blurry, unclear, light-colored, striped, or gray background printing, it may be a sign of toner drum wear. At this point, you need to consider replacing the toner cartridge again.

Toner Residue

If toner residue is on the toner cartridge, it may cause printing problems. So you can check if you need to replace the toner cartridge and see if there is any ink accumulation. If there is an accumulation of toner, it is necessary to replace the toner cartridge to ensure the printing effect.

Printer Prompt

Most printers will issue a warning or prompt when you need to replace the toner cartridge. Once the consumables indicator light on the printer changes color, it is a signal to replace the toner cartridge.

Printer Driver Prompt

Sometimes, the printer driver on the computer monitors the usage of consumables. So if the remaining amount is insufficient, a prompt will pop up to replace it.

Number of Printed Pages

The toner cartridge will have a label indicating the number of printable pages. The estimated replacement time also will be determined based on the amount of printing paper used. A chip counter on the selenium drum counts the number of printing times. Based on the last time the toner cartridge was replaced, you can estimate how long and how much paper needs to be used to determine the approximate replacement time.

How to Install/Replace Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 Toner Cartridge?


Installing Brother TN730/TN760/TN770 is not difficult. They are easy to install and have the same installation method. Following are the steps.

  • Step 1: Open the cover on the front of the printer.
  • Step 2: Take out the printer drum unit and place it on a flat desktop.
  • Step 3: Take out the genuine toner cartridge. Then, slowly and gently shake the genuine toner cartridge left and right. It can ensure that the toner inside the toner cartridge is evenly distributed, thereby ensuring good printing quality.
  • Step 4: Remove the protective cover of the genuine toner cartridge. Be careful not to touch the black developing roller with your hands. Because it helps to ensure the developer roller’s long-term performance and output quality.
  • Step 5: Install the genuine toner cartridge into the drum assembly. Press the toner cartridge until you can hear a clicking sound. It means that you have installed and fixed the toner cartridge.
  • Step 6: Correctly install the genuine toner cartridge with the drum unit into the printer. After that, close the printer cover.
  • Step 7: Do a printing test to ensure proper installation.


Brother TN730/TN760/TN770 are easy to replace and have the same method. Following are the steps.

  • Step 1: Open the front cover of your printer.
  • Step 2: Remove the printer’s drum unit and old toner cartridge. Afterwards, place it on a flat desktop.
  • Step 3: Pick up the drum unit. Then, locate the green button on the left side of the drum unit. This way, the old toner cartridge will immediately detach from the drum assembly.
  • Step 4: Remove the old toner cartridge. Then, place it next to the desktop.
  • Step 5: Pick up a new toner cartridge. Then, slowly and gently shake the new toner cartridge left and right.
  • The next steps are the same as the fourth to seventh steps in the above installation steps.

If you still do not know about installing and replacing Brother TN730/TN760/TN770 toner cartridges, you can also click on the video to watch a more detailed introduction.

Possible Issues and Solutions During Installation and Replacement

There may be some issues when installing and replacing toner cartridges. Here are some possible issues and solutions:

1. Unable to Insert Toner Cartridge Correctly

You need to ensure that the toner cartridge slot aligns with the guide mark on the toner cartridge. Then, gently but firmly insert the toner cartridge into the slot.

2. The Printer cannot Recognize the Toner Cartridge 

First, check if the toner cartridge is installed correctly. Sometimes, you must remove the toner cartridge from the printer and reinsert it to ensure it is detected correctly. In addition, make sure to use toner cartridges that are compatible with the printer.

3. Poor Printing Quality

It may be due to insufficient toner in the toner cartridge or poor toner quality. Check the toner level of the toner cartridge and replace it if necessary. You can also run the printer’s cleaning program to clean the print head.

4. Low Toner Warning

If the toner cartridge still has enough toner, you can try restarting the printer to resolve the false low toner warning. Otherwise, replacing the ink cartridge may be the solution to the problem.

5. The Toner Cartridge Is Blocked or Stuck

If the toner cartridge gets stuck, do not forcefully remove it, as it may damage the printer. First, you should turn off the power. Then, gently remove the toner cartridge and manually move it to check for any stuck parts of the printer. If the toner cartridge gets stuck, gently pull it out with your hand and reinstall it.

6. The Printed Page Has Black Spots or Blurring 

It may be that the nozzle on the toner cartridge is blocked. So you can try running the printer’s cleaning program or gently wipe the nozzle with a toner cartridge cleaning cloth.

7. Printer Prompts for Toner Cartridge Error 

Check if the toner cartridge is installed correctly. If the toner cartridge is brand new, make sure it is a compatible model with your printer.

8. Toner Powder Scattered Inside the Printer 

Carefully remove the toner powder to avoid scattering it inside the printer. Then, you can use a vacuum cleaner or toner cartridge cleaning tool.

Find Brother TN760 Toner Cartridges at YB Toner

Brother TN760 toner cartridges are very popular in the market. Because it has outstanding characteristics of high quality, compatibility, page output rate, and price. Here, we provide you with a valuable compatible Brother TN760 toner cartridge. It has all the functions mentioned above. It is a great replacement for the real Brother TN-760 toner cartridge. Besides, the price is affordable, less than one-third of the brother’s price. By using our products, you can have high printing quality and save much money.


Installing and replacing Brother TN730 TN760 TN770 toner cartridges is relatively simple. Hope this guide’s guidance can help you quickly and correctly complete the installation and replacement process. If there are unresolved issues during installation and replacement, please seek professional assistance from the printer supplier.

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