HP Printer Model Numbers Explained

When shopping for an HP printer, consumers are faced with a variety of models that can be confusing to identify. Each printer manufacturer has its own system for naming and numbering their products, and HP is no exception. In this guide, we’ll explain the HP printer model numbers and what they mean, to help you make an ... Read more

What Is Page Yield

Managing printing costs is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. Ink and toner costs can add up quickly, and it’s important to find ways to reduce printing expenses. One key factor to consider is page yield – the estimated number of pages that can be printed from a single printer cartridge. While many toner cartridge ... Read more

What Is Printer Drum

Printer drum is a must-have consumable for most Brother, HP and Xerox laser printers. However, many new printer users don’t know much about printer drum. Some users even think that printer drum is toner cartridge. This often leads them to buy wrong replacements. So, under the guidance of our engineers, we write this blog to ... Read more

Where to Buy Cheap Toner Cartridges for My Printer

Printer manufacturers sell printers at low prices while sell toner cartridges at high prices. Why? Because printer toner cartridges are consumables. Once you have purchased the printer, you need to use and continue ordering toner cartridges for it. It’s a classic shaver business model, where printer manufacturers make tons of money. The good news is ... Read more

Why is Printer Toner so Expensive?

Nowadays, desktop printer now becomes convenient machines in every office or at home. Their printer is fairly cheap as well. But when you come to buy a replacement toner, you might probably be shocked by the notably sky-high price. I believe that most of you may have raised a question in mind, why is printer ... Read more

HP 134A vs 134X, Which One Is More Worth Buying?

Things can quickly get complicated when it comes to buying HP 134 toner cartridges for your HP printers. To illustrate, many printer users may ask questions like “are HP 134A and 134X interchangeable?”, “what’s the difference between HP 134A and HP 134X?”, or “HP 134A vs 134X, which one is more worth buying?”. Surprisingly, this ... Read more

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