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Compatible HP 206X Toner Set (With Chip) – High Yield

3,150 Pages
2,450 Pages
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Compatible HP 206X Toner Set (With Chip) Description

This is a compatible HP 206X toner set. It comes with four color toner cartridges with high page yield. They work as replacements for original HP toner cartridges W2110X black, W2111X cyan, W2112X yellow and W2113X magenta toner cartridges. Each replacement toner is equipped with a smart IC chip providing toner level. So you can install them to your printer directly.

This compatible HP 206X toner cartridges 4-pack features high compatibility, high professional quality, high page yield and low price. We are proud to offer this valuable combo pack at an affordable price.

Replacement HP 206X Toner Set with High Quality

Many printer users choose to buy expensive original laserjet toner cartridges because of good quality. But they don’t know that cheap compatible toner cartridges can provide the same quality and reliability. If you are looking for high quality compatible HP 206X toner cartridges, this 4-pack is the best choice.

Manufactured by a ISO9001 & 14001 certified facility, this compatible HP 206X 4-Pack meets the standards of quality and environment. And filled with high-definition toner powder, they print sharper and the colors are more vibrant. Combined with our various strict inspections, we can ensure that each cartridge we ship is of the best quality.

Compatible HP 206X Toner Cartridges with High Compatibility

As you may know, HP will update the printer firmware from time to time. And many compatible HP 206X toner cartridges start to have compatibility issues after printer firmware update. To protect our products from being blocked by updated HP printer firmware, our factory has developed smart IC chips with high compatibility. They make HP printers recognize our toner cartridges without error.  Moreover, our engineers have prepared articles and videos that can assist you with disabling future HP printer firmware update. We have you covered on everything!

Equipped with compatible toner chips, our compatible HP 206X high yield cartridges will work with all printers using W2110X W2111X W2112X W2113X. Moreover, they are compatible with the latest printer firmware version. And you don’t have to worry about the cartridges being blocked by future printer update. The most important is that this chip-ready toner set helps you save time and money. Because they don’t require any extra work before installation. No need to get the tiny chips from used cartridges and install them by yourself. We have done that for you. All you need to do is insert it to your printer after removing the packing.

The following are printer models our HP 206X toner replacements compatible with:

  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283cdw
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M282nw

Compatible HP 206X Toner Set with High Page Yield

This compatible HP 206X toner set contains high yield toner cartridges compared with standard yield HP 206A, which simply means that each cartridge is filled with more toner and can print more pages. HP 206X high yield black original toner cartridge yields up to 3,150 pages. And the high yield color toner cartridges can print 2,450 pages each. Our compatible ones will do the same. They will last longer than 1 year if your monthly print volume is less than 200 pages. W2110X is filled with more toner than the color ones because most printer users print more black and white documents. It’s a user-friendly design for this toner series. If you are purchasing printer supplies for a busy office, this high yield toner set is definitely a better choice than HP 206A toner set.

For your reference, HP 206A standard yield black toner cartridge yields 1,350 pages. And the standard color toners yield 1,250 pages each. If you have a limited budget or don’t usually print much, our compatible HP 206A Toner Set (With Chip) is also a good option for you.

Low-priced Compatible HP 206X Toner Cartridges 4-Pack

When it comes to the price, we have to mention how expensive the original laserjet toner cartridges are. On Amazon, an original HP 206X toner set costs more than $400. Local HP authorized dealers may price it higher. And they will never lower the price no matter how many years the products have been on the market. If you want to save print cost, buying YB compatible HP 206X is a wiser choice. Our price is much lower than HP price. And we will review our cost monthly and adjust the price from time to time. Once our cost drops, we will lower the selling price. This ensures that you can get the best price every time when you purchase from us.

Besides, we also offer HP206X (Without Chip) at a discounted price. If don’t mind of spending two minutes on installing chips, it’s a great option for you to save more money.

Notes: HP may update your printer firmware without your consent and block compatible cartridges installed. So, we strongly recommend that you disable HP printer firmware update to protect compatible cartridges from firmware issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about HP 206X Toner Cartridge Set

HP 206A vs 206X, what is the difference?

Different in page yield

HP 206A toner cartridges have standard page yield. As mentioned above, 206A black toner cartridge W2111A yields 1,350 pages. And 206A color toner cartridges W2111A W2112A W2113A yield 1,250 pages each. HP 206X toner cartridges have high page yield. 206X black toner cartridge W2110X prints 3,150 pages. And 206X color toner cartridges W2111X W2112X W2113X print 2,450 pages each.

Different in cost per page

Cost per page is equal to the selling price divided by the page yield. Lower cost per page means saving more money. In general, HP 206X toner cartridges have lower cost per page than HP 206A toners, which means 206X toner cartridges are more cost-effective.

Different in weight

HP 206X high yield toner cartridges are filled with more toner power inside. So they are heavier then HP 206A standard yield toner cartridges.

Both HP 206A & 206X toner cartridges are printer supplies for HP M255 and M283 series laser printers. So you can feel free to buy them. Want more details about HP 206A vs 206X? Read the blog “HP 206A vs 206X, which one should I buy“!

Shall I install the HP 206X toner chips before installation?

No. These compatible 206X toner cartridges are complete products. No need to install the chips by yourself. Once you remove the packaging, protective cover and sealing tape, you can install them to your printer directly. They will be recognized by your printer immediately. The only limitation is that they will not provide correct toner level. This is because our products are equipped with recycled HP toner chips. So your printer will recognize them as used toner cartridges and will not reset the toner level. But actually the cartridges are brand new and full of toner power. We guarantee that they have the same page yield as advertised.

How to install HP 206X toner cartridges?

It is easy to install our compatible HP 206X toner cartridges with chips. Take HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw as an example.

  • Open the printer’s front cover.
  • Pull out the cartridge holder by grasp the blue handle.
  • Take out the used toner cartridge from your printer.
  • Take out the new compatible HP toner 206X and remove the packaging.
  • Remove the orange protective cover and sealing tape or parts on new compatible 206X.
  • Gently shake the toner cartridge horizontally several times to distribute the toner inside evenly.
  • Install the new toner into the cartridge holder. Make sure each color toner is installed in the right place.
  • Push the cartridge holder back into the printer and close the printer cover.

Kind tips:

  • Do not touch the OPC drum. A fingerprint left on the OPC drum might affect print quality.
  • If a toner cartridge was found leaking, it might be damaged during transportation. Please don’t install them to your printer. Just contact us for a free replacement directly. If the leaking toner splashes on your hands or clothes, please wipe it off immediately and clean it with hand soap and cold water.

What is the difference between HP 206X with chip and without chip?

HP 206X toner cartridges with chips are designed to save your time. They are ready-to-use products that comes with built-in IC chips. No need to install the chips by yourself. On the contrary, 206X toner cartridges without chips are DIY products. Before you install them to the printer, you need to transfer the chips from used toners to these new ones. Then they will work as HP 206X toner cartridges with chips. The no chip version is designed to help printer users save more money.

YB Toner is a reputable brand providing valuable printer supplies and service. All YB toners are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Any product or order issue will be addressed promptly to ensure your satisfaction. You can shop on our website with confidence. Order now and you will get free shipping for orders over $30!

This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

HP Color LaserJet Pro


Product BrandYB Toner
OEM Number206X
Product CapacityStandard Yield
Page YieldBlack: 3,150; Cyan/Yellow/Magenta: 2,450
Cost Per Page1.52 cents
Shelf Life24-36 Months

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Harold H.

Great product
Great price
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Great product

The product quality is very good, and each color can rival the original. And there were no other installation or printing issues encountered.

Edward A.L.
Great color, greater price

Easy to install, color looks great.

Great value for printer cartridges

This is either my second third order of these printer cartridges. They are value priced. They last a long time even with printing lots of documents. I strongly recommend these printer cartridge for your HP printer.Have not had any issues using them. This is a honest review!

Easy to Install Great Value

These toner cartridges are significantly less expensive than the name brand. They have always worked well and I've never had any issues.

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