Ink Tank Printer VS Ink Cartridge: Which is Better?

Ink tank printers and ink cartridge printers are two prevalent technologies in the world of printing. They serve the same fundamental purpose of producing documents and images on paper, but their mechanisms and operational methods differ significantly.

Both offer distinct advantages and drawbacks, leaving consumers to ponder which option best suits their needs. In this post, we will examine the differences between ink tank printers and ink cartridge printers. This information will help you make an informed decision.

What are the features of an ink tank?

Ink tank printers are fantastic! They have big ink tanks that can print many pages before needing a refill. Plus, they’re cheaper to run because you refill the ink instead of buying new cartridges. You can refill them without making a mess. They can print, scan, and copy all in one machine.

When picking one, think about how fast it prints, how clear the prints are, and how it connects to your computer. Some can print on both sides of the paper to save paper, and some can print from your phone or tablet.

What are the features of an ink cartridge?

Ink cartridges are like little tanks that hold ink for printers. They carry a certain amount of ink, which decides how many pages they can print. Some have only black ink, while others have colours like blue, red, and yellow. When you print, the ink releases through tiny holes onto the paper. 

Some have a chip that talks to the printer about ink levels or if it’s okay. The ink inside decides how good the prints look, like how clear the colours are. Each cartridge fits specific printers, so you need the right one. Ink cartridges can be expensive, but sometimes you can buy cheaper ones from other brands, such as the Brother hl-l2370dw toner. Some you can fill with more ink, while others you throw away when empty.

Ink tank pros and cons

Ink tank printers are an excellent option for high-volume printing. However, they also have some drawbacks to consider. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:


● It holds a lot more ink than cartridges, and refill bottles are much cheaper than replacing cartridges. This can save you a ton of money in the long run, especially if you print a lot.

● You can print thousands of pages before needing to refill the tanks, which means less time spent replacing cartridges.

● Ink tanks reduce waste since you’re refilling instead of throwing away cartridges.


● Inkjet printers with ink tanks tend to be more expensive than cartridge-based printers.

● Refilling ink tanks can be tricky, and making a mess is risky.

● Inkjet printers might not make photos look as lovely as laser printers. Even though ink tank printers can produce good prints, there might be better options for fancy photo printing.

Ink cartridge pros and cons

Ink cartridges are the traditional way to go for home printers. But they have their own set of advantages and disadvantages:


● Printers that use ink cartridges are generally cheaper than ink tank printers.

● Replacing ink cartridges is a quick and mess-free process. You can follow the simple click-and-swap method.

● Ink cartridges are available at stores and online retailers.

● Printers with ink cartridges usually make prints that look the same every time, even if you don’t use them often.


● Ink cartridges hold less ink and can be expensive to replace, leading to a higher cost per page printed than ink tanks.

● If you print infrequently, the ink in the cartridges can dry out over time, rendering them unusable.

● Ink cartridges have a lower page yield than ink tanks, meaning you’ll need to replace them more.

● Throwing away used cartridges creates more waste compared to refillable ink tanks.

Examples of ink cartridge printers

Here are some printers that use ink cartridges:

HP ENVY Photo 7822

The HP ENVY Photo 7822 is a super printer for printing photos. It makes photos look amazing with its unique feature that makes them clear at up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. It offers comprehensive functionality, including the ability to print, scan, and copy. You can print pictures without borders, making them look neat and professional. Also, you can print from your phone or tablet, which is super handy.

Plus, it saves time and paper by printing on both sides automatically. It can handle a lot of printing, up to 1000 pages a month. It prints pretty fast, too, up to 21 black and 19 pages in colour every minute. So, if you want a good printer that does lots of things well, the HP ENVY Photo 7822 is the one for you.

Canon Pixma home ts5060

The Canon Pixma TS5060 is an excellent home printer. It can do many things, like printing, scanning, and copying, which is super handy. It makes pictures look lovely with its special printing that makes them clear and colourful. You can even print photos without borders, which makes them look like a professional did them. You can print from your phone or tablet, too.

And it’s easy to set up and print from different devices because it connects to Wi-Fi. The little screen on it is easy to use and has a special tray that feeds paper automatically. Plus, it has separate ink cartridges for different colours, which is neat. The ink uses cartridges named PGI670 BK for black ink and CLI671 for black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink.

Examples of ink tank printers

Here are examples of ink tank printers:

Epson Expression ET-2750

The Epson Expression ET-2750 is a printer that can do lots of things. It’s wireless, which means you can print from your phone or tablet. The best part is it doesn’t use cartridges for ink. Instead, it has big ink tanks that can last for up to two years, and they can print a whopping 11,200 pages. It saves you a ton of money because replacement ink bottles are cheap. It can even print on both sides of the paper automatically, which saves paper. 

Plus, it can print, copy, and scan all in one machine. And guess what? You can even tell it to print using your voice. 

Brother DCP-J1100DW

The Brother ink printer is ybtoner Designed for the home office or small business. It could print, scan, and copy documents and print on both sides of the paper automatically. With its special ink cartridges, it could print lots of pages without costing too much. It printed pretty fast, too, with sharp and clear text and photos. 

You can even print from your phone or tablet using an app, and it can connect to Wi-Fi and USB. Although this printer is no longer available in stores, it can still be found elsewhere.

Which printer is best: an Ink Tank or a Cartridge?

Choosing between an ink tank printer and a cartridge printer depends on your printing needs and budget. Ink tank printers offer lower long-term costs per page. However, they have a higher initial cost and can be messy to refill. On the other hand, cartridge printers are cheaper upfront and have simpler refills. However, they cost more per page and contribute to electronic waste. Opt for an ink tank printer if you print frequently. A cartridge printer may be more suitable if you print infrequently and focus on lower upfront costs.


Deciding between ink tank and ink cartridge printers is like picking the best colour from a palette of many shades. Each type has its sound and not-so-good points. What works best for you depends on what you like in a printer. How much money do you have to spend, and are you ready to spend time changing ink?


Which type of printers are better and why?

Laser printers offer faster print speeds. They are better equipped to handle large printing tasks compared to inkjet printers. LED printers, like laser printers, use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to fulfil your printing needs.

Does ink tank ink dry up?

Yes, ink-in ink tanks can dry out. Sometimes, they have some advantages over regular cartridges. This happens because ink, like any liquid, can evaporate over time, especially if exposed to air. There are a few things that can make ink dry out faster. They can dry out quickly if you don’t store ink refills properly, like leaving them open or in very hot or cold places. Also, if you don’t use your printer often, the ink can sit in the tubes and printhead, increasing the drying risk. Ink also has an expiry date.

What are print examples?

Print media is a type of publishing that uses paper as its primary way to share information. Examples of print media include magazines, newspapers, flyers, books, etc.

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