HP 210A VS 210X: Which One Would Be Your Better Choice?

When it comes to printing, choosing the right toner cartridge is crucial to ensure optimal print quality and reliability of the printers.
For HP printer users, especially those who use HP Color Laserjet Pro 4201dn, 4201dw, MFP 4301fdn, and MFP 4301fdw printers, the HP 210A and 210X toner cartridges, which one to buy, is their frequent confusion.

In this blog post, we will talk about what they have in common together with the differences between HP 210A and 210X. Go on reading, and you will clarify the HP 210A VS 210X toner cartridges, which one would be your best choice. By the way, we will also recommend compatible toner cartridges available from YB Toner, a trusted online supplier of printer consumables.

HP 210X toner cartridge

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What HP 210A and HP 210X Have in Common

Applicable Printer Models:

HP 210A together with 210X are suitable for the same printer. And their printer models are HP Color Laserjet Pro 4201dn, 4201dw, MFP 4301fdn, and MFP 4301fdw printers.

Colors of the Toner Cartridges:

HP 210A along with 210X has four colors of toner cartridges. For example, HP 210A includes HP 210A black toner cartridges (W2100A), HP 210A cyan toner cartridges (W2101A), HP 210A magenta toner cartridges (W2102A), HP 210A yellow toner cartridges (W2103A).

High Print Quality:

Print Quality is paramount for both personal and professional printing needs. As we all know, the HP 210A and 210X toner cartridges are designed to deliver exceptional print quality.

HP 210A vs HP210X, which one would be your better choice

And both HP 210A and 210X are original HP toner cartridges, which have a good print quality far away from most other compatible ones, let alone the refilled ones.

With advanced printing technologies and precise toner formulations, these two cartridges both ensure sharp, crisp text and vibrant, true-to-life images.

Regardless of whether you are printing documents for business purposes or high-resolution graphics for creative projects, both cartridges provide excellent print quality that will meet your expectations.

Seamless Compatibility:

HP 210A as well as 210X is the original toner cartridge. Both of them can be recognized and start to work soon after they are installed. Because they are manufactured exactly the way they are supposed to be and have seamless compatibility.

High Price and Print Cost:

It is acknowledged that both HP 210A and 210X have a higher price than the compatible ones, which brings a higher print cost even though higher prices are usually linked to higher quality.

However, things are not always going the same way. For example, you can find compatible HP 210A toner cartridges and compatible HP 210X toner cartridges that are cost-effective at our website, ybtoner.com.

The Differences between HP 210A and 210X:

Price of Sale:

By the way, though HP 210A and 210X have a higher price than the compatible ones, there is a slight difference between them. And this is related to their capacity.

HP 210A has a standard yield, so it is cheaper than HP 210X. But HP 210X has a high yield, and then it has a higher price. By the way, no matter what kind of yield you choose, the combo pack would be more cost-effective.

Page Yield:

One of the key considerations when selecting toner cartridges is its page yield, which refers to the number of pages the cartridge can produce. HP 210A and 210X have different page yields associated with their colors.  

And then here come the detailed differences. The page yield of each HP 210A black toner cartridge (W2100A) is 2,000 pages or so, and the page yield of each HP 210A color toner cartridge (W2101A W2102A W2103A) is about 1,800 pages.

While that of the HP 210X black toner cartridges (W2100X) is nearly 7,500 pages and that of the HP 210X color toner cartridges (HP 210X magenta, cyan, yellow) is around 5,500 pages each.

By the way, though HP 210A and 210X have a higher price than the compatible ones, there is a slight difference between them. That is, the HP 210A with a standard yield has a lower price than the HP 210X with a high yield.

HP 210A vs HP210X, which one would be your better choice?

Replacement Frequency:

Replacement frequency always goes alongside the page yield. In other words, page yield also indicates the number of pages a cartridge can produce before requiring replacement.

The higher the page yield it is, the less replacement frequency. Hence, HP 210A with a standard yield will have more replacement frequency. Because it has a shorter use life due to its standard yield.

But things changed when it comes to the HP 210X. It has less replacement frequency thanks to its high yield. If you want to save both your time and trouble, HP 210X would be the very one that you are looking for.

Adapt to Different Printing Needs:

The HP 210A toner cartridges offer a standard page yield, suitable for regular printing tasks. If you have low-volume printing requirements and want to spend less money at a time, the HP 210A will be a better selection for you.

On the contrary, the HP 210X toner cartridges provide a high yield capacity, enabling you to print a significantly higher number of pages before needing a replacement. So if you have high-volume printing requirements and want to minimize cartridge replacements, the HP 210X will be a better option for you. 

Conclusion about Which Is Your Better Choice:

In short, when choosing between the HP210A and 210X toner cartridges, it ultimately depends on your specific printing requirements or situation. That may include the budget you have, the page yield you want, the replaced frequency you prefer, the printing need you want, and so on.

Tight budget, lower page yield, less replaced frequency, and printing need, choose HP 210A toner cartridges. Otherwise, choose HP 210X toner cartridges.  

However, if you’re looking for an affordable alternative without compromising print quality, our compatible HP 210 toners (HP210A toner cartridges and HP210X toner cartridges) are an excellent option.

Above all, our compatible HP210 toner cartridges have good print quality.  The 100% satisfaction guarantee is the best proof of the good print quality of all our ink and toner cartridges.

All our products are made of high-quality materials under strict standards. Because we know clearly that print quality is the most fundamental issue for compatible toner cartridges with the toner cartridge.

We also believe that only providing more competitive prices is not enough to win loyal customers for a long time. In order to achieve this goal, we keep on improving the printing quality of our products.

To say the least, if you are not satisfied with our products, we have the corresponding return service. Therefore, you can feel free to try our compatible products. Last but not least, by buying our compatible ink and toner cartridges, free shipping will be applied to orders more than $30.

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