How to Fix Canon Cartridge Communication Error

Cartridge Communication Error Canon

Have you received “Cartridge Communication Error”, “Cart. Comm. Error” or “A counterfeit or non-Canon cartridge may be in use” message after replacing a Canon toner cartridge? Please don’t worry. These are common error messages from Canon printers, especially when using compatible toner cartridges. In this blog, we will tell you the cause of these error … Read more

Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770, Which One Should I Buy?

Brother TN730 vs TN760 vs TN770

Maybe you are confused by these questions: Are the TN730 toner and TN760 toner the same? What is the difference between Brother TN760 and TN770 toner? Can Brother TN760 toner print color? We have noticed these and wrote a blog for you. This blog will introduce to you the differences and similarities between Brother TN730 … Read more

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